First Look: Kuuchuu Buranko


First Look and trailer for Fall’s Kuuchuu Buranko (Trapeze)

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[Thanks to solomon from the Animesuki forums for some translations]


Irabu in his three forms

Ichiro Irabu [Seiyuus: Mitsuya Yuji & Paku Romi]

Irabu is a psychiatrist from the Irabu General Hospital. He is fat and pale skinned, with a fetish for administering injections to patients. An unreasonable and rather immature person, he normally ignores Yamashita’s plights while challenging him to mid-air trapeze flying due to his self proclaimed “light-weightedness.” During his student days, he frequently misunderstood his lectures. Treated as a general nuisance at the School of Medicine, he entered pediatrics soon after graduation. However, due to claims of his tantrums and quarrels with child patients, he switched to psychiatry instead. Doubts remain about his actual grades.

Mayumi [Seiyuu: Yumi Sugimoto]

Mayumi is a nurse of psychiatry and an assistant of Irabu. An F Cupped beauty, she is quite taciturn and blunt. She enjoys wearing gaudy and revealing clothing; once during a house call with Irabu, she wore leopard-patterned hotpants.

Kohei Yamashita [Seiyuu: Toshiyuki Morikawa]

Protagonist of “Kūchū Buranko.” He is a member of circus troupe of seven years and is a leader of a flying trapeze team. Both parents are fellow members. After suffering repeated failures on the trapeze act he, he visits a psychiatrist on his wife’s and fellow members’ advice. Due to his failure during a act, he believes his partner is harassing him.

Tagutchi Tetsuya [Seiyuu: Takahiro Sakurai]

Protagonist of “Batsuchippanashi” (Making a stand).

Jun’ichi Hoshiyama [Seiyuu: Shinichiro Miki]

Should be “Aiko Hoshiyama” if they followed the original source material but it seems like they changed the gender.

About “Aiko Hoshiyama”, Hoshiyama is a leading character of “Joryū Sakka.” She is a popular novelist known for her stories which “express the subtleties of the hearts of today’s urban men and women.” While working on her newest story, she becomes ill at ease with writing new material. After relapsing into a continued state of compulsive vomiting which had been previously been cured for 2 years, she consults psychiatry.

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Well that was quite eccentric? I wondered how the so-called “live action parts” would be, but now we had a glimpse of it. It feels definitely odd,  but that was one hot nurse though.
Overall, it’s really really really weird if you ask me. Probably this might be my Bakemonogatari this Fall and ride along for the WTF-ness. Not to mention that this is the Noitamina anime of the season and the people behind this are the guys from Mononoke, which is a favorite of mine. I’m sure to check it out and blog it.


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5 Responses to “First Look: Kuuchuu Buranko”

  1. fenixdown110 says:

    I think I’ll pass on this one no matter how hot the nurse is. lol

  2. Dop says:

    Oh my god, that looks completely bonkers. I’ve never seen a Noitamina show I didn’t like so I’ll be watching this one. Looks more mad than a sackful of Satoshi Kon.

  3. kirapika says:

    Now that was…. weird. I didn’t know until now that there were live action parts for this. God, this series really looks eccentric just by the PV itself. Anyways, still checking this out.

    Thanks for the first look post! 😉

  4. Llora-chan says:

    I might be checking this one out since I loved Mononoke ^^

  5. meteorhouse62 says:

    Err… :ehh:

    The live action gravure nurse… O___O

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