First Look: Arakawa Under The Bridge


First look on the upcoming SHAFT anime “Arakawa Under The Bridge”

[UPDATE: Seiyuu info added]

autb 1

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Mangaka: Nakamura Hikaru >Manga Website<

Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Romance

Sample Manga Covers: Show ▼

Anime Details:

Director: Shinbo Akiyuki
Series Director: Miyamoto Yukihiro (Maria Holic)
Series Composition: Akao Deko (Asura Cryin, Natsu no Arashi)
Character Design: Sugiyama Nobuhiko (ef)
Art Director: Azuma Kouji (ef)
Sound Director: Tsuruoka Youta (Bakemonogatari)
Production: SHAFT



This came a gag manga about a young “elite” man Riku, who has a policy of not being in debt to anyone. But then he ends up accidentally being in debt to someone who saved his life. He owes it to a strange girl named Nino, who lives under a bridge and claims she’s a Martian. Since Riku believes that he has to pay his debt to her saving him, he offers to be her lover and live with her.

Shinbo will definitely do it again. This seems pretty quirky and bizaare that it’s no surprise SHAFT picks these kinds of stuff as they’re right up into their alley. It’s no surprise I’m looking forward to this, even though Vampire Bund is a fail. Still, I enjoy SHAFT’s creativity to do something different with their comedies though. The trailer was lulz. It’s live action and we’re seeing a Kappa coming out from the water. That was… weird. Oh wait I’ll replace it, that was… “SHAFT-y”~ Looking forward to the anime, comes out this Spring (04/2010)



Ichinomiya Kou (Riku):  Kamiya Hiroshi
Nino:  Sakamoto Maaya
Hoshi:  Sugita Tomokazu
Sonchou (Kappa):  Fujiwara Keiji

Wow, Sakamoto Maaya ftw! Can’t wait for her to voice Nino. And lulz, Hiroshi Kamiya voices yet another SHAFT male lead again.


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18 Responses to “First Look: Arakawa Under The Bridge”

  1. Voiced says:

    That looks interesting.

  2. dai1313 says:

    Ohhhhhh, this DOES LOOKS interesting!

  3. Kagura89 says:

    That looks promising. Bakemonogatari is the first SHAFT anime that I’ve watch & I liked it. So I’m looking forward to this.

  4. Kagura89 says:

    Looks interesting.
    LOL at the trailer… that SHAFT I know XD

  5. CyberPixie says:

    what’s with the green monster?LOL

  6. Scamp says:

    I read the first two chapters of the manga when the anime was green-lit originally. It’s one of the funniest manga in existance and I can’t freaking wait. And hurrah for a trailer

  7. Kiseki says:


  8. zetsubou says:

    preparing my list of animes to be watched. might add this one.

  9. Shi says:

    Oh, looks fun. And bizarre. And the main characters’ design is love.
    Definetly looking forward to this~ =v=

  10. Jamie says:

    Looks awesome!!! :thumb:

  11. Well, Dance in the Vampire Bund is epic fail but I also look forward to this even if it going to fail again. (But I doubt it since I believe Square-Enix is going to be behind the support. After all they are current supporting with Durarara!! And if they aren’t on this anime, I’ll be disappoint)

  12. Oath says:

    Same art and character designs as Ef is a sure sign that this will have animation that is just purely amazing as do most shaft things 🙂 Seems like this should be an interesting and hopefully great show.

  13. allan says:

    for me vampire bund is not fail , i watched episode 5 and the hitory is better with both manga source and anime original history , the animation is not as good than i though it will be but the hitory is getting better , vampire bund is muchh better compared with things like chu bra or ladies versus butlers , and this anime arakawa under the bridge i can’t wait for it but of the new spring season the 2 animes most anticipated for me are maid sama and shiki because i am reading the manga of both and i like them

  14. fill says:

    😉 sakamoto maaya xD will definitely watch!

  15. kaji san says:

    hopefully they can redeem themselves after Dance in vampire bund. looking forward to this mainly to see interaction btween araragi and maaya sakamoto

  16. CyberPixie says:


  17. LuluChan92 says:


  18. kamikei7 says:

    Definitely watching this, if just to hear Sakamoto Maaya and Kamiya Hiroshi…two of my most beloved seiyuu ever!! ^o^

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