Kobato – 04


Cross-overs are fun~


Yay~ Guess who’s in the Kobato universe? Yep~ We’ve seen her in promos about the anime and we get a glimpse of her/him in the previous episode ^^. Meet Kohaku!!! She’s an angel, yep~ That means it’s open for Ioryogi to talk to her. The two knew each other by name too, which totally makes up more for the mystery of this show.

Moving on from the show’s intrigue, yay for another crossover character!!! xD. Kohaku’s voiced by Chiwa Saito, who recently did a phenomenal job as Senjougahara on Bakemonogatari. Now this time, Kohaku’s no Senjougahara since Saito uses very soft and warm voice compared to the icy cold tone she uses on the former.


First time I saw this guy I’m like, “HOLY SHIZ!! KOHAKU’S MANBITCH IS SMEXXXAAAY~~~!!” xD. Lawl~ really, I love Shuichiro’s character design *drools*.


FLIRT!! FLIRT!! FLIRT!! You FLIRTS!!! -shot- xDDD. Shuichiro and Kohaku seems to be happy together, the only thing is that Shuichiro seems to be a very busy man and Kohaku seems sad that he’s too busy to even ask her out on a date. So it’s up to Kobato to make Kohaku happy ^^.


Lookie~ We get to see a glimpse of her powers ^^. So cool~ I really want to see more of Kohaku tbh. He/she’s very interesting. Sadly, I haven’t read the Wish manga yet and I don’t plan to since I need to find time to do that, but I read summaries so yeah~ Wish needs to have an anime or OVA of its own.


Moving on now from an actual couple to a ‘ship-only-for-now’, haha~ I just love these two so much. And lookie~ Their faces are too close with each other xD. I just want to push Fuji-tan forward and you know what’ll happen 😉 Fangirling time~!! Lol.


Funny thing to know about Fuji-tan is that this guy has thousands of secret jobs out there you’ll just be surprised to encounter him whenever you’ll go. Kinda reminds me of Touya from CCS with the token work-aholic guy. I love them work-aholic guys~


Can’t help but to make a gif of this scene xDD; Lol @ Kobato not letting go of Fuji-tan’s tickets.


So cute~ Trade that ticket for an alligator plush and Kobato’s happiness, Fuji-tan~~


And commence Kohaku x Shuichiro date plan success! Yay~ So cute fanservice for Wish readers out there ^^. I’m loving this two so much <33


CUTE BUNNY!!! And this bunny is actually a messenger from heaven. The bunny reveals to Kobato and Ioryogi that they’re now only given four seasons or a full year just to complete the bottle or else Kobato won’t be in “that place” she’s mentioning…


Aww~ Wrong person for Kobato to help… -100 ;__;

W-Wait… that’s it for Kohaku??? Noooooooo… MOAR KOHAKU PLOX. She should be a recurring character to show up later, since chances for them being on the next episode is vague as shown in the preview. But I feel they might re-enter this show soon. Ugh, now I feel like demanding a Wish adaptation right now~.

So yeah, I really thought at first that Kohaku has something to relate with on Kobato’s being but nothing’s revealed yet though, and if ever, it’ll take a while. This episode felt like fan service for those who read the Wish manga.

No candy for this week too, since Kohaku’s already happy and she doesn’t carry a scarred heart. Poor Kobato and Ioryogi for only having a time limit of a whole year to just complete the bottle. Oh well, good luck c’oz we still have around 20 episodes or something lol. This episode was pretty much fine. Kana Hanazawa is just getting so much more amusing to hear every week ^^. Though the formula is a bit predictable right now like the start where Kobato gets burnt by Ioryogi. The only twist is that there’s no candy this time and the pressure is added now that they’re given time limit.

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  1. namelissis says:

    :kyaa2: :kyaa:

    I LOVE THE GIF!!!!!!
    i screamed like a crazy girl when I saw that scene

  2. mikan-sakura says:

    I want to see more of Kohaku too~ Her appearance must mean something so she might be in a major arc soon. Plus I remember a promo too with her in angel form so we might have not seen the last of her. This episode felt too filler-ish.

  3. Auntie Heng says:


  4. Kitsune says:

    It was a nice episode 🙂

    haha That gif is fun 🙂

  5. nikki says:

    i LOVE the gif. thankyou(:

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