Final Fantasy XIII Theme Single – Kimi ga iru kara


by Sayuri Sugawara




01 Kimi Ga Iru Kara
02 Eternal Love
03 Christmas Again
04 Kimi Ga Iru Kara (Instrumental)
05 Eternal Love (Instrumental)
06 Christmas Again (Instrumental)

>> Download Here


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6 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII Theme Single – Kimi ga iru kara”

  1. matokosama says:

    i downloaded this and the file only has 3, 5, and 6. can you reupload it please? thanks.

  2. Phocus says:

    I love this single – makes me want to buy FFXIII (too bad the NA version replaced it with an English song).

    Christmas Again is probably my favorite track 😉

    And yeah, the zip folder only has 03, 05, and 06.

  3. Dark says:

    I’m already listening to it, even if its missing some sounds in the .rar 😉

    All the song are very warm. Looking forward for the complete .rar :7:

  4. tsuiteru says:

    Fixed the files. My Winzip doesn’t seem to read Japanese text so I translated them to English instead. Re-up’ed and hope it’s working now =)

  5. Limary says:

    muchas gracias por el single!! ya lo he descargado!!


  6. Name says:

    Thank you.
    for beautiful song++

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