K-ON! – Official Band Yarouyo!


K-ON! Official Band Yaro-Yo! by the Houkago Tea Time. Enjoy the epic rockin’ band score by K-ON!’s very own “Let’s-Make-A-Band” album. Includes a total of 109 tracks, including the official 5-jin versions of the OP and the ED (with Azusa). Download links after the jump.


1. Cagayake! GIRLS [5jin Ver.]
2. Don’t Say ‘Lazy’ [5jin Ver.]
3. Cagayake! GIRLS [5jin Ver.] -Instrumental- (4:10
4. Don’t Say ‘Lazy’ [5jin Ver.] -Instrumental-
5. Curry Nochi Rice [Studio Mix] -Instrumental-
6. Watashi no Koi wa Hotchkiss [Studio Mix] -Instrumental-
7. Fude Pen ~Boru Pen~ [Studio Mix] -Instrumental-
8. Fuwa Fuwa Time [5jin Ver.] [Studio Mix] -Instrumental-
9. Subtitle Back Guitar 1
10. Subtitle Back Guitar 2
11. Subtitle Back Guitar 3
12. Subtitle Back Guitar 4
13. Subtitle Back Guitar 5
14. Subtitle Back Guitar 6
15. Subtitle Back Guitar 7
16. Subtitle Back Guitar 8
17. Subtitle Back Guitar 9
18. Subtitle Back Guitar 10
19. Subtitle Back Guitar 11
20. Subtitle Back Guitar 12
21. Subtitle Back Guitar 13
22. Charamela #2 [Gakko!]
23. Sawako Sensei – Chouzetsu Hayahajiki! – #5 [Komon!]
24. Sawako Sensei – Chouzetsu Tapping! – #5 [Komon!]
25. Sawako Sensei – Chouzetsushi Guitar! – #5 [Komon!]
26. Azusa no Udemae Hirou 1- #9 [Shinyuu Buin!]
27. Azusa no Udemae Hirou 2 – #9 [Shinyuu Buin!]
28. Isshuukan – #1 [Haibu!]
29. Tsubasa wo Kudasai – #1 [Haibu!]


1. Cagayake!GIRLS [5jin Ver.] -Instrumental (-Guitar)-
2. Cagayake!GIRLS [5jin Ver.] -Instrumental (-Keyboard)-
3. Cagayake!GIRLS [5jin Ver.] -Instrumental (-Bass)-
4. Cagayake!GIRLS [5jin Ver.] -Instrumental (-Drums)-
5. Introduction
6. Guitar – Introduction
7. Ex.1-1: [A] A Mellow Bridge Mute (0:16
8. Ex.1-2: [A] A Mellow Bridge Mute NG Take
9. Ex.2-1: [B] A Mellow Arpeggio (w/ Delay)
10. Ex.2-2: [B] A Mellow Arpeggio NG Take (w/ Delay)
11. Ex.3-1: [B] B Mellow Counter Melody
12. Ex.3-2: [B] B Mellow Counter Melody NG Take
13. Ex.4-1: [B] B Mellow 9 Shousetsume GURISSANDO (Tremolo Picking ari)
14. Ex.4-2: [B] B Mellow 9 Shousetsume GURISSANDO (Tremolo Picking mu)
15. Ex.5-1: [C] SABI Code Backing
16. Ex.5-2: [C] SABI Code Backing NG Take
17. Ex.6-1: [A-2] A Mellow 2 16 Wakatteingu (w/ Wah)
18. Ex.6-2: [A-2] A Mellow 2 16 Wakatteingu
19. Ex.6-3: [A-2] A Mellow 2 16 Wakatteingu NG Take
20. Ex.7: [D] Interlude Gt.-I Solo
21. Ex.8: [D] Interlude Gt.-II Solo
22. Solo Improvisation
23. Ex.10: [F] Modulation
24. Keyboard Introduction
25. Ex.1-1: [Intro.-1] Scratch Sound
26. Ex.1-2: [Intro.-1] Scratch Sound NG Take
27. Ex.2-1: [C] SABI Tone and Rhythm
28. Ex.2-2: [C] SABI (Uwa Part Neiro)
29. Ex.2-3: [C] SABI (Moto Part Neiro)
30. Ex.3-1: [A] A Mellow Glissando & Timbre
31. Ex.3-2: [A] A Mellow (Uwa Part Neiro)
32. Ex.3-3: [A] A Mellow (Moto Part Neiro)
33. Ex.4-1: [D] Solo Interlude (0:22)
34. Ex.4-2: [D] Solo Interlude NG Take
35. Ex.5-1: [E] D Mellow
36. Ex.5-2: [E] D Mellow (Effect Ver.)
37. Ex.6: [F] 8 Shousetsume (BENDODAUN Hit & Sound)
38. Ex.7: [Ending] 5 Shousetsume~8 Shousetsume Neiro
39. Ex.8: [Ending] 9 Shousetsume~ Neiro
40. Bass Introduction
41. Cagayake!GIRLS Setting
42. Ex.1-1: [C] SABI Code Arpeggio
43. Ex.1-2: [C] SABI Code Arpeggio NG Take
44. Ex.2: [Intro.-2] Bass Infill
45. Ex.3: Slap Practice
46. Ex.4-1: [Intro.-2] 5~8 Shoutsume Kara [A] A Mellow Head (tempo 170)
47. Ex.4-2: [Intro.-2] 5~8 Shoutsume Kara [A] A Mellow Head (tempo 120)
48. Ex.5-1: [A] A Mellow Back Beat wo Kanjiru
49. Ex.5-2: [A] A Mellow Back Beat wo Kanjiru NG Take
50. Ex.6-1: [B] B Mellow Drum Tone Combination
51. Ex.6-2: [B] B Mellow Drum Tone Combination NG Take
52. Ex.7-1: [D] Solo Interlude (tempo 170)
53. Ex.7-2: [D] Solo Interlude (tempo 120)
54. Ex.8: Solo Improvisation
55. Ex.9: [C-3] 4 Shousetsume~Glissando
56. Ex.10: [Ending] 4 String Bass Ver.
57. Snare & Toms General Settings
58. Cageyake!GIRLS Snare & Toms Setting
59. Snare & Toms Setting
60. Ex.1-1: [Intro.-1] ~ [C] SABI 8 Shousetsume Fill
61. Ex.1-2: [Intro.-1] ~ [C] SABI 8 Shousetsume Fill NG Take
62. Ex.2-1: [B] B Mellow 1 9 Shousetsume Fill
63. Ex.2-2: [B] B Mellow 1 9 Shousetsume Fill NG Take
64. Ex.3-1: [A-2] A Mellow 2 Rhythm
65. Ex.3-2: [A-2] A Mellow 2 Rhythm NG Take
66. Ex.4-1: [A-2] A Mellow 2 4,9 Shousetsume Fill
67. Ex.4-2: [A-2] A Mellow 2 4,9 Shousetsume Fill NG Take
68. Ex.5-1: [B] B Mellow 2 9 Shousetsume Fill
69. Ex.5-2: [B] B Mellow 2 9 Shousetsume Fill NG Take
70. Ex.6-1: [D] Solo Interlude
71. Ex.6-2: [D] Solo Interlude NG Take
72. Ex.7-1: [E] D Mellow Rhythm
73. Ex.7-2: [E] D Mellow Rhythm NG Take
74. Ex.8-1: [E] D Mellow 4,8 Shousetsume Fill
75. Ex.8-2: [E] D Mellow 4,8 Shousetsume Fill NG Take
76. Ex.9-1: [F] 6,7 Shousetsume Fill
77. Ex.9-2: [F] 6,7 Shousetsume Fill NG Take
78. Ex.10-1: [C-4] SABI Rhythm
79. Ex.10-2: [C-4] SABI Rhythm NG Take
80. Owari.

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