The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi: 03


Mi… Mi… Mi…

It was a pretty enjoyable episode. Though I just can’t seem to clear my head thinking that the art style for the characters just continues to be K-ON-ified. But it’s not really something very annoying though so I guess I can deal with that if KyoAni’s really now pushing that style.

Anyway, there are some hilarious parts in this episode. Yuki is always awesome, and I liked that part where she rushed in and took down Mikuru taking off her contacts. I was lol’ing since I was definitely wondering how that came from in Episode 00. Also, Koizumi’s faces are pretty hilarious too.

Mikuru Beam is done awesomely. Can’t add anything more to that. I enjoyed seeing a dangerous yet innocent and cute Mikuru. Haruhi goes egotistical and all but she IS Haruhi, anyone who complains will get punished :P.

This is definitely my favorite episode out of this season so far. Can’t wait for the next one. I expected The Sighs to be a pretty boring arc but it just proved me wrong since I’m enjoying it.


Haruhi demands a face-off with Tomb Raider.


Haruhi gets +3 bitch points in this episode.


Mikuru Beam~!!


Ouch, that had to hurt. But for Yuki, not.




Last but not the least, enjoy staring at the endless noodle until the next epi somes out.


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3 Responses to “The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi: 03”

  1. phoenixdown110 says:

    I just loled at Koizumi’s face when the Mikuru Beam sliced the sign in half about 6 inches away from his face. 😆

  2. cryskolt_19 says:

    Agreed that Mikuru’s beam was awesome! Loved it when Nagato ‘teleported’ in and stopped the ray from frying through Kyon.
    (Btw, do you know that according to Einstein’s theory, nothing travels faster than the speed of light? For Yuki to have deflected that beam, I could only suggest the idea that Yuki stopped/rolled back time to alter destiny’s course.)

  3. Junko says:

    MIKURU LOOOOOOVE. Teehee. Koizumi love too, and Haruhi love. BUT, I’m rather enjoying the sighs, classic casual haruhi-ism at it’s moe filled best

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