Anime Status: September ’09

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Welcome to Anime Status for the month of September!

You know how this goes, AniStats is the monthly compilations of the shows I’ve watched and rank it based on my enjoyment. The list will be highly biased and objective.

This might also be the closing impressions for the Summer season, since many shows already ended, making way for the Fall season. Before I go off with the list, I must say that this has got to be the hardest AniStats where I decide for the number one spot, since so much shows turned out to be fantastic. So you’re in for a surprise later~

Anyway, let’s proceed with the list!

new 20: K-ON! Specials


New Entry

I just really have to place it on the bottom since this was really not that major at all. Lol. But I do miss K-ON!~

down19: Princess Lover [END]


Last Month: 13 | Peak Position: 13

If there is such a waste of time for me and the biggest disappointment I had is watching Princess Lover completely. It’s showing hope at the start that it’ll be quite a watch, but it just horribly went downhill later on in the final parts. An absolute trainwreck, this show sucks.

up18: Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei [END]


Last Month: 19 | Peak Position: 15

I wonder if the reason why I didn’t like this season so much is either that I enjoy SZS when I watch it in a marathon way or it’s either that SZS is getting old now. I guess it’s the former. I must say that this season was actually better than the previous one and some OADs/OVAs. I should know next time that I should stick on marathoning SZS if ever a next season comes out.

down17: Katekyo Hitman Reborn


Last Month: 16 | Peak Position: 14

Verde is freaking irritating as hell. And he’s a chibi! I know chibis are small business (literally) but god Verde is just freaking annoying I want to tear him up and burn him to ashes xDD. On the other hand, Skull is kickass awesome hilarious wearing his “armored muscle body’ XD. Overall, it’s still predictable as shounen fuck (oh wait, this IS one >.>) except for Hibari, who always saves the show :P.

down16: Pandora Hearts [END]


Last Month: 12 | Peak Position: 06

Well I find it weird that I’m loving the anime-original last episodes of Pandora Hearts. Some might say they’re really messing the plot (well, they did XD) but I gotta give props to XEBEK for making me last this one until this end. Probably what I find most enjoyable in the PH Anime is that it’s a fabulous sap for fangirling XD.

down15: Sora no Manimani [END]


Last Month: 09 | Peak Position: 05

Sora no Manimani was… alright. Quite average, if you’ll ask me. Just like what Hinano said, it ws a complete waste to build up all the romance, only to end dropping it off in the end. So yeah, it was pretty damn good from the start, then it went quite bland in the end.

down14: 07-GHOST [END]


Last Month: 10 | Peak Position: 05

It’s really nice to see Mikage back then in the finale!!! Kyaaaaa!!!!!! MIKAAAGE!!!!! T^T I literally b’awwwd and smiled seeing him again! Gawd~ He’s just freaking adorable and I miss his smile and his signature wink!!!~ >___< Ok anyway, summing up 07-GHOST, it was a pretty decent adaptation. Pretty much it feed off my needs for bishies (AND FRAU cough cough), so I’m happy with that. The ending was also very awesome. I would definitely wait for a sequel if ever one is announced. I’ve got to see Capella animated~

up13: CANAAN [END]


Last Month: 18 | Peak Position: 08

So Alphard is alive right? I definitely hope so~ She’s freaking fierce, but her ending was so out-of-character. Anyway, to sum CANAAN up, this turns out to be a huge disappointment. It almost had everything. Great animation, amazing action sequences, nice cast of characters, but it story just made it look lame, cheap and disappointing. I didn’t even got a kiss between Canaan and Maria in the end either! Ugh.

new 12: Taishou Yakyuu Musume [END]


Re-Entry | Peak Position: 12

I finally caught up with Taishou Yakyuu Musume and even though it still fails getting my permanent love for it being a sports show, I guess it succeeds on being a moe-show. TYM is moe anime done right~! I can’t think of anything forced that happened in here at all, and there are male partners for the female leads, which not only satisfies my fangirling needs, but also shows moe shows and moe girls can also have male characters in them. So it’s very recommendable if you want something light and clean to watch.

stay11: Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 [END]


Last Month: 11 | Peak Position: 07

It was a cool thing that they ended the new episode series with a facepalm because that’s what basically sums up Suzumiya Haruhi 2009. Ok, so I might be a little bit harsh on it, but it’s true. I still gotta give props for the finale of “The Sighs” and “Sighs” as a whole because we get to see what the series can offer. And oh, it can offer intense steam-off~

down10: Hetalia Axis Powers


Last Month: 08 | Peak Position: 01

Hetalia is still fairly enjoyable just as usual. Well blame my biasness why this doesn’t drop off the Top 10 xDDD. Ok ok, biasness aside, what I found definitely enjoyable on Hetalia this month is how they show cultural differences between east and west ^^.

down9: Valkyria Chronicles [END]


Last Month: 06 | Peak Position: 06

HELL YES FOR HAPPY ENDINGS~!!! Lol. Nevermind the ridiculous-ness it carried on and the lolwtf-battles, though, since the main reason why I picked it up is to see how Welkin x Alicia gets adapted in the anime. I loved it in the end. I also love Edy x Homer too! Btw, the game’s ending is still better though. Sad that they didn’t showed up Isara (Welkin and Alicia’s child) baking with her mommy~

up8: Umi Monogatari [END]


Last Month: 14 | Peak Position: 08

Umi Monogatari’s ending was really sweet~ It really got me satisfied with it. We might be getting Kanon x Kojima after all~. Urin and Marin also had their sweet end about how “LOVE WINS ALL”, etc. And btw, Umi Monogatari gets an OVA March 2010. I wonder what would this one be about… I just hope this wouldn’t be some “OBLIGATORY UNDERWATER HOT SPRINGS” OVA episode or else I’ll be rolling my eyes forever on this one.

new 7: Saki [END]


Re-Entry | Peak Position: 07

Talk about an epic series. I’m very glad I picked Saki right back up again and caught up with it when it ended. And heck yeah this was a very enjoyable series all through out. The yuri hints makes it win in so many levels, the mahjong matches are nonsensical but whatever, it’s just freaking epic. I think Saki is one of (the very few) Gonzo’s gems.

down6: Umineko no Naku Koro ni


Last Month: 04 | Peak Position: 04

Umineko is just freaking awesome to bits. Actually, it’s improving more and more, and the new arc definitely promises to be better than the older ones. I have no idea what is definitely happening with the series, but I’m totally enjoying every surprise it pulls of from its sleeve ^^.




new 5: EVE no Jikan [END]

Re-Entry | Peak Position: 05

EVE no Jikan was definitely a very solid series of ONAs all through out. This was one of the best shows last year and it definitely shows that it’ll take a spot again this year. The ending left me wanting for more though, I hope it gets some continuation besides from the film release. I want to see next time Rikuo encountering the “Dri-Kei” issue with Sammy next time.

up4: Spice and Wolf II [END]


Last Month: 05 | Peak Position: 04

Ok, so Sora no Manimani disappointed while Valkyria was fangirl-impressive, but what’s topping the romance in a finale is Spice and Wolf II. This is definitely a very unique case wherein a sequel turns out to be tons way more better than the first one, which was already good imo. The kiss could have been at least animated better though.. -__- (it just lookes like Lawrence’s head was plastered on Horo’s nose XD) but anyway.. Spice and Wolf II  has got to be the best sequel of the year so far IMO.

down3: Bakemonogatari

Last Month: 01 | Peak Position: 01

Ok, so if the other episodes this month of Bakemonogatari was at least half as awesome as Episode 12, this would, hands down, get the top spot again. But after the weakest arc so far (Nadeko), and an animation fiasco that happened on Episode 10, this would have gotten the 6th spot. Thank episode 12 (and Hitagi’s comeback) that raised the series back up to the awesomeness it is.

up1: *TIE* Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 [END] and Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ [END]


I literally can’t decide which one to give off the top spot for AniStats this month because both series had been solid and excellent throughout the month so I just made these two gems share the crown.

Last Month: 02 | Peak Position: 01

TM 8.0 had been the most emotionally insane rollercoaster ride of suspense and tears this whole season. It was a very solid series, considering the drought of quality ones this season. TM8.0 definitely stands out, because it’s just rare for me to find I show that’s emotionally attaching.

Last Month: 03 | Peak Position: 01 (*two times)

And the top-tier is Phantom, which is another amazing series as a whole. Though the ending was a little bit, uh, controversial, I guess it sealed the series as dark and intriguing just the way it is. Well I personally got confused with the ending and why did the writers have to do that. I hope they’ll come up with the way to explain that but all in all, Phantom was definitely one of my favorite shows this year.



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8 Responses to “Anime Status: September ’09”

  1. Kiseki says:

    Lol. I love Verde. xD; His staaaaaaaare. And his…vary mature voice.

    They kinda made Hibari OOC in that one scene with Chrome though. :<

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  4. Leen says:

    with this summer anime is over

  5. FuyuMaiden says:

    Wait a minute. Did I see hand-holding in the Taishou Yakyuu Musume screencap? Well, looks like I end off the Summer season with a marathon to get me some hand-holding. (This season was seriously weak for that kind of stuff! At least the anime I was watching was…)

  6. Auntie Heng says:

    OMG!! i’m going to marathon the last 6-7 episodes for TM 8.0 and Umineko tonight!!! >.<

  7. Xiao says:

    I have a feeling PH will be back for a second season so yay to more fangirling, then? Switch studios! Switch studios! XDDDDD

    *sigh* Still have to catch up on TYM. Maybe Sora no ManiMani, too, but since final reviews for the ending were kinda meh, I don’t really feel up to it. :/

    That screencap of Canaan and Maria together is so yelling to be photoshopped and you know it. XD;

    UMG, I knew Junichi Sato would not fail me with the loli-turning-evil routine! Lololol
    And an OVA, eh? I have all sorts of theories what it’ll be now. Maybe something silly about Sam trying to win Warin over (I hate to say it but he was completely pointless throughout the entire thing) or maybe it’ll focus on the sea people’s lives? Not that there’s many sea people to begin with but since they stayed up on the surface for most of the time…or maybe they’ll just pay Kanon a visit. Oi…

    Umineko = need more Stakes screentime~

    Too bad for Bakemonogatari moving down the ranks though I agree. It probably wouldn’t be so high up on my list either with the latest episodes if it weren’t for episode 12 (even though I love Nadeko).

    Haha, and I see you couldn’t decide between TM8.0 and Phantom after all. I’m kinda hesitant to watch both since I don’t want to be too pulled into any series in the former’s case while Phantom has that ending…um, yea. *puts it off on to-watch list for now*

    Anyways, great job on the monthly rankings as always. I applaud your effort! *applause* xD
    God knows how long it’s going to be with Fall starting now. Good luck with that (and I look forward to it!). ^^

  8. moritheil says:

    Very interesting positioning of Haruhi.

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