Arakawa Under The Bridge – 03

Ric’s Confessional, Sister Lie Detector, and inviting Nino to a date.

Star is such an interesting facecharacter. Add that behind him is a household name when it comes to seiyuus, Tomokazu Sugita. He’s doing a pretty good job doing fabulous and eccentric characters. Might not have me rolling in the floor laughing (except from the “So… you’re a fag?” part, which almost did), but Star’s different faces are really amusing to watch.

Waaaa, Nino~ She’s pure awesomeness. I find the sleepwalking thing very cute, yet so crazy on how she reaches Ric’s home with that high ladder. Also, Nino really has that strange aura when she looks in her eyes. It just draws me in, yet I find it strange at the same time as well. She looks more awesome in a gown as well, definitely becoming my favorite girl this season.

The gag part in the end was also amusing. For some reason Kappa’s illusion trick seems really amazing. lulz. Overall it’s a nice episode, but a bit slower and less hilarious than last week’s (which unfortunately I haven’t got time to blog about). I like the confession half of the episode with Sister, Star and Ric, while the second half bored me a bit. Still I like how it showcased Nino and Ric’s relationship though. So yeah, still continuing this show for the light random lulz and Nino awesomeness, I hope they’ll show how Nino and Ric’s date goes next episode.


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4 Responses to “Arakawa Under The Bridge – 03”

  1. cyberpixie says:

    recruit-kun sure is mr perfect in anything 😀
    ah nino is so cute too

  2. Mint says:

    The screencaps for this show are so insane~ x3

  3. Kyokai says:

    Another interesting episode. This one is growing on me like Bakemonogatari. Loved the whole confessional scene. Nino is so untouchable! I just wonder what really her deal would be, living like that.

  4. Chakler says:

    Will you be releasing the Venus to Jesus song? It was released recently

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