The Book of Bantorra – 07


Oh wow. Things got connected beautifully in this episode! Zatoh is the guy on the flashback who has an issue on smiling, or he isn’t? Though they seem to share the same lightning powers though. And what pretty much shocked me as well is that Zatoh also turns out to be the masked guy. This series keeps on going with surprises. Noloty and her “killing is not the solution!” drama is way too cheesy though, but I still like her character and I wonder how will she develop more with Zatoh.

What I’m looking forward next is how the maid girl would play out, since she also gets to be shown in the preview as well. I appreciate how this series has quite a huge cast, but takes opportunity on adding background even on the cardboard characters. It’s actually quite confusing because I still don’t believe if that guy on the flashback is Zatoh now, or Zatoh probably has some connection with the guy on the flashback. ARGH TOO CONFUSING ARGH /EDIT.

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3 Responses to “The Book of Bantorra – 07”

  1. TJ says:

    The current Zatoh doesn’t look like the flashback Zatoh at all! He actually became cooler looking as he aged!?

  2. kanzeon says:

    My speculation is that Zatoh probably has some sort of ability where he drains/copies the powers of the person in the book he’s reading, as he’s seen reading that guy‘s book with the old man in some parts of the episode, so that’s probably where he got the lightning power… Then he can also relate about the ‘smile’ part in his story…

    @___@ I’m also confused but really interested at the same time. I hope Noloty and Zatoh ends up happily though <33 >_<

  3. f4chaos says:

    Yap, I’m darn confused too but it is still damm interesting!

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