Kaichou wa Maid-sama!- 05

Misaki: Be ready to be spanked!

Usui: Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Misaki shall not tolerate slow-witted baboons to play around the Student’s Council room; thus, she would smite and spank thee!

Of course, Usui has to butt in and say some double-meaning dialogue. Due to recent news of assaults to cosplay café personnel, the manager of Maid Latte has bought some self defense equipment. Misaki isn’t really bothered even after Usui’s insistence as she knows Aikido and can handle it herself.

Back at school, she punishes all who were fiddling at Council room. Usui drops by for a funny confrontation:

Usui, the man of MANY deadpan faces!

Misaki goes on a rampage to complete all the paperwork of Student’s council at a record time. On her way back in the evening, she sees Sakura still in class, who stayed back to complete her homework.

She escorts her to the station only to be stopped by Usui again for the advice of being safe and not to stay out so late.

At the Maid Latte, while staring down Misaki while she works (Jeeeeeeeeeee~), Usui notices two guys one of whom drops a spoon deliberately to make her pick it up and get a new one. After closing time, the other colleagues leave Misaki behind due to piling assignments and another part-time respectively.

While locking up, Usui creeps up behind Misaki, who she readily throws into nearest fountain for leverage. He clarifies that he was just acting like a stalker because she forgot to lock the back door.

Ready for spanking? Aww, he looked so hopeful!

He makes her realize that however strong she is, she has to be careful knowing the fact that she’s a girl. Misaki gets embarrassed and throws him out the shop. Usui sighs to himself of her not getting the point. He sees the same two guys who run away seeing him.

Misaki gets a treat from the manager for staying late, which Shizuna tries to ration for breakfast and afternoon tea.

Next day, in school, Usui simply watches over Misaki. She on the other hand is relieved not to find him at Maid Latte; however, the two suspicious dudes from before break a glass and get her to clean up. After she courteously cleans and leaves, one of them comments that he can’t control himself anymore, seeing her being such an ideal maid. Creep Alert!

Usui hears about assaults from news spots while flagged by two cougars to have some fun. I loved the fact that his expressions didn’t change whatsoever and continued to be deadpan as he passed them by without even a glance.

At Maid Latte, Misaki locks up the back door after cleaning. She’s again staying late due to a union meeting of managers. However, the two creepy dudes finally corner her with taser. She silently complies while her mind overworks to get their weakness. They handcuff her and tell her proudly that according to them she’s the idea maid. Usui, acting on impulse shows up at the backdoor of the café but doesn’t interrupt. He had his back turned when he overhears one of the assaulter’s’ speaking. The assaulters are ready to pounce, mumbling about how perfect ‘Misa-chan’ is and how they really know her. That makes Misaki finally snap out with pure brute force. She breaks the cuffs and goes all out smacking the perps’ lights out.

Usui who was ready to save her only stares in wonder after breaking the window for entry and the perps condition.

I couldn’t help but LAWWWWL!

Even the perps think she’s a sadist and she should just spank them. Usui thoroughly enjoys the S&M talk.

However, he can’t lend her out because she’s his cute maid after all. Misaki reacts the way she usually does, screaming and hitting him.

Begone, you perverts!

Police show up to arrests the perps, while Manager arrives after the commotion is over. She actually does pass out seeing the broken window as Misaki predicted.

It was a nice touch at the end when Misaki thanks Usui for coming to help her (even if she really didn’t need saving).

Later on, Misaki tells the tale to Aoi and others at café. Aoi is not surprised of the outcomes and he sets her cute picture as her cellphone wallpaper.

Usui slinks in to get a copy of that too, who finally causes Misaki to overload with steam and blushiness attack.

Conclusion: This episode was funnier than the last few. I laughed my gut out in the right places. The chemistry is increasing between the pair and this time it was more natural. One would ask: why Misaki is so clueless? Is it her nature or the protective strong shell under which she has hidden her feminineness? I think she isn’t aware of her true feelings and thinks of Usui as someone she has to compete and win a race.

Also, why Usui is so taken with her? The guy, who is popular yet isn’t really interested in typical girls? Even then he found an uncanny match in Misaki that piqued his interest? He’s very protective of Misaki it’s quite clear and he’s very kind at heart, not to mention! I’m guesstimating here more as I haven’t read the manga too deeply. I’m glad that I didn’t, which gives me a fresh perspective to story.

I would like to know more of Shizuna who is always planning and applying for something. She seems sharper and mature than Misaki. Let’s see what happens when the three delinquent fans of Misaki get to win a picture contest at Maid Latte next week around Misa-Usi.


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10 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama!- 05”

  1. Mint says:

    Whoo, that was quick! I want to watch this episode really badly now 😀 Seems like that Misaki/Usui relationship is inching along at a nice pace <3

  2. Xiao says:

    Hmm, the ep moved slower for me than I expected. Tbh, the whole show feels like its pace has been slacking since last episode but since we got to see some minor development between Misaki and Usui, I guess it’s alright. Hmm. ^^

    Anyways, Misaki’s cluelessness is just a trait that all shoujo heroines have. It’s a curse they eventually overcome, don’t worry about it. Haha. And hey, at least she’s not slow until 3 episodes before the season ends since she did blush when she thanked Usui for worrying about her. <3
    …Ah, let me correct that a bit. I think part of the reason why she’s so uptight around Usui is because she still has those anti-men feelings of hers (though with Usui, she probably got over them quite a bit) along with her competitive personality like you said. *sigh* Poor Usui. It’ll be a while until she manages to realize those doki!doki! feelings herself. Lol

    As for Usui, it’s pretty clear that he admires Misaki for her work ethic and confrontational manner to almost everything. Oh, and her honesty, too…except when she’s being tsuntsun towards him which is cute~. xD
    But on the biggest reason on whywhywhy he cares so much, I’m still not really sure and I’m pretty up to date with the manga, too. Or maybe I should say I can’t comprehend it so well yet so I won’t bother thinking further until I reread it a few more times. :/ All I know is that Usui will explain it to Misaki in good time and it’s going to be a D’AWW~some moment. <3

  3. nagi says:

    Usui wa daisuki! (though I loved him more in the manga. I really feel that the manga has stronger “vibes” than its anime counterpart)

  4. Kyokai says:

    @ Mint, Arrigato~! I watched and reviewed the epi alongside so it was quick. Fluffiness is easy, unlike Durarara!! which takes a lot of thinking and commenting. Misaki is slow but not that slow so the chemistry between the pair is increasing gradually. I definitely like the pacing unlike some shoujo series who wait till the last few episodes to realize what was going on!

    @ Xiao-chan, I didn’t notice the pacing because I was busy ROTF’ing on Usui’s antics.

    I so agree with your sketch of typical shoujo girls who are clueless till the end. At least for Misaki, you can see the development happening and her hate of men diminishing the more she gets to know Usui.

    LOL @ tsuntsun. She does that too much, doesn’t she? No wonder Usui keeps on saying she’s a Sadist! Heh!

    I think the Mangaka has left it to the reader to come up with the answer to that whywhywhy. We can come up with multiple explanations for this. Anyway, I’d be looking forward to the DAWWful moment between Misaki and Usui. :love:

    @nagi, Totally agree! He cracked me up many times. All the readers are really compelling me to go and restart the manga and I might just as well because I like the anime-Usui anyway and if the manga-Usui is even more kakkoi than this, why am I missing all the fun? ^^;

  5. cyberpixie says:

    ROFL usui your laughing face cracks me up!

    • Kyokai says:

      He was damn funny in this episode! XD

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  8. ida says:

    :sad5 :sad4 i never seen this show i want to so bad :wah :doom

  9. remember when I first started thinking this was more confusing than it should be 🙂

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