Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 New Character Song Vol. 7 – Taniguchi


Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 2009 New Character Single – Taniguchi [CV: Shiraishi Minoru]


1. Jinsei no Shuyaku Call!
2. Tomodachi to Shite wa Sore ga
3. Jinsei no Shuyaku Call! (off vocal)
4. Tomodachi to Shite wa Sore ga (off vocal)

>> Download Here


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5 Responses to “Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 New Character Song Vol. 7 – Taniguchi”

  1. Netto says:

    No ore wasuremono? I’m disappointed. xD

  2. Vocaloid_Yubitsu says:

    Lawl !! Why the hell does HE has a character song ? XD Completly random..XD

  3. Hiroyuki says:

    the reason ore no wasuremono isn’t on the taniguchi character cd is because it was already released on the minoru shiraishi character cd for lucky star…. although i think they probably should have waited so they could put Koi no Minoru Densetsu on this ….. ah well…

  4. Itsuki Koizumi's lover says:

    For as awesom as he is, he acts like an idiot in the anime. xD

  5. Mana-chan says:

    Finally! I love Taniguchi and I was waiting for him to get a character album! I’m so happy! 😀

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