The Sacred Blacksmith – 02




We left off last episode with Luke forging the sword to fight off the monster. And now (after long minutes of boring introductions and nonsense… o wait), Luke takes action~ I actually like the action in this show. Probably one of the few stuff redeemable in this one.


Did I mentioned that Luke is so awesome?? Yeah.


ROFLMAO @ nosebleeding Luke xDD!!! And don’t be jealous Lisa, you’ll grow up soon ^^.

But seriously what the eff was that Cecily? An armor on a naked body?


Tsundere Luke ftw~ Lol he got beat up bad… Poor thing xD.


Are Luke’s eyes really like that all the time? I bet it has something to do with his forging skills. But yeah, his eyes are one thing that distracts me the most apart from Cecily’s metal boobs.


Hell yeah this is so one of my OTPs this season already~ I don’t really mind all the other elements like the dull story, monsters and stuff as long as I’m getting entertaining interaction between these two xD.

So I’ll be sticking with this one for another episode and actually, this is one of the shows this season I wouldn’t take much seriously. I definitely enjoy the interactions between Cecily and Luke and I can’t wait for more developments though.

Yeah, so much cliches and unoriginality we’ve already seen in so much other stuff lately but at least this one is still not that much crappy at all unlike the others. To be really honest, Luke and Cecily cold just drop off this stupid action fantasy thing and just attend high school. Everything else this show is just blearghmehboring. I might drop it if I would get fangirling moments. Lots of old men talking… Demons… Stuff… And now here comes a human sword, very uninteresting. Still watching it mainly because of Luke~ I’m amused so much by male tsunderes xD. It’s good thing that I found Cecily to be less annoying in here. But the thing that irks me the most in the whole show is…



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6 Responses to “The Sacred Blacksmith – 02”

  1. Faer1edust says:

    I haven’t watched this episode yet, but is it really that bad?? There’s seem to be so much negative comments in this show. But looks like there’s some interesting scenes between Luke and Cecily here, plus the nosebleed scene looks hilarious ^^.

    I agree about Cecily’s armor :freeze2:

  2. fenixdown110 says:

    That breastplate looks really uncomfortable.

  3. fenixdown110 says:

    I thought Aria would have been introduced a little sooner. And hardly any screen time either.

  4. warriorhope says:

    Yeah this episode was pretty boring.

    Still Luke is awesome and the LukexCecily scenes were very enjoyable indeed~

  5. Kiseki says:

    I agree, there’s nothing that special about this. :/

    Just sorta-watching it for Luke and LukexCecily and Lisa.

  6. NobleX says:

    when that thing broke i was like “Oh God, I hope she doesn’t have a spare, I hope she doesn’t have a spare, I hope she doesn’t have a spare!!!”. At this point i’m sure it exists only to make viewers mock Cecily… I just can’t see someone finding it a good idea otherwise.

    “Luke and Cecily cold just drop off this stupid action fantasy thing and just attend high school.”
    lol high school animes aren’t full of cliches ??? Honestly, right now i’ve had just about enough of that genre, so i find this setting… refreshing even 😀

    For now the show is rather entertaining, but i sense dullness coming up ahead(the vague story hints didn’t intrigue me). I actually like this loli elf character – her voice and reactions are amusing.

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