The Book of Bantorra – 04


I can kill you because I don’t know why!

HOLY F***! Wow, The Book of Bantorra is exceeding my expectations since it first aired. Definitely one of Fall’s finest. It just keeps on getting better and better every week. I hope this will keep up each and every episode.

Pretty awesome action in this episode with Hamyuts fighting against Cigal. David Production sure knows how to execute an action scene well in this episode. There’s still the CG-abuse though, like with the train, but I thought it looked better than the ship anyway. I felt comfortable watching it, nonetheless. I was expecting Cigal to be easily defeated, but I was wrong. He can put up a fight against Hamyuts actually, while Hamyuts remained no match until Colio comes in for the save.


Moving on to Colio, that might be the end for him. So yeah, he was the star of this arc and it’s lame to see him die just like that. I lol’d actually when he just started barging in the fight scene, saying he will kill Cigal even though he obviously looked no match with only having some knife as a weapon. Hamyuts made the scene entertaining by asking him that. And I lol’d more when Cigal got blinded by the sunlight, which caused him to get distracted and stabbed immediately by Colio. Oh wait, in fact Colio died first after having the structure collapse in them all, but he got impaled while Hamyuts and Cigal still survived the destruction. Cigal was still breathing until Hamyuts made her move to finish him off with a stone… Uhh, then it’s all over. What the hell was that? Lol. Btw, Cigal turned into a book now, well, not literally.

But it was still touching to see him reunited with Shiron all again in the end, both of them now dead but happy. I still gotta wonder though how the hell did these two meet up. It’s still very mysterious. Is Colio not the human Colio back then? I actually thought that the thing Shiron is referring to is the sun lololol. I got confused a bit there. By the way, is Shiron’s present time reincarnation is a cat? Lol, I got amused with that. Also, I finally knew the reason why her hair’s like that. Soooo it was naturally striped. lol.

With this arc over, we are taken back to the permanent main characters of the show, which are the Armed Librarians. It’s nice to see Mattalast and Mirepoc survive from the Dragon Flu, thanks to Shiron’s wonder drug. Hamyuts is pretty much back to her jerk attitude towards Volken and her sewing hobbies. It also seems like something’s brewing between Volken and Mirepoc, too.

So who would lead the next arc? Pretty much seems like we’re getting into Volken now after he escapes the headquarters, having the Ylucklucu with him. Lol this show has so much terminologies that are very annoying to remember, but I’m really hooked with the show.

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4 Responses to “The Book of Bantorra – 04”

  1. fenixdown110 says:

    This is one of my favorite series this season. It’s just full of win. But Colio is dead?! He seemed like a promising character…

    LOL @ “I can kill you because I don’t know why!”

  2. Xiao says:

    Cigal could have been easily defeated if he hadn’t brought on that storm which was Hamyuts’ weakness aparently so if both were battling on equal grounds, makes me wonder if Hamyuts could have finished him off in a few minutes. But he still had Shalmaffuuu…whatever its name is so I don’t really know. :/

    Anyways…NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! COLIOOOOOOOOOO!!! WHY YOU DIE?! :baww2:
    I honestly wasn’t expecting that and still want him to stick around but that’s impossible now. 😛
    COLIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :huhu:

    But I can take his crowning moment of heroicness, too. Stupid Cigal got what he deserved in the end with lovely I AM NOT NIKU! irony. Approved. :thumb:

    As for Colio and Shiron’s relationship, they never really physically met in person. If we’re talking about the time frame here, Colio is in the present while Shiron lived in the past. But she saw him through her foresight, including him finding the pieces of her book, him falling in love with her through “reading” her book (which caused her to fall in love with him, oi), and finally saw that he would take down Cigal.
    Very strange way going about romance here but hey, I like it! 8D
    lol, and who knows about the cat? Probably. xD

    Haaa…well, now that Colio’s gone and Volken probably being a dumbass, I’m kinda “eh” for the next episode but it’ll still be interesting anyway.
    And how the hell do you pronounce “Ylcuklucu” anyway?! XDDD;;;

  3. TJ says:

    yeah what’s with Colio dying off like that? so disappointing.

    This series is really intriguing, so intriguing that I’m not sure what’s really going on…

  4. vin says:

    frag everyone who like that Colio died…i mean sure it could be about a dude overcoming being “meat” and killing the church, but no it got to be about some other smit. dam the guy who thought of that..and everyone who praises it..hope the show die from ratings.

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