Moments of the 00’s #4 – Lelouch’s Fate

Before we get on with moment #4, we head on first with some Code Geass-related news. Yeah, there’s gonna be a new Geass anime project announced. But still, the question is HOW? There’s Suzaku and Lelouch on the Newtype scan above. After the very much controversial ending R2 had, will we get a real continuation, or just some alternative spin-off? Color me confused right now with that new manga revelation and this announcement.

Moving on now, I think everyone knows about the ending already. Probably those who still haven’t watched it, I bet they already got spoiled with lots of memes spreading everywhere about it. But still, I’m giving out a spoiler warning just to be careful.

Moment #4: Code Geass R2 (2008) – Lelouch’s Death


This was definitely one of the most memorable deaths and confusing endings of the 00’s anime. But the question is, did he or didn’t he? How can this ‘new series’ idea be possible, or is this just some kind of trolling? Will there be more Pizza Hut? Is Lelouch really the man on the cart??


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19 Responses to “Moments of the 00’s #4 – Lelouch’s Fate”

  1. Xiao says:

    Clones explain everything. This is CLAMP after all. That and a lot of Expys. 😛

    And true dat. There was quite a lot of mourning over the CG and some non-CG communities for days. It’s really hard to not think about Lulu with this scene (I mean, he slid down his throne ^^; ).

  2. Miko says:

    so there is gonna be another season of code geass?? WHOO HOO!! but where did that little clip at the bottom come from??

  3. Andy-dono says:

    i think he is not dead
    doesnt he have this cc gene that makes you immortal like the emperor?

  4. metalsnakezero says:

    As long as they have Pizza Hut I’ll be happy.

  5. Rapture says:

    Oh no, I shouldn’t have watched that. Now I’m crying all over again. I’m really sensitive to sad things… Um, I think he might be alive, but he should be dead. Lelouch being alive would ruin the beauty of the story. I think it would lose a lot of it’s meaning if he survived. A continuation would disapoint me, not that I would lap up every second of it though. *sigh* I’m just going to wait and see.

  6. Karima says:

    From what I heard and read.. This will be an alternate universe type of thing. A different way that Code Geass could have played out..

    Maybe with Suzaku and Lelouch working together? And Zero seems to be a seperate being entirely. I’ve never seen a scan with Zero and Lelouch AND Suzaku in the same place. Who knows?

  7. fenixdown110 says:

    I’m confused. Manga, sequel/prequel series, or both? Lelouch is dead, but that’s easily remedied. lol

  8. Adrian says:

    I was under the impression that the creator said that Lelouch was dead for sure. But again that can be changed, and Geass was so popular that what does it matter what the creator thinks. I hope Code Geass moves forward with Lelouch fighting the Pizza Hut Empire.

  9. spazer says:

    This video makes me tear up. Seriously, you spend two seasons building up this character and then have him sacrifice himself… =(

    Word of God says Lelouch is dead. I’m personally wondering if we’re going to see an adaptation of Nightmare of Nunnally or Suzaku of the Counterattack.

  10. Mikuru says:

    i think he is the man on the cart

  11. meteorhouse62 says:

    I can’t wait for more announcements on this new anime project. I hope it’ll be for 2010!

  12. CyberPixie says:

    i hope sunrise will make the movie or something

  13. LuluChan92 says:

    If Lelouch could be the man in the cart and CC was actually talking directly to him in the end, then… In vain all these tears I’ve cried watching the end!!! Hahaha!…

    Seriously, Lelouch’s death can be so easily remedied but in the end none of us could really fret about it much…

    Sorry, guys, but I really wanna say something for every comment I’ve read so far!!! So:

    @Xiao: Yeah, clones can easily take up the job… Clamp is an expert on the clone project, after all!

    @Andy-dono: Hell, I’ve never thought of that! Damn you’re right!!!

    @Metalsnakzero + @Adrian: ALL HAIL PIZZA HUT! LULZ…

    @Rapture: Thanks for crying with me, then! But as I said before, I see that none of us will really fret about it, you actually said that yourself, too.

    @spazer: That’s the most possible thing I can think of… Nightmare of Nunally or Suzaku of the Counterattack animated… But we never know!

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  15. HikaruKaze says:

    I’m still confused on how they can make a new series when Lelouch already died.

  16. Rin says:

    Watching that again made me cry. Code Geass is rather nostalgic and wow if that was really Lelouch, I really wonder what will happen.

  17. pixi-gurl says:

    Pheww, its nice to know that I am not the only one in tears after watching that clip 🙁 :huhu:

    However, I hope that Lelouch is alive; and that we get to see him and Suzaku together in some way again for the whole; Friendship is eternal and undying theme.
    Also because they are the best <3 :kyaa2:

    But we shall see what happens! Let's hope its a worthy new series!

  18. Haiiri says:

    Lelouch is dead. Sunrise confirmed it in a magazine article. I don’t have the link back to the original article but I’m sure you can google it and find it somehow.

    Although I’m a huge fan of Lelouch, I think the story is better and more summed up if he’s dead. All these ‘Lelouch isn’t dead’ theories amongst the fandom are getting a bit out of hand ^^”

  19. AllenAndArth says:

    it was the best ending possible…one of the few that actually has a good end
    strangely I always end up crying when he dies, i never cry watching anime but lelouch’s death is just too poetic T-T

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