Nana Mizuki – Mugen [PV]


:cute: Nana-sama is such a fierce, stunning seiyuu goddess, and she proves it again with the PV for “Mugen”, which will be White Album‘s 2nd OP. Gawd~ This gives a different feel for a Nana Mizuki PV, its darker, like ALI PROJECT-dark much. But it’s still awesome!

It’s like a darker version of “Shin Ai”, maybe this says that White Album 2 will be more heavier and intense? Lol whatever, still not watching that crap until some killing happens. Shame that Nana Mizuki gets stuck with some D-class anime >.>… But anyway, the PV is still freaking haunting and awesome to bits!!! LOVE IT!!! :kyaa2:



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4 Responses to “Nana Mizuki – Mugen [PV]”

  1. Ashelea says:

    Omg this also got me having ALI PROJECT vibes in the music video O___O. The kids with masks are really scary… But anyhow, it’s still fantastic. Amazing song, as expected from Nana Mizuki :kyaa2:

  2. DxJ says:

    YES!!!! FINALLY!!! NANA SAMA RELEASES MUGEN AAAAAH!you’re right that its haunting, but it gives off this bar-singing kind of style (touch of jazz? I dunno). Goddamit this makes me think of Moka from rosario vampire, now I wish theyd make a third season of THAT 😀

  3. Xiao says:



    …ok, so at first I was like :omg: , then I was like :doomed: :kyaa2: , and then :cute: :love: , and then it ended: :doomed: 😥 …*REPLAY* NANA-SAMAAAA~~!!!!!!!!! :kyaa: :kyaa: :kyaa:

    Emoticon spam ftw. :thumb:

    Oh my goodness, what is there not to like about Mugen? I really like the darker feels to her more recent songs and by darker, I don’t necessarily mean everything has to be drunk in dark lighting, gothic attire and lots of mascara but it’s mostly played in minor key as opposed to major. I think Esturaku Camellia is good example to explain this.

    Well, anyways, her PVs just keep getting more awesome. Shin Ai had a very emotional longing to it while this was, as DxJ puts it appropriately, quite haunting. Kaaaahhh, I wouldn’t mind being seduced and murdered this way if it’s Nana-sama. *Umineko reference to the portrait in the vid* XDDDDDDD;;;;;

    It’s awesome. NAO SINGLE WHERE?! :red:

  4. issa-sa says:

    It somehow looks more fitting for Umineko than White Album -_-“

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