Sora no Woto ED Single – Girls, Be Ambitious.

Sora no Woto ED Theme – “Girls, Be Ambitious” by Tomatsu Haruka


1. Girls, Be Ambitious.
2. Mirai Tokei
3. Girls, Be Ambitious. (Instrumental)
4. Mirai Tokei (Instrumental)

>> Download Here


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7 Responses to “Sora no Woto ED Single – Girls, Be Ambitious.”

  1. lazysamurai says:

    Great, was waiting for this! Now i have both the song from Kalafina and this one. Thanks for the share 😀

  2. kelakagandy says:


  3. Yumeka says:

    Thanks! ^.^ I love Haruka Tomatsu’s voice acting, and her singing is not too shabby either!

  4. Gami says:

    Are the animators for Sora no Woto the same ones who animated K-ON?

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