Kobato. – 22

Heart-touching CLAMP-ness…

One of the best episodes, if not the best episode so far, of this anime (In the same level as the 13 episode, that was awesome too). The last episodes were great too, it is really saddening that here they only got to episode 5 T.T After all, this series picked up its pace from episode 13 onward in my opinion. Also, this episode featured the diabolically evil Ushagi-san, that with each appearance it becomes even more creepier (It must be the laugh or its perpetual grin xD)

It started with an incredibly sweet dream sequence while a piano version of Ashita Kuru Hi played. I always find this song fitting, and this version is just beautiful like the OST itself. Also it does raise some questions regarding the place where Kobato wants to go, and seems to suggest some father-daughter relationship here (An incarnation in another world of Syaoran, I mean Fujimoto?) Too bad she couldn’t remember anything, but it is Kobato so I can forgive her and also, this…

Awww! Kobato is cute even sleeping! She even got Ioryogi to blush in one scene! But poor Ioryogi though, he can’t win against the Fujibato-ness (I support it too!) BTW, Piffle Princess owns pizza stores too? What does that monopolic company doesn’t sell?! Maybe that’s why Touya changes jobs so easily, if they are ALL managed by that company that obviously has ulterior motives it would be easy to jump from job to job xD

Fujimoto in this episode shows its stoic and melancholic demeanor instead of the caring personality he started to show in later episodes. The nursery was quite important to him and Sayaka, so no surprises here, and I must admit that I was sad when they demolished the building.

LOLI SAYAKA! And her father seems so kind too! Talking about Touya, we got this! We also got to see how Fujimoto spaces after his quick visit to the nursery and nearly get hits by a car.

Ioryogi, more pissed off than usual (A cue to the manga readers!) , cleverly points out that the cause of Kobato’s sadness and her hurt heart are that she is in love Fujimoto. I actually liked the manga more, as Kobato didn’t receive any hint of this subtlety and realized herself. The whole realization and the preluding-healing were spectacular in the manga. Too bad they skipped that (Or we could get it on the last two episodes I guess…)

AWWWWWWW! (I will try to grab a GIF of this later!)

Then we get to see the nursery being demolished while the Kobato, Sayaka and the kids watch. Fujimoto didn’t went and the tug who was sick and then cured was there demolishing it. While that happens, Genko yells Ioryogi because of its idea of kidnapping Ushagi to force God to extend the deadline (Sounds like the debt of the nursery xD) I support the kidnapping theory though, but sadly Ushagi seems more evil to do that kind of things IMO. Ahh, and Fujimoto has an accident.

Ioryogi then has a flashback of the time when he presented itself to a hat-less (Clothless to be exact) Kobato. This supports the theory that Kobato isn’t normal (But if you read the manga you have an idea of what she is)

After the demolition, Kobato gets shocked when Sayaka asks her to take care of Fujimoto because she feels that the nursery absorbed his life. While heading home, she encounters Chise and Chiho that tell her that Fujimoto suffered an accident. With the damage he suffered of the accident, he becomes even more cynical and mean towards Kobato to the point of shouting when she showed concern for him while walking. With a devastated and shocked Kobato, the villain of the story takes the cue and appears…

THERE IT IS! Taunting poor Kobato with its flashy flowers! Leaving an ultimate deadline, he then proceeds to giggle and taunt the begging Ioryogi…

How evil can it be?! Look at its bluffing grin?! What does  it think it is?! God?! xD Well, Ushagi refused to extend the deadline and then leaves laughting. This scene perfectly showed how much Ioryogi cares about Kobato (Bah the whole episode did it, as he wanted to kidnap Ushagi!)

Final Impressions:

With how awesome and lovely this episode was, I getting melancholic at the thought of only having 2 episodes left. At least I got the manga to read, that it is quite behind on some issues (The debt for example),  so I will survive some months lol

Ahhh! I need to introduce myself! I am NJR, the latest addition to the team of METANORN I suppose. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I will blog a few series here that I watching right now: Bakatest, Kobato, Sora no Woto. Katanagatari appeals me too. I also would like to blog Kobato and Naruto manga chaps. I usually watch all the series I watching near the weekend, so my post would be near the weekend too. I will try to blog them as fast as I could to please everyone.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my posts  and comment! AND thanks to Kanzeon for adding me to the team! Byee-nii!


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8 Responses to “Kobato. – 22”

  1. zhokolatte says:

    Wow the metanorn family is expandiiiiiing~

  2. scol says:

    Welcome to the team to you too. Will be nice to be treated to more frequent reads with the new members contributing and all that.

  3. Kyokai says:

    Welcome to the team, NJR! Will look forward to your posts! 🙂

  4. :-) says:

    Kobato fell for Fujimoto?…we all saw it coming, but I’d rather see her with Domoto, although seeing a sad and depressed Domoto isn’t that bad either so I’ll live.

    • NJR says:

      What I find amusing and interesting is how much screentime Domoto got on the anime while in the manga he appeared just once if memory serves.I prefer Fujibato myself ^^

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