First Look: Kaichou wa Maid-sama Anime


[Last update: 01/23/10 – ADDED PV]

[Article: ANN]

The October issue of Hakusensha’s Monthly LaLa magazine will announce on Monday that a television anime adaptation of Hiro Fujiwara’s Kaichou wa Maid-sama! shōjo manga has been green-lit. The romantic comedy centers on the student council head named Misaki Ayuzawa who despises the mostly male, slovenly population at her school, which was once an all-boys school. However, Misaki’s most handsome schoolmate just discovered her secret — that she works afterschool at a maid café. Tokyopop is publishing the second volume of the manga this month under the Maid Sama! title.

Source: 2channel

*spasms* OH MY GOD I’M FREAKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! :omg: We can see this coming, having an adaptation because of its popularity ^^. And I’m just happy and lucky that my anime adaptations wishlist is getting granted one by one!!! Kyaaaaaaa!!! Misaki and HAWT Usui will finally be animated!!!! I can’t wait for more announcements!!!

OMG I’M JUST SPAZZING WITH EXCITEMENT RIGHT NOW TBH! I am so amused xDD. So yep, that’s all for the announcement~ Excuse me while I celebrate more and SQUEE!!~ <33

.: UPDATES (pre-show impression may change now) :.

Animation Production – J.C. Staff

Unfortunately, it isn’t BONES… but we have JC Staff to animate it. JC Staff is behind some popular anime like Shakugan no Shana, ToraDora!, Hayate no Gotoku (lol @ all the Rie Kugimiya-ness xD) and besides those, they are also under Nodame Cantabile, Honey & Clover, and many more.

Well, JC Staff could be a hit or a miss, but that won’t stop my anticipation for this one ^^. They better rock this one! *happily waits for Spring 2010* 😀

More info [ANN]:

Director: Hiroaki Sakurai

Series Composition: Mamiko Ikeda

Original creator: Hiro Fujiwara

Character Design: Yuki Imoto

Sound director: Satoshi Motoyama

First Look on the Chara Design:

kaichou 1

The official website revealed how would the anime counterparts of Misaki and Usui on the upcoming Spring 2010 anime adaptation of shoujo manga Kaichou wa Maid-sama! JC Staff is the one that will be behind it and now we’re getting a glimpse. Uhmm… it’s horrible tbh. but it’s pretty much expected since shoujo manga character designs is quite hard to be adapted into anime. Blergh, still looks horrendous. Hope they’ll fix it before the PV comes out.

Official Seiyuu:

Sad news… they are not carrying over the Drama CD seiyuus, instead we have a new bunch (no more Rie Tanaka and TomoSugi T^T) but I think it’s still interesting, because we’ll be having new-er names and it’s fun when both leads already worked together before… OIC THE SEIKEN NO BLACKSMITH-NESS

Ayumi Fujimura (Cecily) – Misaki
Nobuhiko Okamoto (Luke) – Usui

Hiromi Igarashi – Aoi
Aki Toyosaki – Satsuki
Kana Asumi – Honoka
Kana Ueda – Subaru
Mariya Ise – Erika


Hakusensha Website




Well after watching the PV, I think the character designs doesn’t look too horrible unlike on the poster. I’m still hoping JC Staff won’t screw up this one!


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80 Responses to “First Look: Kaichou wa Maid-sama Anime”

  1. mikan-sakura says:

    WOW! An anime adaptation?? :aww:
    I’m so happy about this! :cheer:

  2. Rae says:

    this is so great!!! i’ve been wanting this manga to have an adaptation :omg: . finally anime misaki and usui!!! I hope it won’t disappoint :7:

  3. kirapika says:

    lolz. No problem ^^

    Aww shucks, I’m just so excited for this one! :14: It was a good decision to let KwMs have it’s anime adaptation. Now I’m wondering when it will air.. Hmm? xDD

    *still spazzing over the news too xDD*

  4. Ammy says:

    HELL YEAH! It’s about time they animated this series. :kyaa: I don’t know who I want to voice as Usui and Miaski ❓

  5. maya-nee says:

    FINALLY!!!!! :15:

  6. Ashelea says:

    Holy cow this is the best news evar!!!


  7. Saiko says:

    This is relevant to my interests :oha:

  8. Gargron says:

    Mazel tov! :XD: I’m at the second volume, it’s the last one released in Germany, but I like this manga like hell. (Not sure if it’s the right word though, I don’t like the hell that much)

    I have though about an anime adaptation not long ago (when I bought the volume I think), and wow, it’s really there now!

  9. Hinano says:

    YAYYYY!!!!!! I’m so excited!! I hope the manga goes somewhere though, or else the anime will end all open ended and sheeet :rage:

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  11. Rin says:

    YayZ! I wonder when it’ll come out though.

  12. Emiko-chan says:

    YESSS!!!! It’s about freaking time! I can’t wait for the seiyuus to be announced! :runs:

  13. Omg, YESSSS! Though I haven’t read the manga (haven’t the time to check it out) but I can sense I would really love it x3! So happy that it would be animated. But the only problem is which Studio is taking in. As long as is NOT Studio DEEN, I’m happy :7:

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  15. Dokimasu says:


  16. Shirou says:

    Finally! I can’t wait for it :kyaa:
    i was interested in the series but i cant stand reading mangas online so, yeah

  17. Omg yes!! I am super excited!~ Even though I’ve only read scattered chapters of the series, it’s a series that my friends absolutely love and I’m still planning on catching up with it (because I loved what I saw).. But news for the anime adaptation made me literally jump up in the air!

    I don’t know who I’d like to voice both of the mains, however, because I’m not familiar with the series enough to decide, but based on appearance and what I’ve seen, I think Miyano Mamoru would fit Usui…but I’m not absolutely sure. And maybe Yui Horie for Misaki (just on the first thing that came to mind), possibly? I’d probably have to read more to have a real seiyuu wishlist.

  18. MasterArts says:

    I could of seen this coming for thousands of miles

  19. Llora-chan says:

    I haven’t read the manga yet but I’m looking forward to the anime~ ^^

    As or seiyuus~~ Of course it would be the best if Usui was voiced by Fukuyama Jun :kyaa2: But that’s just me~ :love:

    For Misaki it’d be cute if Itou Kanae voiced her 🙂 or Mizuki Nana

    • HikariTenshi says:

      I totally agree with you Llora. I can see why Fukuyama Jun would be casted.. I really hope he is.

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