The Book of Bantorra – 03


Before the Swine Flu, we have Dragon Flu.

This show just keeps getting more and more interesting. I must say that this is one of my top five watches this Fall season, along with DtB2, Railgun, Aoi Bungaku and Trapeze. Tatakau Shisho continues to be very intriguing and mysterious. This episode gives off a bit of answers now.


We get too see more of Shiron… Both literally and not

So we get to see more of Shiron Byacornise, by different fragments of the book the mysterious old man gives to Colio. Shiron turns out to be able to foresee an upcoming disease spread known as the Dragon Pneumonia, that will killa vast number of people in an instant. Also at the same time, she knows the cure to it. I got reminded by some biblical references regarding Shiron’s life story. The people who currently handles her took her to advantage but Shiron retaliates, leading to her execution and death. There are also a mysterious scene as she’s speaking that she loves someone. That’s what needs to be answered soon.


Ouch, but at least that’s better than making yourself explode…

Moving on, we now have Hamyuts Meseta, who seems quite antagonistic on the previous episode, but now I’m quite leaning on the fence again. She showed concern with Colio when she thought Colio needs the right to love and she made him human by removing the bomb in his chest. Well, lol, that was a very disturbingly funny scene. So THAT’s just the solution to solve their “I’m not human, I’m a bomb” emo whinings.

Ok, so Hamyuts Meseta didn’t turn out to be that heartless and evil at all. She’s just… well, a weird woman. Looking at her appearance already, that rabbit patch on her top, open buttoned shirt, big ribbon, she’s definitely a complex character already because it can show that she has a childish side, as well as a very deadly side that we’re seeing right now.

Now it looks like Hamyuts is up for a fight next episode against Cigal, who’s revealed that he can control the weather, which can greatly affect Hamyuts’ powers. Another thing to worry about is the Dragon Pneumonia, which now affected the other two companions of Volken and Hamyuts. Will they die just like that? Looking forward to the next episode.

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3 Responses to “The Book of Bantorra – 03”

  1. Xiao says:

    I agree. One of the shows with the better plox this season. It actually almost replaces Bakemonogatari on my watch-list (why two more weeks until web-streaming? ;3;).

    But anyways, hmm, I’m intrigued with Shiron’s character. Best way to describe her would be…oh, I dunno, anti-villian in distress? ❓ Though she’s not quite as complex as Hamyuts is.

    Looking forward to the fight next episode, too, and I wonder if Colio will interfere somehow even in the condition he is in (lol, “I made you human” aka un-bombed you xDD). And Cigal needs a good beating. His narcissistic attitude is pissing me off. >:/

  2. TJ says:

    The plot is getting pretty interesting with Shiron’s story being unveiled.

    Harmutz is pretty interesting too. I like her nonchalant attitude.

  3. kanzeon says:

    I kinda like Hamyuts in this episode because she’s showing a shipper side on Colio x Shiron xDD. I can’t wait for her to kick Cigal’s ass next ep :P.

    I also worry about the other two people who got Dragon Pneumonia like that… So fast -__-. I hope they won’t die just like that.

    And needs moar Volken plx. -shot-

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