Moments of the 00’s #6 – NICE BOAT

Moment #6: School Days – NICE BOAT Ending


The best anime ending of the 00’s.

…Not. Lord, School Days was an awful trainwreck. It was simply hard to take it seriously after watching a few episodes and Makoto starts to screw every single girl he encounters while having a girlfriend and a preggo behind him. I knew that this shit is going nowhere, and I just waited to see how it’ll end, knowing that the original game had very brutal endings… And what an ending that was for the anime. First, it was postponed to air on television because it contained very bloody content and at the same time there’s also an incident on Japan where a girl killed her own father with an axe, leading the blame to this show. So yeah, that was one heck of a controversial ending. Too bad the show itself as a whole sucked because everything was just thrown out by horrible direction. Up until now I consider School Days as a laughable memory back then.

>>> The Real Moment #6: School Days – NICE BOAT Ending (Video Warning: Blood, Violence and a Nice Boat) Show ▼


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8 Responses to “Moments of the 00’s #6 – NICE BOAT”

  1. metalsnakezero says:

    Nice Video 😀

  2. foomafoo says:

    The show up until now that I don’t know why I watched it.

  3. hannah says:

    wow, that is one nice boat!!
    school days.. ah the nostalgia

  4. DrJackal says:

    lol, nice boat!

  5. kaji san says:

    naisu booto.

    totally random, but totally awesome.
    i actually liked school days. it was one of those “unique” animes that you will never have the same feeling when watching the generic kind.

  6. Ammy says:

    That is a nice boat.

    School Days is so horrible that I think I really liked it. I sure like telling my friends about it and seeing their reactions.

    • tsuiteru says:

      Haha! I have some similar instances as you, I think. I like how my friends react with the ending.

      Also, when someone was asking me to suggest one anime to try watching, I suggest this one. They have no idea what will happen so I just laugh at their reactions after completing the show and they go “wtf did you make me watch?!” :15:

      It works as a prank XD

  7. Eri says:

    “As I thought; None’s inside” XD I lol’d so hard

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