Welcome to METANORN’s Spring 2010 Anime Catalog!

(Last Update: 2/21 – Added K-ON!! airdate, OVAs and Movies index)

Tsui: Spring sure is approaching, so we’ve already prepared this to help out everyone pick shows for thei watch lists! With how miserable the Winter season is, I think Spring contains a rain of huge potentials. It’s time to watch loads of shows again lol.

Kanz: This is gonna be a very different catalogue post compared to the previous ones we’ve because we divided the line-up into four cliques, categorized with its audience approach and overall primary look of each show~

>> The Action-Packed Clique – Starting off the line-up are some of the most-hyped (and maybe most ridiculous) action and suspense shows for Spring.

>> The Moe and Ecchi Club – Definitely a must-see page if you’re looking for moe-shows or ecchi ones.

>> The Team of Outcasts – It’s hard to fit them in on the other categories, so they’re here in its special page, where the weird and random gathers.

>> The Den of Bishies and Fangirling – Fufufu~ Kanzie’s favorite page, Y/Y? xD Browse shows here that has potential to be squealed over by everyone~

>> OVAs and Movies Index


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53 Responses to “SPRING ANIME 2010”

  1. mikan-sakura says:

    First of all, holy crap you guys are fast at this! O___O

    Next, I’m definitely looking forward to OOFURI TWO!!! Also checking out Angel Beats, Working, and of course, Hetalia 3 lolz.

    Nooo, this is making me worry so much about the Maid-sama anime :sad3

  2. fill says:

    will check working and some others xD
    thanks for the list and review btw <3 thank you
    *writing some notes*

  3. zetsubou says:

    hmmm… angel beats tops my list…

  4. meteorhouse62 says:

    Thanks for the early preview! :oha:
    Wow, Spring definitely looks so promising! Can’t count how much shows I want to check out XD.

  5. CyberPixie says:

    ohhh thanks so much for the awesome list! i’ll definitely watch Angel Beats, Arakawa Under the Bridge (SHAFT oh yeah), Kaichou wa Maid-sama!!, Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitte Iru, Black Rock Shooter

  6. kat says:

    So many shows I want to check out! Oofuri 2 is highest priority. Poor Hakuouki is destined to fail in my book because I just don’t think it’s possible for any shinsengumi to be better than the ones in Gintama.

  7. Ruby says:

    All I’m excited for is black star shooter 😀 since it’s the only one I know about,,,there’s soo many shows, I can’t wait to watch them all! spring season is coming so fast,, it’s so exciting xD

  8. Adrian says:

    Oh man, Kamiyan and Maayan. If only the heroine were black-haired and I would have to stop watching anime because of the perfect-ness. Oh and Noto Mamiko would have to be in it as well but that’s another matter. Arakawa looks great. Angel Beats and Black Rock Shooter as well. I hope Kaichou is good, that would really put a downer on my year. This year was bad enough already the moment Kara no Kyoukai was finished releasing. Still waiting on that blu-ray though…..
    and that NA licensing…..
    for the novels or the anime…..
    please help me out funimation!

  9. fenixdown110 says:

    Black Rock and Angel Beats definitely on my top watch list. LOL @ Iron Man and Heroman.

  10. Faer1edust says:

    Omg!! This is so fast, I knew I could count on here! Thankies <3.

    Definitely looking forward to Black Rock Shooter and Angel Beats, of course. The Iron Man anime.. uhm, I gotta say that the animation looks good. Though about Heroman, I think it's just lulz.

    I'm also looking forward to Working! I love what's I'm seeing with their promos so far and it could be a very fun watch indeed~

    Yay for Kamiyan getting lots of roles this year! Also not surprised that the two K-ON! girls are bagging a lot of roles as well.

    The Den of Bishies and Fangirling FTW~ <33 I'm also gonna check out… all here. Well, maybe except from the Hakuouki one. Meh.. But YAY for Oofuri 2 and Maid-sama!!! Might check out Uragiri as well. I love how JC Staff does two shoujo anime at the same time. Let's see if they could beat Kimi ni Todoke's amazing-ness~

    Thanks for the preview!!! 😉

  11. Shi says:

    Yosh, getting ready for Spring season! >///<
    Thank you for the list, it's easier to choose the shows to watch with your posts!
    I'm so checking AngelBeats, Arakawa, BRS and Working!!~ and of course I’m looking forward for Oofuri2 and Hetalia3~ and K-ON2 too.
    Kaichou is failing so hard @ almost everything right now, so I’m not sure about it. But I’ll watch 1st ep anyway.
    Also will check the first eps of MayoiNeko, Uragiri and Haiyoru!Nyaru-Ani just for fun.
    Yay, Kamiyan is getting so many roles! I lovelovelove him for voicing Izaya and Zetsubou-sensei <3 Yoko will be great to hear as well, love her voice~

  12. Mahou Hoshu says:

    AAAAaaaakFHjSFHjkSF; /wheeze
    /cough. I mean. I cant wait for Oofuri2 <3
    totally checking out Angel Beats, BRS, and Arakawa too

  13. lazysamurai says:

    lol, you girls/guys are nuts!
    but anyways, nice previews. I hope this new season delivers it’s promises, as i see 2 or 3 (possibly) cool shows.
    I hope they make some more good ‘mature’ audience shows again sometime.. i hope senko no night raids is one.

  14. Carnage says:

    Definitely checking out BRS, Angel Beats and K-ON! 2 :cheer:

  15. Akhul says:

    YES Black Rock Shooter, Working, Oofuri 2 and Angel Beats!!!

  16. Azura says:

    rofl Kanzye XDDDDD “OF ALL TIME!!!”

    I am so hyped up for Angel Beats! >.< And I will probably check out Black Rock Shooter, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, and K-On! 2.

  17. DrJackal says:

    Giants Killer – Because im a sucker for sports, and especial football anime/manga.

    Yojo-han – I might give it a look just becuse the premise and art took my attention.

    Working! – At first, i thought i would not be seeing it because of stereotyped characters, but due to the advertisement its gettin, might give it a try.

    Maid-sama – The only shojo im watching are KnT and Nodame,even though im not a fan of the genre, but if i read good critics, maybe i would be ready to give it a shot.

    Arakawa- Im gonna check the manga, but it seems to have lots of lulz.

  18. Xiao says:

    Yay~ Thanks for getting your catalogue out as quick as always. ^^

    Now I can check off all the iffy ones. *too lazy to go looking for info herself* |D;

    BRS and Angel Beats are pretty much a guaranteed watch for anyone. Also checking out Senko no Night Raid so hope it’ll be good enough to receive more attention than Soro no Woto did.

    Working!! = yes~ <3
    And I didn’t think there was so much “nyaa”-ing for Mayoi Neko. o.O;

    Hmm, Arakawa Under the Bridge looks really interesting so will probably check that out.

    And here’s to hoping Kaichou will get a little better by the time it’s out. The only thing holding it up is the fame the manga’s getting. =.=

    Yep…wow, taking only 6 shows seriously so far. Then again, this is MUCH better than Winter so anything can better.

  19. kaji san says:

    I lol’ed @ heroman. looking forward to arakawa, angel beat, black rock shooter and maid sama.

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