Oh god this show just sucks that I enjoy watching it~

Believe it or not, we have our final exams but I’m still watching this xD. Yeah, can you see what kind of student I am?? xDD… Nah, our test for tomorrow is just easy so I have time to blog today ^^.

Moving on to the show, Fairy Tail sucks, after all that expectations on it. Good news is, the comedy is still alright, and I guess that the animation adds to the comedy factor more.. Though I don’t know what the hell happened to Satelight and A1 that made the animation of this show get filled with so much QUALITY, shitty quality. It has so much ugly people, animation out of comedy that’s still hilarious and the action is lulz-worthy. BUT, a huge ‘but’, the comedy is still fucking hilarious and it works for me, Lucy’s silly faces are pretty funny though (but the face she made on episode one still remains epic), and the random comedy makes this show still watchable for the second time around. It’s a nice mood-saver after a hard math exam I had ^^.

But moving on with the saving grace of the entire show:


No, he’s not Musica, It’s… It’s… GRAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!! Haha~ He’s my favorite character on the manga, and the way he makes the first impression again here on the anime is still awesome~


Gray Fullbuster is a guy who likes to strip off from his clothes. Now that’s an intro~ Hosaka gets a run from his money.

Ok, so you all know that I’m a shipper, so I’m happy with stuff like this:


Beats out Kobato and Fujimoto already this season when it comes to the bump of FEITO~!!


And nothing beats the lolz of a first encounter when a guy asks a girl to borrow her panties xD.


Yeah Natsu, keep his shorts away from him. That’ll probably pay everything this show fails on ^.^

Ok, moving on to the mentionable mentions… I think I just saw this guy somewhere


O HAI THERE ICHIGO, what a pimp you had been.


This clock sucks:


And this cow is Lucy’s strongest summon so far:


This is pretty much why Lucy’s summons suck. Bring Aquarius back! Oh wait, she’s busy “having a date with her boyfriend” (and she can’t come anyway because she’s not on water~ d’UH!). I just love that diva~

Anyway, lemme show you how Natsu saves a damsel-in-distress:


And oh, I lol’d when the idol girl ended up getting knocked over in the middle of her intro speech:


Next Episode:


Boobs ready to knock you over. If that won’t be enough reason for you all to check out/skip the next episode…..


Here’s Lucy in a meido outfit.


It was still an enjoyable episode though. Most anime these days aren’t that much something to be taken seriously of, just like this one. This episode is purely comical, stupid and silly, that’s why I find it worth watching for the light-hearted ride. I just hope it wouldn’t try too hard on making the serious parts, because for sure they’ll fail. I can’t just take anything seriously about this xD.

Finally, Gray!!! I love him so much, and the Gray-service surely paid off~ Haha! Moar Gray-service nao xDD. He’s very awesome. Natsu is freaking hilarious again in this episode as well. He’s this generic dumb shounen lead that’s very fun to watch at first, but I’m expecting him to get more and more cliche’d later on. On the girls, Lucy is really likable. I don’t know why but I’m really expecting to hate her on the anime and be annoyed by Hirano Aya voicing her but it turns out that Lucy’s nothing to worry about (yet). I’m still irritated by Happy’s voice though (by Rie Kugimiya). I’m only waiting for Erza to show up soon though, I can’t wait to hear Sayaka Ohara‘s performance as her. I love how she’s voicing fierce femmes on anime lately ^^. The other members of the Fairy Tail guild are very interesting, each of them having a unique characteristic of their own ^^.

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12 Responses to “FAIRY TAIL – 02”

  1. fenixdown110 says:

    I could only stomach half of the 2nd episode before I just had to close it. 🙁 The animation, or lack thereof, finally took it’s final toll on my sanity. The animation compares to Pokemon. :red: I really really tried to give this series a chance, but anymore will be hazardous to my health. More power to you Kanzie if you can still watch this with a smile on your face. :love:

  2. kanzeon says:

    ^ I’m only waiting to hear Sayaka Ohara to voice Erza at this point to be honest. The show’s totally disappointing considering the hype and expectations it has gotten. It’s a huuuge disappointment.

    EDIT: LOL at Pokemon animation xDD;;

  3. Kiseki says:

    (From these screencaps anyway) the animation is actually pretty good compared to what Toei does with One Piece. It’s hilarious. Like, there were two of the same characters in one scene and there was one time that a girl had two belly buttons and 11 toes and…oh man I want to see that thread again.
    (Erm, Pokémon animation is okay when it comes to their movies? xD;)

    But will watch for Gray and hjg;lohr4ep9t64jhg SIEG! *A* …slash gerard slash mistgun.


  4. kanzeon says:

    ^ UGH One Piece… :red:
    I think I got into some thread like that when they put up anime art fail xDD;
    (Pokemon Movie 2001 = Animation nightmare O_____o)
    Gray-service = <3

    • Kiseki says:

      Well, it is Toei after all. :’D
      Did that thread have spherical cabbage? xD

      Idk which one that referred to, but I remember loving the Manaphy movie. ;w; (Diamond & Pearl episode 1 was hilarious.)

      Gray~ Gray~ Gray~ (Agh too many people already claimed him so I claim Gerard.)

  5. fenixdown110 says:

    I can’t help but notice that Fairy + Tail = Fail. LOL 😆 And yes, Pokemon is the perfect analogy. :red:

  6. kanzeon says:

    @Kiseki: Can’t remember really, but yeah, One Piece’s art fails hard xDD;

    OMG I also love the Manaphy one! I also like the Jirachi one too ^^. (Lol @ this post becoming some sort of a Pokemon movies discussion thread xDD)

    @fenixdown110: Lawl!!! You’re a genius xDD :XD:
    Happy can already be mistaken as a Pokemon xDD;

  7. Xiao says:

    Pretty much the same opinion as yours. The comedy makes up for anything bad. And I didn’t have high expectations for this anyway (since I didn’t read the manga yet) so it’s all good.

    lol Gray. Too smexy for his shirt…and everything else. :XD:

    Ah, and I’m loving Natsu~ <3
    But how long is it going to be till serious plot comes in? Don't tell me it's only about finding Igneel. o.O;

    • Haha, unfortunately there is no serious plot yet (I’ve read all the manga to date). xD

      But I can guarantee that Gray will keep his shirt off most of the time. ;]

      And the series isn’t really supposed to be serious, it’s more fun than anything else. Even most of the battle scenes have random times when someone does/says something stupid. That’s why I like it, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. :] Though the animation sure does suck. :[

  8. It drives me crazy that even though it sucks so much . . . . GRAY STRIPPING IS STILL AWESOME FASNSERVICE xD

    And Jeral/Gerard seemed to have appeared pretty early o_O Ah well, at least he looks better now than in the OP

  9. Valkyria Darcsen says:


  10. Ana says:

    my favorite character is gray too!!!!
    he is the coolest one and he is very powerful compared to some secondary characters that have powers that worth for nothing.
    i really like gray and he is getting more and more cool with the new volumes of the manga.

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