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Trapeze still goes on with the WTF-visuals accompanied by humor and straightforward storyline for this episode. This week, we have Tetsuya (CV: Takahiro Sakurai) who’s working for the government. His problem is that he has a permanent erection, which is probably caused by issues with his former wife.


Ouch… If you know what this meant

This episode also proves that this ain’t no kiddy show, as how the playful and colorful visual ironies with it. There are sex dreams in here, and some situations are really just intended for mature audiences. There’s actually substance in this show, though it isn’t really that much spoon fed to us unlike some other anime, which makes this show a jewel.

So Tetsuya and his erection won’t probably last until 180, said by the doctors. There might also be some psychological affection about it as well so Tetsuya thought of visiting a psychiatrist, well that’s none other than Dr. Irabu. Something definitely bothers Tetsuya that’s why it affects his erection, as Irabu thought. So yeah, Tetsuya reveals that he’s still caught up with his ex, who exchanged him for another man in her office. As he holds up everything inside him, it reflects in his thing.


Moving on, what’s definitely interesting in Trapeze is that they show different symbolism in here with the patients using animal heads. We have the circus guy on the first episode be a bird head, now this dude has a rhino head. I gotta wonder why he’s a rhino head, maybe because it has something to do with his passive nature… Or maybe a rhino just has a straight up standing hard horn that symbolizes hislol.

Tetsuya is definitely shown struggling with his hard-on, as it shows when we walks, and in his office. Not to mention that he always gets to take requests from everyone in there. From video taping a swimming group, getting caught by his boss, to changing a light bulb, Tetsuya looked like some pervert lol.

Irabu then suggests that Tetsuya really needs to confront his ex so that it’ll be over. The scene where Tetsuya took off his coat and showed his thing on his ex was definitely hilarious. Add that that he called her “slut” and the people applaud him. I laughed so hard in there. Too bad it’s only from his imagination. The reality is, the two only talked as friends and Tetsuya congratulated only his ex about her being pregnant.

So Tetsuya had overcome his erection eventually, and he moves on with his life and his future. Great lesson is that you should not get stuck with your past, and instead make a stand for yourself and show that you can move on strong. I like how Tetsuya showed it by refusing the orders of his co-worker.

Another great episode. Funnier than the first, and I love how you can pick up lessons in this show. Trapeze still continues the mixture of crazy and trippy visuals with light story. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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2 Responses to “Trapeze – 02”

  1. Brenana says:

    This is the weirdest freakin’ show I think I have ever seen.
    He’s the Motherflippin’ Rhymenocerous
    and he’s horny, he’s horny *is shot*

  2. Misu says:

    I heard that permanent erections were pretty painful, and not maintained by being aroused. That being the case, I found this episode a little unrealistic that Tetsuya kept staring lewdly at all the women.

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