The Book of Bantorra – 08


Now we have book-eating people here.

Well this episode explained more stuff… Uhh, what to say? I’m glad that things got resolved in some way, but I’m still confused at some parts. The animation on some action scene were a bit painful to watch too.

The Book Eater thing was quite cool. Now it definitely mixes up the story indeed. Zatoh suddenly had a turn on himself being Enlike-like in the end, and it seems like he’s back for good. The ‘evil’/monster Zatoh was now inside the book of Enlike. So there’s still a little bit that confused me (wtf Enlike is inside Zatoh all along?!), but it’s alright. I still find the episode enjoyable and it’s nice to see Noloty kick some ass.

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3 Responses to “The Book of Bantorra – 08”

  1. fenixdown110 says:

    Very interesting episode. Good as always. :thumb:

  2. Sel says:

    I think that Enlike was inside Zatoh because Zatoh read his book, so he knew his story. Like, he usually didn’t bother to read anyone’s book, and all of the other people inside Zatoh were more like indefinite shapes. So maybe that gave Enlike power, because his soul was “real” inside Zatoh, as was his power. I think Zatoh’s soul died and Elike’s took over. Anyways, that’s what I resoned 🙂
    I’m really loving the story! Although the animation could be done waaaay better (Canaan-like animation would be awesome), the story is good enough to actually say this is my favorite show this season. Oh, and I love Enlike telling Noroty that “tears are ok, but you are getting snot all over me”. :XD:

  3. Val says:

    Think you started blogging for the same reasons I did:,lucy

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