Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: 11 [END]



Yuuki Montage… T ^ T

I’m pretty much okay with the “life goes on” ending. The situation is handled really carefully with Mirai’s parents showing how is it hard moving on and comforting the doctor. The “D’awwwest” moment indeed was when Yuuki fades away while Mirai’s witnessing it and hugging her mom. I also like all the Yuuki moments/pictures getting shown. I’m almost at my tears, though I just can’t force them to come out LOL.


I also like what they did with the ending, it’s nice to see all the minor characters shown from the start gets a photo of what’s happening with them now.

Anyway, talking about the show as a whole, I gotta wonder why people are being so bitchy about this show. It’s very obvious that it’s only a work of fiction so don’t expect a freaking documentary out of it. It’s so uncool to see people getting analytical about the “realism” of the show. It’s actually pretty realistic and touching for me.



Overall it was a very fantastic show. It’s moving and packing with emotional impact. Yeah, this show just wins in emotional impact. Though I might not have anything to react about the Yuuki-being-a-ghost thing since I’m still like “Uh, ok. Isn’t that way too obvious already?”. But it was still interesting because there is such a thing where death is still in denial and it’s interesting to see Mirai’s mental state maturing. But yeah, I gotta say that this show is an effective emotional ride and hands down it’s a lock on one of the best shows of the year.


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10 Responses to “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: 11 [END]”

  1. Toonleap says:

    This was directed by M Night Shyamalan, the guy from the sixth sense!…I see dead people… 😛

    Now, this series was really good and I must admit it…I had manly tears at the end….good stuff.

  2. toofuu says:

    but but i dont get it!! how did yuuki diee?? what did he die from?

  3. issa-sa says:

    @toofuu He must’ve died at about the same time that Mirai ‘dreamt’ that he did (i.e. it wasn’t a dream)

    I was rather disappointed when Yuuki ‘didn’t die’ the first time around when Mirai ‘dreamt’ it (not because I’m a sadist but because it felt like the right moment to stop people bitching about the show treating the tragedy of the earthquake ‘too lightly’) but the way they panned the story from that point onward was way more effective T_T

    (P.S. Do not recommend watching the finale after seeing your family after a LONG period of time only to leave them again and coming home to an empty apartment T_T)

  4. Kanevolfeed says:

    T__T I agree~~ there where tears in my eyes… Waaaa.. I do not know but the serie can not be better… Everything’s just perfect… Only one note… Just like toofuu.. I wanted to know the exactly reason why Yuuki died… they do not explain that very well…

  5. kanzeon says:

    Yuuki’s cause of death has something to do when he saved Mirai when the Tokyo Tower fell. He had a head injury back there but as Mirai said, he didn’t complain even though something’s already wrong and it’s causing him so much pain. So yeah, critical head injury has got to do with Yuuki dying days later.

    …BAWWWWW :baww:

  6. Kyonkun87 says:

    😥 enough said…. seriously though i havent felt this emotional since air, Clannad, and Kanon. GAO 😥 … All i can say the show was great loved the smooth flow of it. The show couldnt get any better.

  7. Myuki says:

    I’ve watched up to episode 11 of tm8.0 Don’t expect people’s opinions to always be heart felt and en joyful. At the beginning of the series, before the show even starts, there is a disclaimer stating that the animation is fiction and they’ve done a ton of research and verification. It’s not to say that this is the way things would turn out. Particularly with medical support in the show. People seem to forget that it’s just an anime….. the creators and artists can do as they wish with the plot and storyline. I think they do a great job touching the hearts of their viewers, moreso, no other anime has really come anywhere near TM8.0’s originality in this sort of way.

  8. jaiger says:

    Oh man when I watched the first episode I was immediately hooked. I loved the sense of realism (especially since i live in California, it really grabbed me and kinda makes you put your own life in a what if situation. But really i loved the animation and the emotion that was put into this series, the character development wasn’t rushed, and the chemistry between Mirai, yuuki, and Mari was very well executed. One of my fave serious hands down.

  9. Glo says:

    Even I got choked up from this, and if an anime can choke me up, then I’ll give it the highest score possible. This was fantastically done, the whole way through.

  10. Lorhan says:

    Great series, i almost criead as much as when i watched Clannad.

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