Kobato. – 03


Here goes CLAMP mixing things up~


Poor Kobato for living only in a playground for the past two episodes, but now be happy because she’s moving in~! Thanks to Sayaka’s kindness ^^.

This episode also introduces some of the crossover characters from other CLAMP works such as Chobits and Wish. That would definitely make the story more interesting, most especially the cross over characters from WISH, where I can’t say if the plot in the manga is linear with the Kobato universe as well.


Crossover Character #1: Mihara Chitose [Hibiya from Chobits]

Ok, so it’s the crazy world of CLAMP and crossover characters or cameos appear here and there. Kobato isn’t an exemption~ We have Mihara Chitose, who’s the landlady of the apartment Kobato will be living in. Same like Hibiya from Chobits since she’s a landlady as well.


Lol so much at this scene where Kobato had forgotten Ioryogi-san again xDD. Of course, Ioryogi comes back in a special entrance~

Ioryogi can be like a horror movie star now. He better star in a sequel of Paranormal Activity (great movie btw, very amusing~ lol at my shameless pimping xDD) Okhaay…


And speaking of more creepiness, don’t get late on your job especially when a grumpy man named Fuji-tan is in there. Replace that trash bag with a sword (that matches his long hair xD) and you’ll already dead…

His weapon for punishment?



Ugh, I know everyone’s jealous of Fuji-tan already to pinch Kobato’s cute cheeks like that~ Btw, this is the CUTEST scene in the entire series yet~ <33 I just love these two in a super cute situation~


Sayaka is brilliant. Who wouldn’t want to see Fuji-tan getting spanked? Oh god…


Crossover Character #2: Baker guy [Hiroyasu Ueda from Chobits]

OMG!! I remember him!!! OMG!!! That self-proclaimed babyface bakery guy on Chobits!!! Yeah~ I hope Yumi gets a cameo too. He looks way so much younger in here. He’s like, 30+ right O___O lawl~ He looks so 17 here, while mid-20s in Chobits ^^. I guess he might be a recurring character later on. He’s not the episodic client of the week in this episode, but he only shared an umbrella to Kobato in this episode.


Crossover Characters #3 & 4: Chiho and Chise [Chii and Freya from Chobits]

HELL FREAKING YEAAAHHH!!!!! Not one but two~!!! Yay~ And I love how Megumi Nakajima voices them to be honest. I really can’t tell at all. I’m glad Megumi Nakajima is getting out of the Ranka hole with her two nice roles this season (here and on Kampfer). OMG I love these two Chiis already <33


Before I get on with the last two important cross-over characters, we just have to get on with the episodic clients of the day where Kobato has to get some candy~thing~…thing.

We have Mutsumi, who’s a student Kobato just encountered. She’s in love with a classmate of her whom she hept on fighting with (tsundere, for short), but she thought that he already dates someone else when she and Kobato saw him walking with another girl under an umbrella.

Well, Kobato is just plain dumb so she thought that it would simply make Mutsumi happy if she asks him to walk under an umbrella with him… Ok, I was seriously laughing my ass off when Kobato is inviting the guy. Awkward much!!! xDDD. But that’s Kobato~ That makes her so lovable~ ^^.


So yeah, it turned out that the girl the guy’s walking with isn’t his bitch after all, so yeah~ Happy ending with Mutsumi walking with the guy under an umbrella while Kobato succeeds again on another mission and gets a candy. Whew~ I just hate telling summaries =__=.

And oh, I just found out that Mutsumi is voiced by Marina Inoue, that’s why I liked her character without even knowing it’s her behind it. I wonder if she’ll be a recurring character or not though. Maybe not. Anyway~


Crossover Character #5: Kohaku’s Manbitch [Shuichiro Kudo from Wish]

His seiyuu is Ken Narita. Nothing much to say more and I have no idea how will he play out in the Kobato universe, but seems like he is Kohaku’s manbitch so


Crossover Character #6: Kohaku [from Wish]

I love Kohaku already. I’m still confused about Kohaku’s gender though, if it’s a she or a he, but people keep on saying Kohaku’s a guy (trap), while I still believe that Kohaku’s genderless. But I’ll have fun to call Kohaku as a he for the meantime~ xDD. But for sure he’s so pretty~

Note to mention that he is voiced by Chiwa Saito, if we haven’t get enough of Senjougahara Fascination. I love the ambiguous tone she uses already. I’m looking forward to see more of Kohaku next episode~!!

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6 Responses to “Kobato. – 03”

  1. yukirei says:

    KOHAKU IS GENDERLESS. Kohaku is an Angel. Angel’s in the CLAMP world have no gender. I swear it irritates me when people say Kohaku is male >..>

    CLAMP has had it’s fair share of genderless characters in the past, Ashura (the child), Nataku, Kohaku and the slew of other Angels that existed in Wish, but my rule of thumb is mostly to call them the gender that best suits their personality. In Kohaku’s case, I tend to refer as a “she”, yeah, I know, that came from Tokyopop’s translation but you know what? It makes sense, Kohaku is just about the girliest “genderless” character CLAMP has ever put out, it really makes me feel funny to call Kohaku male…. I mean, heck, look here! They even gave Kohaku a super girly voice!

  2. notsudere4u says:

    Gender of this or that character is irrelevant; all you need to know is that there is only one manly male in this show and he is Ioryogi. For God’s sake, and for the sake of all manly males everywhere, Ioryogi, do not be taken in by Dobato’s moe charms!!!



  3. FurryFireFox says:

    Kohaku is genderless, but I think of her as a girl…

  4. heartsketch says:

    Kyaa~ So much crossover characters :kyaa:
    TWIN CHIIS!!! :kyaa2:
    Kohaku is so purdy~ But it’s funny he’s/she’s genderless xDD. And yay~ Saito Chiwa’s voicing her <33
    Looking forward to the next episode!!!

  5. Xiao says:

    Why don’t we get to see Chitose’s husband here yetz? Chobits had no daddy so he should be here! D:
    That being said, oh gawd, I’m so happy to see the twins at the same time! Chobits got me so depressed on what happened to them but here, they’re human! Yay! More screentime for them and baker-san, plz~ <3

    ZOMG~ Moe peen-chii secure SaiMoe ’10 throne FTW, YESHYESH?! 8333
    & lol, I wonder what exactly Sayaka’s going to use to spank Fuji (ok, I mean, NO! er…yea XD; ).

    Eh? Seriously? Marina Inoue voiced Mutsumi? Adding more to the already awesome cast? O.O
    Kaah, more awesome seiyuu cameos want NAO! (I can’t speak coherently today, plz excuse me, lol)

    But going back to the ep, d’aww, the tsundere couple was quite cute. Love Madhouse for making fillers just lovable (CCS~ <3).
    As for Kohaku and "Shuichiro", it's good to see them again. I can't recall when was the last time I read Wish but ohhh, Kohaku's charm wins me over again. I absolutely love her character design! Aha~, and as for the genderless issue (CLAMP's personal favorite fan-trolling tool) I guess I'll call Kohaku a "she" even if she is genderless. She's certainly not an "it", that's for sure. 😛

    Waah, can't wait for the next episode! ^^

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