Arakawa Under The Bridge – 01

Shinbo MUST really love Kamiya.

Love the different art styles SHAFT’s giving on this one. It really fits the comedy vibe, and SHAFT never fails when it comes to that. The thing I find to be the most annoying in this show is these little “divider” things, I hope they lessen it as the show goes because for me, it didn’t help with the flow, and it’s obvious that this episodes already showed around eight chapters of the manga.

The story is definitely random, WTF, weird… right up to the production’s alley. The author of the source material (who happens to be one attractive woman btw) also wrote Saint Young Men, and it’s also one heck of a comedy ride. Not to mention it’s a hot hit right now. Gotta wonder how the hell she comes up with these stuff, she probably lived under a bridge for some time.

Maaya Sakamoto is probably the best thing about this show, even though getting here cast here is a bit unexpected since she fits more, uh, expensive ones. She balances out Kamiya’s crazy delivery. Hiroshi Kamiya is well, Shinbo’s man-crush using him in almost every other SHAFT comedy. The exaggerated reactions and obnoxiousness works for him anyway. The epic thing is the gar kappa, voiced by Fujiwara Keiji. The VAs were great, what can I say? So as the characters.

Araragi’s ahoge meets his mom.

It’s alright, quite nice actually. Though a bit expected and cheap at times, I wouldn’t really take this show so seriously and I’ll just go with the ride and won’t expect anything, since it’s SHAFT after all. Looking forward on how the OP and ED looks like.


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5 Responses to “Arakawa Under The Bridge – 01”

  1. brandon autrey says:

    I was a bit disappointed in this show. I was expecting something better SHAFT. I absolutely love Dance in the Vampire Bund and Bakemonogatari, but i dont love this. Its ok but just that. Perhaps its because its doesn’t have any of the complex dialog i loved in the other 2 series.

  2. Topspin says:

    I didn’t find this one funny at all.. the male lead was ridiculously unbelievable even compared to the crazies he met under the bridge, and the humor seemed to be based mostly on crude over-reactions and far-fetched premises that might have been better-played for interest and not for laughs.

    I guess it sorta felt half-baked to me, like your typical Shaft/Shinbo show. Like it should have an “under construction” sign in one corner. I’ve always felt that Shinbo manages to suck the life out of everything he adapts, and I’ll probably end up giving this one a pass because I’m getting sick of watching “the Shinbo show” over and over.

  3. Joojoobees says:

    This is clearly Shinbo’s most mature work yet. All the experiments that marked (or marred, if you prefer) earlier Shinbo/Shaft productions, have provided the foundation for the exciting comedic delivery evident here. For example, instead of flashing a wall of text on the screen, text is used judiciously to add visual texture, and reinforce the humor.

    People looking for a good comedy show, with romance elements should really check this one out.

  4. Kyokai says:

    Knowing the Shaftiness, I was expecting something interesting and I got it. Of course, I can’t exactly compare it to Bakemonogatari but there were elements like the male Seiyuu. I lurve Kamiya Hiroshi. For me Bakemonogatari was epic win while Vampire Bund epic fail, this one comes in between looking at the first episode but I’m expecting good things from this series and would watch on.

  5. cyberpixie says:

    i love this one. it’s so epic and seems to be nice comedy show that’ll replace baka to test to shokanju. the animation is great and i love the character design

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