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Yiiii~!!! Long Random Digest post is long~


1:. Bakuman Gets Anime Adaptation for Fall 2010


It’s no surprise that it’s getting an anime adaptation tbh, it seriously has anime written all over it~ lol. Now I only have to catch on on the manga… orz. I kinda left it on hold months ago ^^;;

2:. Spring Noitamina Show

This Winter, Nodame Cantabile Finale will take on the Noitamina block. Following that up, we have Yojou-han Shinwa Taikei to get animated this April and it’ll be joining the ranks of its previous show, Eden of the East, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Trapeze, and many anime classics being on the Noitamina slot, which are primarily focused on the josei age group and Noitamina shows had been constantly receiving great reception. Add to that is this anime would be a Madhouse production and will be directed by Maasaki Yuasa (Kaiba). Website is here and you can see character designs by Yusuke Nakamura, who does the cover CDs for Asian Kung-fu Generation.

3:. Hetalia New Nations


Hetalia news (well, this is quite old already…) Hidekaz-sensei reveals two brand new nations added to the Hetalia family!!! ^^. We have (beside Japan from left) Netherlands and Cameroon respectively. Gawd~ Cameroon is hawt. Netherlands too~ He looks like Denmark’s long lost twin~ lol 😛

4:. Hetalia Gets Third Season!


Hetalia Axis Powers lives on with a third season greenlit for March 2010! Oh hawd, it’s never gonna die XDD~ Since we know how the DVDs are selling like a lot, not to mention that the character singles are doing well on the Oricons too, so it’s no surprise Hetalia still continues because of its success. Yay~! But it kinda sucks that it still runs on webcast (Animate.tv) *insert damn you Korea, etc.* but heck, at least there’s more episodes of Hetalia anyway so I won’t complain. Yaaay~!!!!! ^^

Anyway, Hetalia news aside, there’s something on with Italy’s seiyuu Daisuke Namikawa and that leads us to the next news…

5:. Daisuke Namikawa takes on Directing!

Voice actor Daisuke Namikawa is making his directorial debut with Wonderful World, a live-action film that will open in Japan in early summer next year. Mamoru Miyano stars with fellow voice actors Tomokazu Sugita, Tomokazu Seki, Rikiya Koyama, Yuka Hirata, Showtaro Morikubo, Yuko Kaida, and Namikawa himself. Fashion model and actress Ayumi Uehara plays the main female role alongside Miyano.

The film’s story poses the possibility that all of humanity, without exception, live in two worlds of existence: the real world and a second world known as “Hemu.” Humans live their lives in Hemu when they sleep in the real world. Hidden in each person is another life of which he or she has no recollection of, except for nightmares which are soon forgotten upon waking up. However, there a few rare individuals who are aware of the existence of Hemu and the curious consequences it has on the real world. [ANN]

Looking forward to it ^^. Wishing Nmkw the best of luck, and for seiyuus in general breaking out of the box ^^. The premise looks quite interesting too. And whoa @ the huge cast.. made of seiyuus as well! And Miyano Mamoru <3

6:. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya!


Newtype reveals a new scan of what would be the official look of the SOS Dan in the upcoming Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi film. OMG @ the long-haired Haruhi finally coming real *AAA* So awesome~~~ They look totally… different. Itsuki looks so badass~ Kyon seems to look very srs bsns. Yuki looks cute, while Mikuru looks worried (well, that’s nothing new). Looking forward to the movie this February ^^.

7:. Kaichou wa Maid-sama Anime Look

kaichou 1

The official website revealed how would the anime counterparts of Misaki and Usui on the upcoming Spring 2010 anime adaptation of shoujo manga Kaichou wa Maid-sama! JC Staff is the one that will be behind it and now we’re getting a glimpse. Uhmm… it’s horrible tbh. but it’s pretty much expected since shoujo manga character designs is quite hard to be adapted into anime. Blergh, still looks horrendous. Too much ugliness omg.




I really want to put up a quick update of anime I’m watching so you’ll have a clue on what will happen on the next AniStats post~

Kimi ni Todoke is totally entertaining to bits! Kurumi is love. You know it’s expected to have love triangle third wheels to be annoying but she’s on the league of her own being totally cute, and as sad as it would be, she has FAIL written all over her xP.

Nyankoi is great. Now that it’s clear how bigtits (Kanako) will only end up as a mere “friend”, they can now hand over a wonderful Junpei x Kaede ending and I’m gonna be very happy ^___^

Kobato… zzzzzZZZ.

Letter Bee was quite awesome on episode 10. It finally feels like something is starting. And ALL HAIL THIS EPISODE for no more Lag crying. Thank gawd… dear!

Aoi Bungaku‘s 4th arc is INCREDIBLE!!! Oh my gawd it’s wearing me out tbh~ It sucks thatthe show will be taking a break, but I guess it’ll be worth it because I did some research on what would be the remaining arcs about and it seems like they would be the most mind-fucking, disturbing arcs ever and they’re saving it for last~


Umineko still makes no fucking sense BUT I am enjoying it.

Hetalia gets a little bit more interesting (and I’m loving the weird airtimes tbh xD)

Sora No Otoshimono makes some K-ON attempts~ xD

Sasameki Koto needs moar trap, but enjoying it nonetheless. It definitely proves that it’s incomparable to Aoi Hana and it shows differences.

Tatakau Shisho starts off a new arc. Seems promising~ Hope Mokkania lasts for more episodes since I really like his character. I lol’d how the guy who has Kitty Pride powers died like, when he finally gets screentime. lol.

WHITE ALBUM is probably the biggest surprise because the drama for this show was just incredible lately. GAWD THIS SECOND SEASON WAS JUST WOW. I hope they won’t screw up the remaining last episodes.

I need to catch up on Trapeze and the others not mentioned in here before the month ends OTZ. About the shows currently on hold, I’m now placing Hanasakeru Seishounen and Reborn! on hiatus now and I might just watch them on DVD/Blu-ray.



Awwww~ The first season just ended T___T. But the finale was totally amazing. Now it feels like a week won’t be complete anymore without me watching GLEE. I just love this hsow. The first half was kinda meh, but everything else on the second half picked it all back up and it had been consistently awesome~

Survivor: Samoa

Lol I’m enjoying how Russell plays the game xDD; He’s undeniably the biggest snake of all, really threathening. I’m rooting for Natalie though~ I also like Brett but gawd damn he’s so boring. He barely had any screentime until this week’s episode, and now I feel like he’ll be on trouble next week =__=. I don’t like Shambo at all though.. lol. Old hag needs to gtfo <3


Rolling Stone’s 100 Best Songs of The Decade

Show the whole list ▼

WTF. This list should go and get burned. I really don’t like how more than 15% of the songs in here are ghetto hipster piece of music that never really became so popular outside of New York tbh =\ Though I’ll admit that maybe 10 songs deserves their own spot. I like some, but I think others deserve some higher spots and some just… don’t deserve to be there at all ugh. I hate the number one song argh! Sure it was quite a successful song but heck I personally find it annoying >.>

Nana Mizuki’s PHANTOM MINDS Cover Art


WOAHH THAT HUUUUEG FONT FOR PHANTOM MINDS O___O. Anyway, everyone should go and pre-order it now!! Here’s the tracklist:


作詞:水樹奈々 作曲:吉木絵里子 編曲:陶山隼
劇場版「魔法少女リリカルなのは The MOVIE 1st」テーマソング

・Don’t be long
作詞・作曲・編曲: 矢吹俊郎
劇場版「魔法少女リリカルなのは The MOVIE 1st」挿入歌

・Song Communication
作詞:ゆうまお 作曲・編曲:藤間仁
作詞・作曲:志倉千代丸 編曲:菊田大介
アーケード版「シャイニング・フォース クロス」テーマソング

PHANTOM MINDS would be Nana-sama’s 21st single and the theme for new Magical Lyrical Nanoha movie. Crossing fingers that it’ll be her first #1 single, since she was so successful on ULTIMATE DIAMOND. Lots of stuff to watch out for her next year!~ Her 22nd will be titled “Silent Bible” and next that is Rina Ogata’s (White Album) 2nd character song, “Powder Snow”.

[K-POP] Seoul Song – Girls Generation x Super Junior



Nuff said.

Seriously, I hate how SME removed the MV on youtube. How would they promote tourism when they’re not sharing the video worldwide?!?!?! Dimwits >_> Anyway, ahhh~ Korea <3 how I miss it so much, it’s been three years I last visited there. The food (believe it or not, silkworms are unexpectedly yummy), the shopping, and the super colorful culture. This song make me want to visit Seoul again probably this Christmas-New Year break, if not, this Summer as my parents told me, as long as I get good grades and avoid Summer School ^^.


Holiday Yummies~

It’s the Holiday Season and all Holiday-exclusive yummy goodies are up back again~ ^^.


We’re messy xD

Enjoy the Holiday season with exclusive Starbucks Frappucinos with a yuletide touch. My personal favorite has got to be the Peppermint Mocha Frappe~ Enjoy it together with a loved one and yeee~ :P. There are also Dark Cherry and Toffee Nut flavors for all your friends to enjoy ^^.

snowman 1

Aww~ Doughnut OTP shipping ftw~

If you also want something really sweet and melts in your mouth goodness, Krispy Kreme took back its holiday Snowman Doughuts just for you~ Comes in strawberry and green apple scarf xD gummy tapes ^^

Sebastian Nendo GET~!

Yeeeee~!! I’m really getting into merchandise more and more~ I already placed a pre-order on the Bakemonogatari Puchi Nendoroid Set and I’m wishing April would just come fast~ lol. But now recently I bought the Kuroshitsuji’s Sebastian Nendo first while I’m on the wait, I’m already having another Nendo first ^^. It was really cute and I find it very affordable and you would too. I got my camera, a little bit of using the box insides as the background xD, then took a photoshoot with my chibi Sebby (and his little black cat~):


More pics >> Show ▼


2000-2009: A Decade in Anime

I feel like doing one of those decade posts, after I got inspired by some blogs around, and Chartfag making really awesome charts of anime back then. I wanna list up anime I loved back then when I was 7 years old in 2000 up until this year. I’m still thinking if I’ll do an Anime Status-like post or just go enumerate them by era. I also thought that it’s about time I must do a “My Favorite Anime of all-time” post since I swore I should have done it since last year x_x lol.

2009 Fan Favorites

Ok, I finally decided to give a name for the winners on the year-ender posts, tehy’ll be awarded as “Fan Favorite” on the Grand-Final-(lol so cheesy xD) Uber-Super-Special Year Ender Awards~ Here will be the line-up, the finished one are already slashed out. I HOPE I could do them all lols.

– OP of the Year
– ED of the Year
– Male Seiyuu
– Female Seiyuu

– Best Character Song
– Male Character
– Female Character
– Secondary Male Character
– Secondary Female Character
– Love Team/OTP
– Show of the Year

The next list would be for Character Songs so feel free to shoutout which character songs you want to be on the top 12!!! You can do so via comment or on the chatbox ^^ (but I’ll love it more if it’s comment~ lol :P)

And I also prepared some of my own awards that doesn’t require voting anymore as it’ll be included on the post~ (Guess who will be bagging these awards? xD) Show ▼

AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! I feel so sleepy nao but there’s still so much stuff to talk about it seems like this post will never gonna end if I keep on blabbering >.< Oh well, see you on the next Random Digest post for more… randomness, of course~ Gonna sleep nao ugh stupid blog it’s making me stay up all night lololol jks <3 xoxo


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25 Responses to “Random Digest”

  1. Shi says:

    Oh~ random digests are sure fun .> Really good songs are left out as always, huh.
    – That christmas sweets look really yummy, ahhh~
    – I’m looking forward to the next Year Ender awards :3
    My favorite character song this year is definetly Ein’s one. ‘crazy darkness’ and ‘Ich beten..’ are so nice to listen to, since they are my fav type of songs =v=

  2. Ranmaru says:

    Only one thing to say and that Sebastian Nendo is so cute! I love how you took the photos. My favorite pics are the ones with the kitty. So cute :7:

  3. Elisabeth says:

    I’m really looking forward to Bakuman and Starry Sky’s anime adaptation. (And ,of course, the third season of Hetalia.)

    I also can’t wait for “Trap of the Year” to be announced. XDD

    Oh, and you just have to include one of France’s songs on the Best Character Song list. Man, can Onosaka Masaya sing!

    Totally lovin’ that Sebastian figurine btw~ :love:

  4. Misu says:

    Oh my god, Sebastian nendo! HNNNG. I should have ordered one when I had the chance. 🙁

  5. LuluChan92 says:

    For all these things you wrote here my first comment is this: SEBBY NENDO IS SO KAWAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

    Haruhi Suzumiya: ohisashiburi deeeesu! Finally, we’ll get to see the Disappearance! Well, I’m not so into reading manga which are being or have been adapted to anime, so I don’t know what happens in this arc, so I’m looking forward to this one!!!

    As for Kaichou wa Maid-sama, since I’ve already read the manga I hope it gets to be a nice one (although it seems that the animation is FAIL! Bleh!).

    About your anime reviews, I mostly agree, especially about Umineko (hell, it’s so freakin’ confusing, but I LIKE IT!!!)! I still feel disappointed about Kobato (maybe I was expecting too much???)…

    Mizuki Nana also ROCKS with Phantom Minds! But something’s really, REEEEEEEALLY wrong with her works: They’re all so similar There’s no variety at all (or so I think)! Lately when I listen to her songs I can’t help thinking that most of them seem like they’re one song… But you don’t need to agree with me, so don’t get pissed off, ne?

    But, PLEASE, don’t have these photos of yummy snacks and drinks EVER AGAIN! I’ve been drooling all this time here because of these!!!

    But the best part of this post is definately SEBBY NENDO!!! It’s so KAWAIIIIIIIII! (I can’t help but writing it and saying it this whole time while drooling over X-mas yummies!!!). I’m not into collecting figurines or other anime-manga franchise stuff but I WANNA HAVE ONE SEBBY NENDO, TOO!!!

    Okay, time to turn my anime-frenzy-switch off! See ya soon!

  6. Artsy_girl says:

    What’s up with Kaichou wa Maid-sama’s anime look!?!It’s horrible!!! T_T why didnt they stick with the manga style (they’ll just have to work harder but it’ll be worth it). It’s such a bummer =_=”

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  8. Aria says:

    Favorite character song? Um…um…ahhh! There are just too many awesome ones this year! 😳 Let’s see…Japan’s and Igirisu’s character singles are :thumb: and so are both Reiji’s and Elen’s from Phantom~! Especially Haitoku no Gajou. :love: Oh, and Beatrice’s is so sad~ It totally shows the “lonely” side of her~

    That reminds me. Shouldn’t you make a Worst Character Songs list? Because George’s is just :XD:

    (emoticon abuser)

  9. kirapika says:

    I think I posted a magazine scan of KwMS! anime design in twitter before the web posted it up, you didn’t see it perhaps? Anyways, I cannot agree with you more.. it just [b]sucks[/b]. Now I doubt I’ll enjoy it as much as I did on the manga but I’m looking forward to a big surprise xDD

    Awwww~ that’s such a cute Sebby nendroid! Oh well, do have fun changing his emotions and stuff 😛

  10. Faer1edust says:

    O_O there’s so much stuff to talk about lol xD this is why I love your Random Digests 😉

    OMG!! I love how Cameroon looks *_* <333 I love spiky haired bishies~ Netherlands indeed looks a lot like Denmark lulz.

    I'm so looking forward to the next season xD Oh wow it's never really gonna die~

    Wish him the best of luck!! I really love how the concept sounds~ Go seiyuus~ Some are really attractive so I’m excited to see some of them try to act ^^.

    UGH 😡 That was really lame >.> I hope they’ll work it out. What I love about the manga is that it’s smexy hawt~ And now I see this design on the anime and… =/

    I pretty much agree to everything you said… lol.
    OMFG KnT is much more WIN lately~ Kurumi is a really fun addition, because I thought she’s gonna annoy me to no end but I never expected her to be fun to watch xD;
    I also want Junpei and Kaede to end up together in Nyankoi~
    I don’t know what to think about Kobato anymore, it seems pretty bland lately. Maybe it’ll get interesting later on~
    Lol @ Umineko. 😆

    Holiday Yummies:
    :cute: I want some Peppermint Mocha Frappe too! Awww~ Now I’m craving for some frappe >__< It's been a while i had some~

    I'm drooling at the snowman donuts OTP~ >___< Looks cute and really yummy~~~

    Sebby Nendo:
    OH MY GOSH IT’S SOOOOOO ADORABLE :cute: :cute: :cute: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And there’s a KITTY OMG A KITTY AND SEBBY :kyaa2: I want one too! I want one too! Wow, you seem rich for having these stuff~ Awww~~~ now I feel like owning a Nendo too! And nice photography btw ^^, so creative of you to use the box as the background. I love the pics so much.

    Character Songs:
    I’m nominating Amu Hinamori’s Chara single – “Colorful Heartbeat” from the SC! Chara Album 2. Great and catchy song and I simply love it to bits~
    And don’t forget Hetalia Chara songs too~ xD. France’s, UK’s and HAMBURGER STREET FTW :cheer:

  11. fenixdown110 says:

    I just wanted to say that the proper decade is 2001-2010. =P

    The calendar era to which they refer is based on the traditionally reckoned year of the conception or birth of Jesus, with AD denoting years after the start of this epoch, and BC denoting years before the start of this epoch. There is no year zero in this scheme, so the year AD 1 immediately follows the year 1 BC. – Wikipedia

  12. CyberPixie says:


  13. Ruby says:

    OMG the snowman doughnut thing looks so so so cute!! I wanna eat it xD :cute:

  14. Kiseki says:

    Ah, you should catch up to the manga. ^^; The plot twists actually get exciting. I mean, I can never take what they’re worrying about seriously. :’D
    Have you watched the VOMIC yet?


    That spread…umg. No moeblob influence. ; u ;
    Ffff why is Yuki expressionless though? =3=

    I think you should just read Reborn though and drop the anime. It’s practically the same save for the addition for the Arcobaleno arc and the manga being more bloody.

    Ffff. Nearest Krispy Kreme is on another island ffff.

    lol kyon lol america lol UNI & ENGRISHGAMMA lol mugi lol wow i really haven’t heard much

  15. Phira says:

    oooh! Character songs! MAke sure to include England and France’s so far they have the best Character CDs XD oh Maria and Jessica’s from Umineko too! Let’s see Pub and Go for England and Tres Bien for France. Dokkyun Heart is quite catchy although I have some doubts on Happy Halloween Maria.

    Hn.. Chain but Beatrice isn’t bad too XD

    Also for the OTP, can UsUk make it to the list? I do hope so as well as BeatoBatto/BattoBeato XD *shot*

    Also thanks for the update on the third season of Hetalia! I’m quite excited especially with its upcoming movie! owo

  16. Brenana says:

    On Random Music Digest, Top 100:
    (this is purely opinion, don’t bludgeon me plz) On some of those, it kinda pisses me off. Single Ladies is one for the most annoying songs I know (no offense to Beyonce, she’s a great singer and all, but its the least creative song I can think of) And Eminem was just a white rapper wannabe who is a huge jerk. Anyhoo, the upside to this is that they included some indie bands with a lot of talent from the ones that have only made a name for themselves in the past few years(like Fleet Foxes) to some older, turn-of-the-millennium ones (Like Radiohead, Gorillaz, and the Strokes) I believe that Rolling Stone is trying to appeal to ALL music demographics.
    As for the character songs, its been a really good year for excellent and downright catchy character singles. I agree with Phira on England and France ^_^
    As for Maid-sama, I’m sort of sad that they couldn’t do a better job trying to make the animation more like the art in the manga. (If I remember correctly, the same thing happened to the first season of Vampire Knight)
    Can’t wait for APH Season 3 and MOVIE! :love:
    Also, I agree with you on Kimi ni Todoke. It just gets better and better!

  17. FaS says:

    🙂 I’m definitely gonna use this break to catch up on all the shows I haven’t watched and do a gigantic batch review lol. And omfg, those fraps look so lovely. Like it’s amazing 🙂 I just got done eating too lol! Kimi Ni Todoke is like the new young Soap Opera. I mean in my opinion anyways. And what’s up with Hetalia Axis blablah? I’ve not seen either and they’re already getting a third season…??? Jeez lol. I wish the did that to shows that really need a third season (not saying hetalia doesn’t).

  18. Ayumikat says:

    It’s always a treat to read your random digest.
    :kyaa2: Waaa…Sebby’s nendo is utterly cute. Definitely a worthwhile get!
    I’m looking forward to your own award picks…lol’ed at the creative award titles. And yes, White Album is turning out to be better than anyone expected. It’s like the mini surprise of the season. Can’t wait to see how the drama will end.

  19. korean music says:

    i love korean music!! <3

  20. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your site…

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