K-ON! Character Single – Hirasawa Ui


K-ON! Image Song Series – Ui Hirasawa [CV: Madoka Yonezawa]


01. Lovely Sister LOVE
02. Oui! Ai Kotoba
03. Lovely Sister LOVE (instrumental)
04. Oui! Ai Kotoba (instrumental)

>> Download Here


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3 Responses to “K-ON! Character Single – Hirasawa Ui”

  1. Gantoris says:

    when did Hrasawa Ui started singing with K-On…… either that or i missed the OVA’s stuff. Still, K-On rocks! Thx for the uploads :oha:

  2. rreizend says:

    woo side character singles!! though lovely sister love is a bit uh.. (incestuous much?) but still :thumb:

  3. Hanari says:

    K-ON is amazing, Mio is my favorite char! :3

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