Bakemonogatari: 11



Hey, Bakemonogatari’s back to being cool again. I’ll admit that my eyes are still not yet recovering after the painful Episode 10, I gotta say that this was back and I’m glad to see SHAFT making it on time again.

Moving on, we’re now at Hanekawa Tsubasa’s arc. It’s quite interesting to see her backstory about it, and that quite makes her Koyomi’s first harem member right? Since they met first even before Koyomi met Hitagi. I also bet that the thing that’s making Tsubasa stressed now lately is thinking about Koyomi and Hitagi. It seems like Hanekawa has a thing for Koyomi and I wouldn’t be surprised about it.


What’s hot about this episode is definitely the flashback on Hanekawa. We have a white catgirl who used to be this glasses girl. Though I’m still WTF-ing over at how it seemed very anti-climatic when it was revealed about her and it felt more like a mini-arc inside an arc.

Overall, it was a nice improvement fom the previous one visually. My favorite art style has got to be the kaleidoscope-like visuals when Koyomi and Nadeko are talking. It’s very creative and hypnotizing in a good way. I also like the Film Noir style of Hanekawa’s flashback too.


But the star of the episode has got to be the star of the previous arc: Nadeko. I basically enjoyed her more in here than everything she had done in her own arc. Nadeko’s my loli of the year.


I seriously can just dump a whole lotta picture spamming of her and count it as a post already. Nadeko is just love.


And anyone wondered why Araragi tried to lift up Nadeko’s skirt? For the record, he’s a lolicon and this is just another evidence.


Biggest surprise for me in this episode has got to be Shinobu (or the girl who’s “not Shinobu before”). It’s nice to see her making some err… action in this episode than just sitting there. But I do wonder when will we hear her. They’re minimizing Hirano Aya too much in here lol.

P.S. – By the way, this is the second to the last episode of the TV run. The remaining ones are saved for webcasts only. I hope SHAFT won’t say ‘lazy’ even though they’re just for the webcasts because what’s coming on later with the story seems so promising.


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5 Responses to “Bakemonogatari: 11”

  1. RP says:

    I miss Hachikuji 😉

    But I do love Sengoku’s voice. That’s the problem with this show. Too many great characters, too little time to show them all.

  2. baka says:

    haha Don’t Say “Lazy”. 😉

  3. Xiao says:

    Agree wholeheartedly that Nadeko is love~ <333
    Gawd, she was so cute in this episode now that there's no longer an invisible python choking her. 😛

    As for Tsubasa, I loved the white cat transformation and Yui Horie's incorporation of "nya~" into her sentences made me laugh. It sounded so well done. xD

    Have to say Shinobu was wth-awesome for just coming out of nowhere from behind, taking a chomp on Tsubasa's neck and then standing there looking loli.

    …Still can't believe this is the second to last episode. Where's Senjougahara?! Bring her back for even a minute before the end and I'll be happy. T_T

  4. Metalsnakezero says:

    Hot VampGirl x Catgirl :thumb:
    This ep and Spice and wolf are turning everyone in to Furries 😀

  5. fenixdown110 says:

    *Crossing fingers for good webcasts…*

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