Kobato. – 23, 24 [END]

These episodes are just… *grabs tissue paper*

So… we finally reached this point. The finale of Kobato… I can’t help but feel melancolic right after I finished watching it (Something to add too, is that I cried on both episodes xD). Both episodes had really strong endings, and episode 24 delivered a wonderful finale for this amazing anime. Anyways, lets see the episodes themselves then you will see my final thoughts!

Kobato’s voice, while it could be annoying in some cases, wouldn’t wake me up with that face. Fujimoto is such a tsundere! xD Also, Chitose is shipping them isn’t she?

After Kobato stalks follows Fujimoto, they end in a park and Kobato starts to do cute things like usual (Ignoring Ioryogi’s complains!). Then, Fujimoto acts like a jerk (As usual too – Manga Fujimoto is nowhere near this level!) but Kobato doesn’t try to persuade him and instead stays there.

What does Ioryogi expect from Kohaku!? He/She only has time for his/her man! I lol’ed at Ioryogi’s faces though. Kobato has already made her decision like how Kohaku did in Wish. (And I agree with Ioryogi, that face couldn’t be refuted)

While Kohaku and Ioryogi talk about the classic hitsuzen and the contract on the bridge, Kobato leaves to search for Fujimoto and she finds him in the demolished nursery. She tells Fujimoto that he is important to her and she cares for him (Go Kobato!)

We see how Kobato prepares to leave (As she received a flower-mail from Ushagi), and while Fujimoto doesn’t get it first and simply ignores her, he then regrets it and runs desperately looking for Kobato. He obviously finds her, in the playground where she appeared. Ioryogi thinks about the conversation they had on the bridge earlier and how Dobato was so decided she didn’t care about what could happen to her.

Usahgi-san evilness returns but we get to know what it could be expected: it can’t do anything to change the ‘contract’ (It isn’t Clamp-God after all) so Ioryogi’s pleas fall in huge deaf ears while Ushagi grins mindlessly. The song that starts playing when Ushagi appears is beautiful, really fitting IMO.

Fujimoto finally appears and receives an explanation from Ioryogi that explains the contract while Kobato denies and answers some things. Ioryogi is really pissed off.

Then, out of nowhere, Ushagi holds Kobato at point blank range with its badass flower! Ushagi means serious business!

Inside that light, we are treated to Kobato’s  confession and it was touching (At least to me). It reminded me of Tsubasa RC though, like how Sakura and Syaoran were separated in that capsule and touched hands through that.

That true confession heals Fujimoto’s heart, breaks Kobato free and the konpeito she receives, because it was special to her I assume (OR Fujimoto was really that heartbroken OR God did something here), fills Kobato’s bottle. This means her wish to go ‘to that place’ will be conceded, something that pisses Ioryogi even more and reminds him of the talk he had with Kohaku.

A truly happy Kobato, holds the bottle near her heart and smiles in a ‘farewell’-like fashion and after that we get a saddening scene, that leaves both Fujimoto, Ioryogi and me devastated xD

See? Poor Ioryogi T.T

There it ends episode 23 and right after that we got episode 24, which is like putting an onion near your eyes. For episode 24, head to page two!

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11 Responses to “Kobato. – 23, 24 [END]”

  1. umi_no_mizu says:

    These epies were definitly a good ending to the series. There was no real let downs or disappointments like with some of the other shojou anime series *cough skip beat* >_>

    i agree with you that the fujibato-ness did seem forced in the anime Y_Y i found the manga to be twice as awesome in this aspect since the whole fujimoto caring for kobato was emphasized there but was forgotten in the mange T_T Also i got the feeling that what kobato was, was rushed in the anime and sorta unexplained to a point. I’m thinking that they did that for the sake of the manga though =P

    overall i think clamp did an excellent job with the anime! ^_^ can’t wait to see how the manga turns out

  2. noiryuki says:

    i thought the ending was just beautiful. i cried for both episodes too.

    i loved the development between fujimoto and kobato~ heehee~

    overall, a wonderful anime worth watching again.

  3. leeleekins says:

    i thought this was an amazing end to the anime. it was beautiful, heartbreaking, and touching and i totally cried like a baby for both episodes, i was basically seeing episode 24 in a tear-laden haze XD
    it also upsets me people dropped it because it was slow paced when i thought the pacing went pretty well with the show. anyways my favorite shoujo this season and i recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!
    fujimotoxkobato=<3 ;-;

  4. LuluChan92 says:

    These two episodes were so moving! I admitt I couldn’t help crying,. especially at the end of the 23rd episode, it was really sad, indeed…

    I had also underestimated this adaptation of Kobato because of its slow pace, too, and I had dropped it for quite a long time, but in the end I decided to start watching it again and my time was not wasted after all!

    Finally, does anybody know where I can find the arrangement we get to listen mostly the last minutes of episode 23??? I’m not talking about “Hotaru No Mori”, but the one after this… Please, if anyone knows, I’ll be checking this page so write anytime, ‘kay???

    • NJR says:

      I glad that you picked it up ^^, as a lot of people dropped it early because of its slow pace. People should watch up to episode 5 as the fireflies episode is spectacular and would convince anyone IMO.

      Sadly I don’t know, but I searched and find out that the OST that is uploaded here doesn’t have a theme (24 Sore wa Himitsu no Koto; Jellyfish no Kokuhaku). Here is the missing theme from the first OST: http://www.mediafire.com/?9dngmz9doij.
      AND that theme you are looking, the chase theme, the new Ashita no Kuru Hi versions, the new ED and more should be on the second OST: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-mb-49-en-70-3q63.html
      If I find that OST I will try post it here, as it should be already uploaded somewhere (March 24 was the release date)

  5. Starry says:

    I cried too! Even though I was thinking, “It’s ok, Kobato will somehow end up with Fujimoto again.” I still cried when Kobato disappeared after her confession. I’m ashamed of myself. T.T

    However, I am still little puzzled with the ending. I mean, if Kobato was incarnated, wouldnt she still be a child? However, she is still in her teenage/adult form. So… it means that she wasn’t incarnated? And the house too, why is she suddenly the granddaughter of a random person and meant to inherit it too? And when did Fujimoto heal her heart? And why hasn’t he seem that konpeito after all these time? It was 3 months after Kobato left when he found the konpeito in his pocket I think…

    And also, if we were to follow that Kobato did not incarnate, and was simply put into the world again, then did the evil bunny acutally help Kobato to return to the world? Did God decide to help her after hearing her touching confession? Or did the evil bunny, decide to help her on it’s own?

    And and and, what has happened to Iroyogi all these years???!!! They just mentioned that he is going to stay with Kobato to protect her after the 7 year gap. SO what happened to Iroyogi all this time?

    And also, Kobato’s wish. Up till now, I’m still sadly a little confused by it. She said that she wants to be reborn in a world, so that she could stay with the one she oves right? So… she gave up o nthat wish and stayed in Fujimoto’s world? Or, is Fujimoto’s world the actually world which she wanted to stay in? I mean, it could be a possible twist, and also the reason why Kobato is still in the world, since the contract cannot be changed. So, able, the palce which Kobato wanted to go, and the man she wanted to be with is with Fujimoto? If I don’t recall wrongly, there’s a flashback which shows child Kobato with a Fujimoto look a like. So… it’s possible that the man that she loved was the previous life of Fujimoto or something?

    And also, I’m also puzzled about Kobato’s song. Fujimoto seems to know the song prior to Kobato singing it, but have they told us why he knew the song? And also, the song which e always play on the piano. It’s not the one Kobato sings is it? I feel like they are trying to symbolize something with the song, but I feel left out and confused thought. x.x

    But still, I do think that Kobato is a excellent anime, and it’s very touching. Just that I have many question marks left in my head… T.T But I suppose that it’s because the manga itself has not solved these things, so the anime is trying not to spoil us too much either? I mean, they flashed back but didnt say anything else about it, and they also mentioned that Kobato died in an ‘unfortunate’ accident, but never specified what accident it was. So I suppose that we will have to tune in to the manga to get more details. *sighs*

    But the creators sure are devious though. Now with so many open endedness in the anime, more fan will be dying to read the manga. Hohoho…

    • NJR says:

      Hahaha it seems from the comments I wasn’t the only one that cried xD

      I think her wish was ‘To return at the side of the person I love the most’ and it changed from Flashback-Fujimoto (Or Flashimoto, easier :P) to normal Fujimoto. That would explain it, as the contract didn’t change just the circunstances.
      We don’t know exactly when Kobato die, so maybe she was reincarnated with the same age (If she died when she was 12, plus the timeskip we can get a 19 years old Kobato) I don’t think this happened though, I believe she was just re-sent to Fujimoto/Rest of the cast’s world at the age she was when she was there.
      The family relations change between worlds even though they are the same person/soul: Show ▼

      I don’t think Kobato needed any heart-healing; Fujimoto was the one that needed it.
      About the konpeito, I believe Ioryogi held it until he learnt that Kobato was alive again, then he leave it in Fujimoto’s room. Or he leave it when he knew that Fujimoto was starting to remember a bit.

      You got to have in mind that CLAMP-God may seem like a jerk at first with its righteous punishments, but these punisments always have some good behind them (A lesson, an oportunity). In Wish, from example, its punishments were actually helpful in a way for Kohaku (The same angel here) Even though Ushagi is eevuuul xD, it can’t do anything it isn’t ordered.

      Ioryogi cares a lot about Kobato, so he must have waited there while watching and taking care of her secretly. Show ▼

      Yeah, that could be but I still think that Kobato’s wish changed like I posted at the top of this reply. Or Flashimoto died and the contract became null so she was sent again (Alive) to Fujimoto’s world.

      Flashimoto and Fujimoto are the same person, but in different worlds so they have the same soul/heart (Example: In Wish, all the Shuichirou become doctors). That must be the reason why Fujimoto knows that song, like how memory-less Kobato sings that song without having memories of knowing it as they share some traits. And yes, the song Fujimoto plays in episode 24 is Ashita no Kuru Hi or Kobato’s song. There is also a nursery song that Fujimoto plays on other episodes but that one isn’t related to Kobato.

      Agreed, one of the few animes that made me cry. I find it excellent, even with its faults, and the finale is really strong/touching/great even with all the questions it raises. The manga raises some questions each time a chapter is out too! But I find that charming. Luckily I was already reading the manga and I find it amazing ^^
      I had this theory about the accident that links some points together Show ▼

      Hehe that is Clamp for you. Tsubasa RC was pretty chaotic with all the misteries and everything but it had a satisfying ending IMO. BTW, I recommend the Kobato manga as it is better than the anime and the art is extremely beautiful.
      And thanks for commenting too! This goes to everyone! :woo

  6. pjsandwitch says:

    i really love the anime, and totally cried like everyone else so don’t be ashamed… :shakesfist but i really want to read the manga! i just can’t seem to find it anywhere :sad5
    if anyone knows where to read it online, please tell :aww:
    oh, and the only other thing i would like to know is if it is already finished (the manga)? ❓
    pleasepleaseplease if anyone knows anything please feel free to respond! 😳

  7. pjsandwitch says:

    :angel1 :woo :nosebleeds: :blush2: :angel1

  8. esquiggle says:

    I cried too. My mom thought I was crazy. :huhu: :shakesfist

    Thank you for the explanations, :cute: I was really REALLY confused. :dizzy

    IS THERE REALLY A MANGA?!?!?! :spark :pfft :runs:
    I would like a scanlation site please!!!! :ohohoho:

    LOL if you can’t already tell, I am in love with these emotes… :runs: :oha:

    Kobato was an amazing anime. That’s the first time I have cried watching anime. :baww:

  9. jelly says:

    yeah, i agree with you guys. Kobato was a great anime. Right, as what you were sayin’, i underestimated it as well during its first episodes. Sorry to say but i felt a little bored with it. But after watching this till the very end,I was really moved to the point that i can’t help my tears running through my cheeks with that episodes 23 and 24 even though i try not to cry (cause my brother who was also with me– busy with the computer, might see me that way and thinks that i completely lose my consciousness over an anime. hahaha) he always bullies me.

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