Anime Status: January

Welcome to the Anime Status for Jan.. err, there’s something really wrong with the picture above.

Welcome to the very first Anime Status for the year 2010!!! Though I must say, this was surely not a good way to start off the first season and month of the year. Oh my god, this season sucks. Probably the worst season I encountered in a year and a half of my time blogging, and so far from the second half of the 2000’s as I can remember. Nothing really seems worthwhile at all except from a few shows carried over from Fall, and probably only ONE show this new season. The others just lacks the anticipation factor, like I cannot feel like I have the spirit to wait and/or blog the next episode of some shows. And other shows are just dropped off like hot potatoes. I think the top three are very deserving, so I guess they’re the only ones who can get a picture/screengrab. Lol. Let’s get on with this very miserable edition of AniStats for January.

17: Omamori Himari

I checked out promos, and I thought this will INDEED be horrible, so I tried looking at the first episode, so that I can have something to bitch on and humiliate on this Anime Status. This is a waste of an anime show. It’s like all cliches and generic things got thrown out into this huge garbage bin called Omamori Himari. The fact that some people still watch this thing just makes me sad 🙁

16: Ladies VS Butlers

The moment I saw huge-ass drill hair of the female protagonist, I thought that this show sucks. Then it got more confirmed when a maid’s pussy starts rubbing on the male protagonist’s head. Congratulations for this show being the Nth one to have sluts whoring the bland male lead.

15: Chu Bra!

At least this one is quite unusual. Though the humor of the show just doesn’t appeal to me. Nothing really much to say except that it’s just sad how the creators of this decided on this idea.

14: Ookami Kakushi

It’s disappointing. The characters are ugly, the animation is lame, the stereotypes starts to get boring now, and the pacing of this show just sucks. It’s sad when the only good thing about this show is its OP song. You know I dropped it already when I discovered Islutzu still lives on the next episode, and there’s some pedophile gay brother molesting the protagonist.

13: K-ON! OVA

Gotta give props on how they showed progress in this OVA. Though I’m so not gonna watch the second season anymore, since I think there’s not any more source material for the anime to cover (which freaking airs on April already) and we know what stupidity KyoAni can be capable of when it comes to just simply milking the franchise.

12: Dance in the Vampire Bund

Well we have the show everyone loves bitching about because it doesn’t follow the manga. Well, I don’t really give a damn if they follow the manga or not, just make this show worthwhile watching and not boring… but they STILL failed. Biggest disappointment of the season after all the hype it got, but I guess it isn’t as bad as the others above.

11: Katanagatari

Wow, I never expected this to be so… boring. Definitely upsetting after I anticipated it after its promos. We have 50 minutes full of talking heads. It’s just irritating and I would just like to fast forward it with the action. But the bad thing is, even the action scenes are full of talking. Just blahblahblah here and there, the animation isn’t also impressive, though I love the art style for the characters. I think they’re gonna pull-off a “sword of the month” every episode. Still looking for the next episode though, all because there’s something worth fangirling with the two lead characters.

10: Hetalia Axis Powers

They only showed one episode this month, and it’s a boring episode at that. Kiku is very cute though. Oh well, can’t wait for the movie and the third season though. We have to wait until March 1 to get another episode of this.

9: Kobato

This show started to shine on Episode 12, but then it’s followed by a boring filler as well. But oh look, it seems like they remembered the plot again for the upcoming episode. It’s just overwhelming to see this move on the plot even by a short inch because I must say that this show was just so bland on the previous months. Great improvement for this show.

8: Sora no Woto

Well this show should be grateful that all the other shows suck this season, it makes this average show look good. There’s nothing really special about Sora no Woto if I think of it. It’s just decent, full of moe-ish characters, and enjoyable slice-of-life bits. The thing I love the most about it is the setting, because there’s a lot to unravel and for the creators to experiment on a setting like that in this original anime production.

7: Letter Bee

This show just grew on me a lot this month. I guess that they give way too much fillers, but I think most of the fillers are quite nice to watch. Though I must say that I’m gonna get tired of this show sometime because this is so long and slow.

6: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

The first episode of this show is just awesome, then followed by the next two ones. I’m worrying that the humor in this show is starting to dry out though. But I guess I’ll still enjoy it while it’s hot. I lol’d how they threw in a bit of BL in it. Some characters are plain awesome and hilarious, like Yuuji x Shouko, pink, tomboy, and the trap, while some characters aren’t really not worth caring for.

5: Hanamaru Kindergarten

This is a very refreshing series that definitely turned out to be better than expected. It’s very light, fun and clean… not to mention so freaking adorable to bits! This is my laidback yet enjoyable show of the season, where nothing about it seems very problematic, and is good for a little bit of giggles and d’aww moments. Panda Neko is also addicting~

4: Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra

Well this show should be already dropped, but because of how there’s so much irrelevant shows this season, I didn’t continue dropping it. Well I guess it was a good decision for me. They’re now starting with the real meat of the show, and things just get more and more interesting. Which side I’m gonna take is quite confusing, because Volken seems to be the star of this arc, then they’re making Hamyuts look villainy. Oh well, I’m not gonna get on someone’s side, and just enjoy the rest of this show.

3: Darker Than Black OVA

Am I lovin’ this honeymoon special OVA now or what? This is just freaking awesome to bits! Probably much more awesome that most of the second season episodes combined, lolz… But of course, that’s all biasness because I’m a pure Hei x Yin fangirl. I love the moments!!! Though I hope the best for my OTP for the rest of what will happen next. Episode 2 comes out on March 24.

2: Kimi ni Todoke

I’m still LOVINLOVINLOVIN this show. I stand ground claiming it to be one of the best shoujos in a long while. How they climaxed Kurumi’s arc was spot-on and fantastic, even I being a manga reader. Now this is where Kurumi gets the love <3. I skipped the boring recap episode though because well, it’s gonna be a… boring recap. But heck, still one of the top contenders for the best show, but I guess we’ll have to give the top spot for a new show that stood out the most amongst other new shows this season.

1: Durarara!!

Best new show of this horrendous season. This show is just wonderful, fabulous, etc etc. Such a stand-out, and it did not disappoint at all, because instead, it even exceeded my expectations. I just can’t get enough of this show weekly. I need regular Shizaya (coined term for Shizuo + Izaya awesomeness) fix. The others characters are also made of pure win as well. Argh this show, so awesome I love it to bits!!!

So that wraps up the Anime Status for January! Lol @ less than half of the shows in here are the only ones I find relevant, the rest are just blergh. With how much shows dropped in the list, I’m worried for what’s gonna be in store for February. I hope this season passes already though, Spring’s gonna be so epic.

P.S. – New banners for Katanagatari, Kobato, Kimi ni Todoke, and another epic Shizaya Durarara!! banner! Hope you’ll like them ^^.



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15 Responses to “Anime Status: January”

  1. jose says:

    i liked 8 animes of this new season of winter :
    -sora no oto
    -dance in the vampire bund
    -baka to test
    -nodame cantabile finale
    -okami kakushi
    -hanamaru kindergarten
    and the ova of katanagatari
    and about the animes of the past season
    i like bantorra , railgun , letter bee , full metal alchemist and i am not so sure about kobato and hetalia , sometimes i like these shows and others no , i like the main history of kobato but no the boring fillers , for example letter bee have fillers too but i think the fillers of letter bee are interesting and fun , but when i watched the episode 12 of kobato it was good but the next were fillers too , and hetalia i think sometimes is not very funny and others are funnier

  2. Xiao says:

    Yay~! Kanzie’s monthly status~! I’ve been looking forward to it for the past two weeks (was like “is January over yet? Kanzie should be putting up her monthly thoughts soon”, lol xD)

    I’m barely holding onto Winter with just one regular show and we all know which one that is. Though it’s not much of a problem since some Fall shows are still airing so got enough to watch on my plate. ^^

    Omamori Himari- The only thing that was almost good was Himari’s sword skills and Ami Koshimizu’s wonderful voice acting. I don’t think I would’ve minded the clichés so much but then we have the unbearable fanservice and annoying haremettes. What a waste indeed.

    Hidden Yaoi – Dropped it. It’s a drag to watch something where you just dislike almost everything about it. 😛

    Vampire Bund – Dropped this, too. It’s not even a problem with the manga anymore. It’s just not interesting. =.=

    Katanagatari – Less than impressive start but still liking it so far yes, I’m all for the romance, too *so biased* xD; and the art makes up for a lot of it. Gah, still nowhere done with the review for this but it’s fun writing about. ^^;

    Kobato – Yay for plot. Though I’m still kinda mellow on it due to such slowness. Where is my Okiura, MADHOUSE?! >8(

    Sora no Woto – You pretty much said all I wanted to say. At least it is still entertaining~ And Noel was so cute last week! X3

    Letter Bee – Glad that they’re doing their own take on the fillers instead of following the manga but I think there’s more than enough context to go back to the main line of events so hurry up and get back to it. 😛

    Hanamaru Kindergarten – Pa-pa-pa-pa-panda-neko♪ XDDD

    DtB Gaiden – FFFFFFFFFFFF Screw bias, hun, this PWNs all of Gemini and what should have been the second season. NOW WHR CAN I FIND GOOD RAWs?! Been waiting for almost week to download in HD quality! D8<
    Aaaaah, but yes, HeixYin FTW, bitches! X333
    I hope subs come out soon and can’t wait for the next ep. <3

    KnT – Kurumi’s arc was awesum~ <3 I’m really lovin’ how this always make me satisfied after I finish watching it every week. And it’s not like I watch the subs the moment they come out either so yea, good that this one’s still staying strong. ;D

    DRRR!! – F*CK YES, BB!!
    …and that is all I have to say. <3

    And KYAAAAAA~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!! I adore your new banners! They’re all so friggin’ AWESOME, hun! xDDDD
    I personally think the KazehayaxSawako one is the best out of the batch but still, so awesome. <3

  3. Lacri says:

    Shizaya indeed.

    I need some fanfics with that pairing ASAP~

    I haven’t even bothered looking at the other anime this season.

  4. Shi says:

    ‘Shizaya’ sounds so cute. <3
    DTB OVA is great btw ^^ KnT too~ The other shows are just boring and dull dull dull.
    This season is only good at giving time for catching up on other shows and real life.
    I wonder, will the Spring season be as depressing as this one?
    well I hope not, since we'll have Shiki, Hetalia, Arakawa under the bridge, AngelBeats and even (most likely fail though) anime about Ctulhu deity, lmao.

  5. zetsubou says:

    the “Shizaya” banner is awesome!
    KnT is very great, can’t get enough of it~

  6. fenixdown110 says:

    I rather enjoyed Katanagatari despite all the dialogue. I hope it improves even more so.

  7. kaji san says:

    totally agree with the fact that this season’s anime lack the anticipation factor. I actually thought I was losing my anime passion until i realized, “Hey, the anime this season suck!” and I’m glad people agree with me. Nothing to talk about with my friends, and I’m sure this season will be forgotten at my next local anime con. Love your comments on all the failtastic anime this season =) :thumb:

  8. Kiseki says:

    …Okay not really.

    Uhh, sorry I have nothing much to say because I haven’t heard HBG Street in a while and not it’s playing and being very distracting.

    Go play Starry Sky. >:I

  9. Bob (joojoobees) says:

    Agreed that this is a pathetically week season. I’m enjoying Durarara and will continue watching Nodame-Finale and Sora no Woto. The utter craptasticness of the rest of the shows amazes me.

    At first I thought Ookami Kakushi might be interesting because I thought it was cool to have a mean girl in a wheelchair, but by the end of the second episode I decided I had already wasted enough of my life on it.


  10. issa-sa says:

    w00t Darker than Black: The Honeymoon!!

    Eh, kanzie doesn’t watch Nodame or Yumeiro cakepR0n?

  11. SilEnTMoOn says:

    Omamori Himari is not that bad (after first episode, try watching those following epi after 1)well.. for my own thought, that is not that bad.. (but indeed. first epi is terrible..)
    DTB ova
    ShugoChara (Bec of live acting, currently just download and didnt watch)

    Short form for those name upward..

  12. CyberPixie says:

    Durarara!! and Kimi ni Todoke is a WIN!

  13. tingyik90 says:

    damn… you are right.. this season is indeed full of unhealthy harem, boobs, pantsu and useless plot (no plot, perhaps?) i totally agree with your ranking.

    At first i thought that i would drop Hanamaru… but then, it shines this season because of all those trash anime.

  14. LuluChan92 says:

    Okay, gonna say my things too:

    – Omamori Himari: Sucks!
    – Ladies VS Butlers: Sucks, but I’ve been watching till now.
    – Chu Bra: Thought I’d follow, but I’m not.
    – Ookami Kakushi: “I dropped it already when I discovered Islutzu still lives on the next episode, and there’s some pedophile gay brother molesting the protagonist.” LOL. But I’m still watching it.
    – Dance In The Vampire Bund: Probably due to lack of good anime or any other reason, I’m still following it. Sorry!
    – Kobato: I dropped it at episode 10, but started again from 15. It actually got better! Yay!!!
    – Sora No Woto: After watching for 6 minutes, I dropped the first episode. And this anime overall.
    – Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu: Have I watched the new one? Probably not…
    – Hanamaru Kindergarten: SOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUTEEEEE!!! Too bad I don’t have much time to dedicate to this one, it’s really worth it!
    – Darker Than Black Gaiden: HeixYin LOVE!!!
    – Kimi Ni Todoke: KAWAIIIIIIIIII!!! Just love it!
    – Durarara!!: GOD BLESS DURARARA!!! That’s my favourite for this season HANDS DOWN! Love it to the bits!

    I was too optimistic on my posts, this season SUCKS HARD. Thank God I’m worrying much more about my Uni Entrance tests than anime seasons.

  15. Eri says:

    I’m gonna make this short…

    – Onamori Himari: Sucks! Dropped!
    – Ladies VS Butlers: Sucks badly! Dropped!
    – Chu Bra: Sucks really badly! Dropped!
    – Oookami Kakushi: Sucks exceptionally badly! Just now, freshly dropped!
    – Dance In The Vampire Bund: Sucks unexpectedly badly! Dropped? Maybe in the next episode…
    – Katanagatari: I didn’t enjoy the blah blah but I think that the battle parts were amazing!
    – Kobato: Sucks disappointingly badly! Dropped a long ago and I don’t think I’ll reconsider…
    – Sora No Woto: Sucks damn badly! Damn dropped!
    – Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu: Sorry hunny, still enjoying it ;p
    – Hanamaru Kindergarden: Haven’t watched it yet o_O
    – Darker Than Black Gaiden: Yayz for Hei x Yin but I hope for more action as well!
    – Kimi Ni Todoke: BEST SHOUJO ANIME AF ALL TIMES! (So far! I am expecting Maid-sama to be better…)
    – Durarara!!: ROX MY F@CKIN’ SOX! I am so pumped up about EVERY SINGLE character on this show. They are so adorable, fabulous, amazing, stunning, smeXy, funny, gorgeous, good-lookin’ and on and on… Did I forget to say EPIC!?! It’s my fav anime OF ALL TIMES! I have never been so excited over an anime and even though Spring is full of guaranteed diamonds (Oofuri 2, Angel Beats etc.) I think that this one is gonna follo my WHOLE F@CKIN’ LIFE!!! :kyaa:

    P.S. 1: AM I the only one to comment on your banners? ;p THEY ARE FABULOUS!!! Keep up the good work Kanzie-sama :4:
    P.S. 2: NEW EMOTICONS! Yayz! :eh2 <—That's my fav one :

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