Arakawa Under The Bridge ED Single – Sakasama Bridge

Arakawa Under The Bridge ED Single “Sakasama Bridge”

Spreading some Arakawa love. I just adore this show to pieces! Of course, Hiroshi Kamiya and Sakamoto Maaya are a big reason including Sister and Maria! xD

Artist: Suneohair

1. Sakasama Bridge
2. Tokimeki Schneider
3. kimiga suki
4. Sarari

>> Download Here


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6 Responses to “Arakawa Under The Bridge ED Single – Sakasama Bridge”

  1. Ultimate Tempura from the South says:



  2. Api says:

    Yeah, thank you so much ^^

  3. jin says:

    great! now if we could only get the full version of Maria’s OP. love it.

  4. Kuro says:


    hem now wanna search the sakasama lyrics…

  5. frankiko14 says:

    OMG de verdad que lo esperaba!!!
    oh u just made my day!
    doumo arigatou gozaimasu!!!!!!

  6. Kyokai says:

    Thank you all for the comments!

    Btw, jin, would love to hear the full Maria song. Simply love it! ^^;

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