Bakuman Gets Anime for Fall


It was just a rumor before on 2ch but now it’s officially confirmed from Weekly Shonen Jump that “Bakuman” will be getting an anime adaptation for the next Fall season.

Source > via Moetron


Looking forward to it :oha:



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7 Responses to “Bakuman Gets Anime for Fall”

  1. Kiseki says:


    I expected it sooner or later, but yay! ><

    I hope Fukuyama Jun & whoever the guy who voiced Takagi was & Kotobuki Minako come back to voice the main~
    Ah…now I remember why I love Kotobuki Minako.

    Also can’t wait for animated Niizuma. 8D

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  3. kirapika says:

    I totally saw this one coming. Not only were the creators famous but it has a great concept as well. (But alas, I still have to catch-up on the latest chapters..) Looking forward to this~

    • Kiseki says:

      Concept might’ve been great, but sometimes you have to slap them when it comes to the execution.

      I mean, what other series in WSJ can yoyo their ranks so easily? :’D

  4. Mikuru says:

    yyaaayy! :cheer:
    bakuman gets an anime!
    im really looking forward to it :aww:
    i want to see how they look in anime version
    and the seiyuus!

  5. DrJackal says:

    Awesome news, im readin it, though have to catch-up with the latest chapters.
    Otter #11 FTW!!! LOL

  6. fenixdown110 says:

    Front page animation has him wearing Mio’s AKG K701 headphones again. :ehh:

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