2009 Year-Ender – Female Seiyuu


Part 4: Female Seiyuu

O hai~ welcome to the part four of the Year-Ender specials and we’re now on the Female Seiyuu category~!! It took quite a delay ‘cuz there’s an undeniably huge amount of promising female seiyuus this year (well duh, every year actually) and I find it really hard to list down as Top Twelve… so it ended up with ties again.. lol cheating lol xP. Yeah I know Romi Paku isn’t on the list lol sorry ^^;; we’re out of slots~

Sooooo… yup. Let’s proceed to the list~ You can vote below and the most votes will be awarded as fan-favorite on the final year-end awards post ^^.

1. (TIE) K-ON! Girls: Yui, Mio and Tsumugi (Ritsu’s and Azusa’s seiyuus are still irrelevant so they didn’t made the list)

Aki Toyosaki


Notable roles this  year:
K-ON! as Yui Hirasawa
Asura Cryin’ series as An Oohara
Hatsukoi Limited as Koyoi Bessho
Kanamemo as Kana Nakamachi
The Sacred Blacksmith as Lisa
Shugo Chara! series as Suu
Spice and Wolf II as Merta
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun as Kazari Uiharu
Umineko as Asmodeus

She actually getting there being one promising breakthrough seiyuu. I just lovelovelove her and that adorable voice. We might be getting a future Horie Yui in here.

Yoko Hikasa


Notable roles this year:
K-ON! as Mio Akiyama
Asura Cryin’ series as Ritsu Shioizumi
Umineko as Satan

She gotta thank K-ON! for giving her a huge breakthrough role taht made people madly in love with her voice. SHE NEEDS MOAR ROLES PLOX. SEE MOAR OF YA NEXT YEAR BB <3

Minako Kotobuki


Notable roles this year:
K-ON! as Kotobuki Tsumugi
Hatsukoi Limited as Rika Dobashi
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun as Mitsuko Kongou
Umi Monogatari as Kanon
Yoru Wakaru Gendai Mahou as Kaho Sakazaki

*biased* well actually, Minako Kotobuki is the darkhorse. You know these kinds people staying on the shadows just waiting for the right time to come out and surprise you.

2. Kanae Itou


Notable roles this year:
Shugo Chara! series as Amu Hinamori; Dia
Sora no Manimani as Akeno Mihoshi
Taishou Yakyuu Musume as Koume Suzukawa
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun as Ruiko Saten

I might as well continue putting up breakthrough seiyuus to continue the list and come later with the well-known names. Kane Itou is the one to watch out for. She might not be getting so much roles at the moment but she’s doing quite well on what she’s assigned to, most specially Amu, and lately she’s grabbing another role or two. Not to mention that I love her singing.

3. Hayami Saori


Notable roles this year:
Eden of the East as Saki Morimi
07-GHOST as Razette
Sora no Manimani as Sayo Yarai
Sora no Otoshimono as Ikaros

Another darkhorse like Minako Kotobuki, I just looooove her Saki on Eden. She’s great on drama. Nothing much to say but just like Yoko Hikasa, looking forward to more from her. Yeah, nothing much to say, but congrats to her getting on the list~

4. Ayahi Takagaki


Notable roles this year:
Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ as Ein/Elen
CANAAN as Nene
Sasameki Koto as Sumika Muramase
Sora no Otoshimono as Mikako Satsukitane
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series as Oora Kanako

Another breakthrough seiyuu, she was amazing this year as Ein on Phantom. And she has that soft and cold voice that I really love. And hey, girl has some opera training, and it paid off with singing character songs and the like. Now I’m currently loving her as Sumika on Sasameki Koto and Mikako as Sora no Otoshimono.

5. Nana Mizuki


Notable roles this year:
Aoi Bungaku – ‘Sakura no Mori’ arc as Akiko
Darker Than Black 2 as Misaki Kirihara
Shugo Chara! series as Utau Hoshina
Letter Bee as Silvette
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha MOVIE as Fate Testarossa
Naruto series as Hinata Hyuuga
RIDEBACK as Rin Ogata
White Album series as Rina Ogata

Does she really need an introduction, really? She’s the one and only seiyuu goddess that owned so much this year. So much success for Nana Mizuki. From being the first-ever seiyuu to have a number 1 album on the weekly Oricon charts, and now watch out for her on the Kouhaku this New Year as she’s joining the ranks of Japan’s most successful artists to perform in there. Congrats to Nana-sama <3 Anime roles-speaking, she’s still stuck on doing roles on C-class anime but she stood out this year as Akiko on Aoi Bungaku and of course, as Fate on the Nanoha movie.

6. Aya Hirano


Notable roles this year:
FAIRY TAIL as Lucy Heartfilia
Kiddy Girl-and as Lumiere
Kimi ni Todoke as Ume Kurumizawa
White Album series as Yuki Morikawa
And of course she voices God a.k.a Haruhi Suzumiya

It’s awesome how Hirano Aya proved that she isn’t just a oone-hit wonder as Haruhi this year, because apart from Haruhi (she’s obviously doing a great job as her hands down), I’m also loving how she shows versatility on roles she’s currently handing right now, as Yuki on White Album, Lucy on Fairy Tail, and Kurumi on KnT. And it seems like she’s now working on how to wear a bikini properly now.

7. Haruka Tomatsu


Notable roles this year:
Asu no Yoichi as Ayame Ikaruga
Asura Cryin’ series as Misao Minakami
BASQUASH! as Rouge
CANAAN as Yunyun
Cross Game as Aoba Tsukishima
GA: Art Design Class as Kisaragi Yamaguchi
Nyan Koi! as the Kirishima twins
Sora no Manimani as Hime Makita
Tatakau Shisho as Noloty
To-LOVE-Ru series as Lala
White Album as Mana Mizuki
Yoru Wakaru Gendai Mahou as Yumiko Cristina Ichinose

Oh Haruka Tomatsu~ she’s snagging roles here and there like she’s just shopping. Seriously, I love her to bits since her last year’s breakthrough as Nagi (Kannagi) she’s doing so well on every role she’s given, and she’s really getting there~

8. Yu Kobayashi


Notable roles this year:
Maria+Holic as Mariya Shidou
Nyan Koi as Nagi Ichinose
Higurashi series as Satoshi
Umineko as Kanon
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series as Kaede Kimura

I’ll save an award for her in the Awards Special post for her amazing fanarts and superhuman IQ level (lol jk) and imagination, but let’s go over Yu Kobayashi first as a voice actress. Hands down she shines this year voicing the sadistic trap Mariya Shidou from Maria Holic. I also enjoy listening to her guy roles and reverse trap as well. Overall, she’s a seiyuu that is a chameleon and can fit to any role awesomely~

9. Sayaka Ohara


Notable roles this year:
Umineko as Beatrice
FAIRY TAIL as Erza Scarlet
Asura Cryin’ series as Kirstina Fortuna
BASQUASH! as Haruka Gracia
Valkyria Chronicles as Selvaria Bles
xxxHOLiC as Yuuko Ichihara

The most veteran seiyuu in the list, Sayaka Ohara. I love how every role she takes on are just the Head Bitches in Charge of the show. One word I could really describe her performances this year are “fiiiiiiiierce!”. I enjoyed Beatrice, Selvaria and Yuuko so much. Congrats to her getting married this year btw. I hope she won’t retire already 🙁

10. Marina Inoue

marina inoue Pictures, Images and Photos

Notable roles this year:
Valkyria Chronicles as Alicia Melchiott
Kampfer as Natsuru Seno
Maria+Holic as Matsurika
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series as Chiri Kitsu
Umineko as Jessica Ushiromiya

Her best role this year has got to be the awesome meido Matsurika from Maria Holic. I just LOVE her sarcasm. Then she’s also fine as Alicia, Chiri and Jessica. Not sure about male Natsuru but female is ok. Overall, she’s really doing awesome this year and I’m looking forward which more roles she’s gonna take on next year~

11. Rie Kugimiya


Notable roles this year:
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood as Alphonse Elric
Fairy Tail as Happy
Hetalia Axis Powers as Liechtenstein
Kanamemo as Mika Kujiin
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu as Alice; Toka Tennoji
Queen’s Blade as Melona
Saki as Yuki Kataoka a.k.a. Tacos
Shakugan no Shana S as Shana
Umineko as Shannon
And probably the best filler character ever on Shugo Chara! = Yua Sakurai

Ugh, I hate her… But then some people love her, so she makes the list. I personally enjoyed her Taiga last year, and right now her Alphonse Elric is just epic. Not sure what to say about the others :\ I don’t get the overflowing Rie Kugimiya love tbh.


Chiwa Saito


Notable roles this year:
Bakemonogatari as Hitagi Senjougahara
07-GHOST as Kuroyuri
Kobato. as Kohaku
Sasameki Koto as Miyako Taema

She did a phenomenal job as Senjougahara Hitagi on Bakemonogatari. It’s a really great “wake-up bitches, my name is Chiwa Saito” for her career. Honestly, she’s so irrelevant until she does Hitagi. I wonder if she’s do more amazing performances other than Hitagi though. I’m keeping an eye on her and hope she won’t turn out to be just a one-hit wonder. Good Luck~!

Emiri Katou


Notable roles this year:
Bakemonogatari as Hachikuji Mayoi
Princess Lover as Seika Houjouin
Sasameki Koto as Kiyori Kotoi

Not to mention that this girl voiced last year’s Saimoe Queen Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky Star. So… what’s up with her? She awesome as Mayoi obviously, and she’s cute IRL, so yeah… nothing much to say… orz.

Miyuki Sawashiro


Notable roles this year:
Bakemonogatari as Kanbaru Suruga
EVE no Jikan ONA as Chie
GA: Art Design Class as Tomokane
Kimi ni Todoke as Ayane Yano
Letter Bee as Lag Seeing
Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ as Cal Devens
Tatakau Shisho as Milepoch
Umi Monogatari as Kojima
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series as Maria Sekiutsu
Maria+Holic as GOD Dorm Leader-sensei

She’s quite a young veteran already. She’s doing an amazing job on her roles here and there, everywhere xD lol. Who would ever forget about the GOD Dorm leader on Maria Holic? And other than that, she did a great job on Canaan as well. I also LOVE her Yano (KnT), there’s something really deep and sexy about her voice. And I love her as Kanbaru, Cal Devens, Chie, etc. as well ^^. And LOLOLOL she did Kojima I never knew lololol.

Kana Hanazawa


Notable roles this year:
Bakemonogatari as Nadeko Sengoku
Kobato. as Kobato Hanato
Asu no Yoichi! as Kagome Ikaruga
Pandora Hearts as Sharon Rainsworth

Tsk tsk tsk, my radar says she’s the one to watch out for the most~ She’s slowly taking on roles, but she’s getting pretty memorable~ Her Zange (Kannagi) last year was fierce. Now she’s joining the race for doing really moe roles. She’s definitely a runner for one of the moe princesses lately.

Horie Yui


Notable roles this year:
Bakemonogatari as Tsubasa Hanekawa
GA: Art Design Class as Namiko Nozaki
Kampfer as Akane Mishima
Natsu no Arashi as Kanako Yamazaki
Umi Monogatari as Urin
Higurashi as Hanyuu
Umineko as Maria Ushiromiya

Well duh, why would Horie Yui be forgotten in the list? She is a veteran, she looks 20 years less her actual age, she can sing, and she definitely continued having great character roles this year. Hands down I love her Tsubasa Cat the most, with Urin coming in second.

Ok, since I’m having a really great day today, I’m gonna let you vote UP TO TEN (10) IN HERE!!! Yaaaay~ I know everyone’s gonna have a hard time when I limited it to only five choices and there are lots listed here (doesn’t feel like a top 12 anymore because of the ties =_=) but oh well, HAPPY VOTING~!



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23 Responses to “2009 Year-Ender – Female Seiyuu”

  1. Adrian says:


    I was really worried about picking one until I got to the end and realized you HAVE NO NOTO-SAMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

    That was way too many exclamation points for the internet, but not enough for my point.

  2. Eri says:

    Nana-sama hands down for the awesome voicing for UTAU_CHAN!!!! :kyaa:
    Aya Hirano for Haruhi-cute-god-chan-sama :omg:
    Of course, I’ll vote for Sayaka-old-fart not because I know her (that I don’t) but because… It’s Yuuko! OMG!!! I love Yuuko-witch-biatch-fierce :15:

    That aside there are a lot of noteworthy female seiyuus as well! Nevertheless, I’d like to notice that whenever I see a female seiyuu I am amazed because I cannot imagine a corny-fangirl-looking Japanese woman voicing teen-girls like a 6-years old child! It’s spooky :11:

  3. tsuiteru says:

    I lol’d @ Hirano Aya’s T-shirt

  4. Ranmaru says:

    I voted for.. Aya Hirano, Nana Mizuki, Haruka Tomatsu, Yoko Hikasa, Aki Toyosaki, and the Bakemonogatari girls.

  5. BlackLagoon187 says:


    Aya Hirano for her awesome role as GOD and Lucy(did anyone read her shirt? tongue bath anyone? XD)

    All Three K-ON Seiyuu’s cuz i love K-ON

    Rie Kugimiya cuz all the shows that I loved watching have her in it as the lead girl (Big 5’s Zero no Tsukaima, Toradora, Hayate no Gotoku, Shakugan no Shana, and Gintama.)

    Horie Yui definitely, loved school rumble

    Haruka Tomatsu for Nyan Koi twincest :thumb:

    Emiri Katou for Kagami Hiiragi

    Would have voted for Itou Shizuka if she was on the list…

  6. Shi says:

    Kana Hanazawa has angelic voice~ lovelovelove her.
    Hirano Aya is amazing as Haruhi and
    And Ayahi Takagaki! Her singing as Ein is gorgeous.
    Also voted for Ohara-san~ Beatrice. <3

  7. Alex says:

    I’ve always been more partial to Romi Paku and Nana Mizuki. I have this unhealthy obsession of watching all their shows despite how totally lolfail they are. Both are my favorites, while the others are…”irrelevant” 😀 They just shine with their very good vocal range. I think I’m gonna withhold voting; just doesn’t feel right for me not to vote for Paku when I like her more than Nana lol ang arte

    Hirano Aya? Really, I don’t get the love. :p I hear her voice and I go :red: Good thing she’s toning it down on KimiTodo.

    Hayama Saori, such a young talent. Haruka Tomatsu and Marina Inoue are doing great this year. And Yu Kobayashi…lol. But hey, she’s very funny as Nagi-senpai! Chiwa Saito & K-On! girls = :thumb:

  8. Tara says:

    I was trying my very hardest not to vote for most of them and started by going through and trying to judge my picks harshly so I’d pick fewer… I ended up with exactly ten out of my harsh judgement XD

  9. LuluChan92 says:

    Hey! Why can’t I vote, ha??? That’s so UNFAIR!!!

    Letting that aside, like HELL I wanna vote exactly 10 female seiyuu this year… And I don’t like Rie Kugimiya either!!!

    Well, for me the best seiyuu ever (till now at least) is the one and only Mizuki Nana! She simply shines and I love her to bits! And I hadn’t noticed that she was voicing Kirihara-san (why the hell didn’t I notice?!)!

    Of course Hirano Aya’s next as G-O-D (OH, SORRY, it’s just Haruhi!) because she’s just PERFECT as the bitchy god I wanna believe in! Too bad I hate Kurumi, but I can’t help it if Kurumizawa Ume is a BITCH!!!

    As for Sayaka Ohara… IT’S THE WITCH, BITCH! (hope you don’t mind for borrowing your words from a previous post)! Her crazy laughter voice it’s the reason I love Beatrice-sama! And just now my brother told me she’s voicing Yuuko, too (sorry I didn’t notice even when you wrote it)!

    Horie Yui also gets a vote from me hands down, only for her voicing as Ushiromiya Maria and her legendary talking head on episode II-VI (“MARIA NO TABETE!!!”). Akane’s pretty fun, too!

    OK, I’m outta time so I won’t praise anymore. See ya around!!!

  10. DrJackal says:

    My votes:

    *Aki Toyosaki- Yui and Uiharu…moe moe kyunn!
    *Aya Hirano- For kami and evil bitch Kurumi.
    *Sayaka Ohara- I really hope she wins EPIC Beatotiche-sama is EPIC. Btw, kanze she is voicing Shizuka in Gokyoudai Monogatari.
    *Rie Kugimiya-Just as said Alphonse is awesome.
    *Miyuki Sawashiro- Yano FTW!
    *Horie Yui- Even though it irritates many people,I just love Uuhuu~Uuhuu~~.

  11. FallenValkyrie says:

    Omgah so many to pick from >.>

  12. Xiao says:

    Bwuahaha, here’s THE list. XD

    And I applaud you for putting this awesome list all together. Romi Paku for next year, yes? *hopefully, hopefully* ^^

    I swear, Aki Toyosaki is the new Horie Yui (my new moe moe voice queen~!). Gotta say I’m so proud of her for all the work she’s done so far and can’t wait to hear more from her next year! I love you, Aki-san~! x333

    Yoko Hikasa, what else can I say that you haven’t already said? Lol XD Her voice and acting is awesome. Too bad her resume is still kinda small (so no vote from me yet) but I’m sure she’ll get a upcoming stream of roles thanks to her K-ON! popularity. ;D

    Minako Kotobuki – Not too familiar with yet (except FFXIII, WOOT!) but she’s got a sweet voice. Need more roles. *nodnod*

    Seriously, my Kanae-san needs more ROARING!LOVE like that just now but how is she gonna get that if she’s not in more different roles (even though Amu will always, always be my one and only COOL&SPICY favorite~ <3)? I demand more Kanae-san in ‘10 or I’ll storm Japan with idek… 😡

    Hayami Saori – Needs more roles. Only heard her as Razette. And of course I love the female seiyuu rookies and all but where are the guy rookies? XD;

    Ayahi Takagaki – Ah, Megumi’s seiyuu. Very nice, sweet voice. Has yet to play a character I love so no votes here but looking forward to her future work. ^^

    Wow, what a year it’s been for her with balancing all the awards, the success of the awesome Ultimate Diamond album, and of course, her acting which we all adore to bits. Sadly, as much as I love and worship her, think I’m gonna pass on giving her a vote his time around. She’s practically a permanent powerhouse forever so the newbies should be given more of a chance.

    Aya Hirano – Hell yes, break away from the Haruhi is greatly appreciated, thank you very much.
    Really, she has this much talent and they keep holing her up with that one show which is unfair. Not that her performance as Haruhi was less than great but give the woman some variety. Oh, and toally loving her voice as Lucy and Kurumi as well. <3

    Haruka Tomatsu is the gold of the gold this year for quality and quantity. Nothing else needs to be said. Got my vote. X3

    Omg, Yu Kobayashi is so friggin’ PRETTY! *A*
    I was more or less expecting her to be wearing a Kanon hat cuz she just excels so wonderfully in her trap roles. Haha xD Unfortunately, I can’t really say anything more than hat. I need to hear more variety from her, not just the bishounen voice.

    Sayaka Ohara-san got married this year?! Wow, a big late congratulations to her then!
    And agreez all the way. I have been more than pleased with her acting and hopes she keeps it fierce!

    Marina Inoue – You are my STAAAARRR~! Lol
    Good to see her on the list. Hope she’ll land one big role next year. 🙂

    Aww, I feel for Rie-san. I agree, I’m not always thrilled with most of her characters or her voice sometimes I kinda wonder if it’s a cross between a squeaky toy and nasal problems but her acting is something to be acknowledged for. That or her bitch-spunk tsundere voice got great enunciation and I appreciate all her work contributed to Shana anime.

    Mmkay, moving on.

    Bakemonogatari just wins altogether with the all-star cast doing what has got to be one of the top nominees for best script of the year (can we give an award for that, too? XDDD). GAh, I’d like to vote for them altogether for group awesomeness but that wouldn’t be fair fine, I’ll just make it up! xP so…

    Chiwa Saito FTW out of the 5, definitely. I’ve heard from her a couple of times before (she does baa-san loli pretty good, believe me) but her performance as Senjougahara was by far the most astounding. Hope this fame brings her more roles. Chiwa-san~!

    Emiri Katou – Got lots of lulz hearing Mayoi. But why so few after Kagami? :/

    Miyuki Sawashiro – Dammit, most versatile seiyuu in recent history EVAR. I’s always an A+ no matter what character she does. And I still can’t believe she voiced the same Shinku as well. It’s everyone else (each as awesome as the next)…and then Shinku. Lololol XDDD

    Kana Hanazawa right behind Aki Toyosaki in the moe voice hierarchy. I’m pretty sure after Kobato and Durarara!, they’ll be keeping her busy in other projects for the future. Can’t wait! X3

    And Horie Yui…yea, same here. Tsubasa Cat is the best I’ve heard from her yet I think. Ahhh, she’s so talented! Hope to hear more variety from her in the fuure but she’ll still be great, nonetheless. ^^

    Whoo, that was long. And I only chose 8 to vote for. xDD;;;

  13. Kiseki says:

    My gosh you’re just too generous. ; u ;

    But it looks like everybody still loveloveloves Mizuki Nana and Horie Yui…

    I thought you said you were going to use a non-porn image of Hirano Aya what about that shirt…

  14. Mikuru says:

    Omg there are some of my favorites
    seiyuus in the list 🙂

  15. namelissis says:

    No Maaya Sakamoto ;_;

    But wah So hard to pick~

  16. Gami says:

    Aya Hirano and Emiri Katou. Because Aya is… Aya. And because Emiri will eternally be “Kagami” to me. 😉

  17. Maki says:

    But where is Noto Mamiko ? (Aoi Hana, canaan, kimi ni todoke, kampfer, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Queen’s Blade, Seitokai no Ichizon, Taishou Yakyuu Musume, Valkyria chronicles …) Oo

    Arf, then …Miyuki Sawashiro );

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