Final Final Fantasy XIII Trailer


w/ English subs

Well… yeah, this might be the final trailer being released before the game will be out. Boy, that was just f*cking EPIC. The graphics = just excellent. We get to see more of the newly revealed characters like Fang and some new guys (and another Cid). Fang seems like she has Bahamut as her Eidolon. It also seems like there’s so much drama in this game as well. I don’t mind it, but I just hope it’ll be well-executed. The song was beautiful too.

Serah really makes me worry a lot. I don’t know why, but I think that she’ll end up in something really, really sad. The scene with Lightning and Snow on 3:05 was quite ruined to lulz when Snow calls Lightning “Big Sis”, but he’s the giant in there =P. Anyway, I’m getting more and more hyped up for the game!


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9 Responses to “Final Final Fantasy XIII Trailer”

  1. kanzeon says:

    OMG it looks so epic *AAA*
    Really don’t know where to start on something to say about it. Totally amazing. The graphics are really nice~

    Lol y so emo, everyone? xD That’s what I wanna say. Looks like they’re really bringing in more drama to the table. And yeah, Serah T______T. But I love that scene with Lightning and Snow in there though I was annoyed because Snow calls her big sis =_= But I would definitely jump to the LightxSnow ship whenever there’ll be one <33 I'm so looping that scene more more times~

    That Cid has got to be the hawtest, most bishie Cid in all FF games >8DDD

    Fang looks like Kristen Stewart. EW, sorry =/

    The last scene with all their summons battling it out was so EPIC OMG!! *AA* Can’t wait to get my hands on this game either. This would definitely fill my wait for FF Versus XIII 😉

  2. Sylph says:

    Looks epic :cute: I’m totally anticipating this one.

  3. meteorhouse62 says:

    WOW… i’m speechless.

  4. Ritz says:

    I felt like shipping the shota with Lightning. X3
    I was totally going for Snow and her, but it seems it won’t happen…I do hope they return making main character couples, I was just sad with 12 because of it.

  5. Faer1edust says:

    It looks so amazing!!!

    UMG MOAR BISHIES IN HERE *A* who would have thought FF Versus 13 only has it? :3 Snow still looks the hottest though~

    And speaking of Snow… UU~ T_T @ the what-seems-so tragic love affair between him and Sela. Looks like there’s so much drama indeed in here. Too much angsting about the marks on their bodies and dying about them.

    Shota guy looks like someone lost from Kingdom Hearts

    And I’m sorry Sela and Lightning but I’m shipping the Hope with Snow =shot=

    @kanzie: She DOES O.O

  6. Tamagotchi says:

    Just got FFXIII for 80 bucks! Click here. 😀

  7. Xiao says:

    FFFFF, way too epic to watch on this old comp. I’m gonna steal my brother’s PS3 somehow so I can play this.

    Eheh, drama (and lots of it, oh dear) being drama aside, is it just me or are there more prominent female characters than male ones compared to previous games? …Well, it just felt that way to me (maybe cuz the main protaganist is Lightning and all :/).

    And I’m so surprised at how many new voices I recognized in there. Especially Cid…oh god, CID. XDDD

    Thanks for posting! ^^

  8. Mito says:

    Well so many news about Final fantasy XIII And there also many video about This FF series but overall i like it… >< wait for the game now~~ :huhu: :huhu: :huhu: :freeze2: :cheer: go!go!

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