Sasameki Koto – 01


More lesbians… This is the trend of the year.


OP: 「悲しいほど青く」 “Kanashii Hodo Aoku” by Natsumi Kiyoura

Wha-what happened?  I already got bored and slept throughout the whole OP…


ED: 「虹色ポケット」 “Niji-iro Pocket” by Natsumi Kiyoura

Cutesy song with chibis but overall nothing stands out.


Lilies = Yuri

If weren’t for me having almost nothing to do and to blog today… *sigh*. I was supposed to be blogging 11Eyes but the subs aren’t out yet damn you Crunchyroll! so I ended up checking out this one and blog it or else Kanzie would get mad at me for being a lazy co-author -_-;.

I watched Aoi Hana back then so we can’t help but have some comparisons since both are yuri. And this one definitely loses judging by the first episode since Aoi Hana is already solid back at first impressions with its subtle story telling. While this one, which I honestly have no expectations what-so-ever, turned out to be really painful to watch.

And what else to say? It was pretty meh for me. The pacing was pretty bad, the drama is forced, their dilemma is very shallow, the girls themselves are shallow and the only thing makes this quite different from some other shoujo-ai shows is that this happens in a co-ed school. Everything else was predictable. We have Girl A who’s a lesbian, while there’s Girl B who’s her straight BFF until she realizes she wants to get her hands on the panties of her lesbian friend later on.

I was bored all through out the entire episode. The only factor I like in this show had got to be their straight friend who eats a lot in every scene she’s on. I’m checking out yuris to see if they’ll get over with the usual repetitive senpai-kouhai/bff-to-lovers school romance, but this is just pretty much the same.


BAWWW I liek, got dumped by a straight girl BAWWW

It’s just the first episode anyway, so I might follow it for a few episodes but I won’t be blogging it. If you’re quite tired of the repetitive yuri premise, then you might get your nerves in this one. Rabid yuri fanboys (and fangirls) that doesn’t have anything to watch anymore might as well check this out.

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3 Responses to “Sasameki Koto – 01”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    So much lesbians this year.
    Pass on this one :red:

  2. LuluChan92 says:

    Is it only me or this girl wearing glasses is the main character of Aoi Hana???…

    That’s the only thing I’ll say about this anime. The_End.

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