Spice and Wolf II: 07 – Flurting


v: furry flirting

After all that tension and heavy atmosphere due to the ‘conflict’ of these two in the previous arc (which had proven only to be “Just as Keikaku” by Horo), pice and Wolf II gets back to non-tension atmosphere full of fun and entertaining interactions and teasings from our two leads.


When we all thought Lawrence would finally level up his balls now that he’s back together again with Horo…


He does this instead… You tsundere bastard.


That fox-fur-thingy is already dead…. right?? O_O Because I would feel bad for it when it’s still alive xD.


Lawrence is pitching woo to Horo now. Nice pitch!


And more and more flirting with these two just makes this episode just fun.


This is an episode that doesn’t really advance much on the plot but still, I enjoyed it a lot. All thanks to Horo and Lawrence. Not only that their characters seems to be really that entertaining and enjoyable seeing interacting with each other, but it also seems like the voice actors (Kohimizu Ami and Jun Fukuyama) has natural chemistry to both of them as well. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that their dating in real life or anything, because I just find them (since on Code Geass, actually) to go play with each other so well.

Moving on, it looks like Horo x Lawrence is stepping up to another level. All their interaction totally made up for everything the previous arc lacked. I find Horo giving obvious hints on Lawrence real funny. And Lawrence blushing is definitely off. Way too creepy to watch.


Leaving you with a Moero gif. Ya know you want it.


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3 Responses to “Spice and Wolf II: 07 – Flurting”

  1. fye says:

    I agree that the interactions between Horo and Lawrence are just enjoyable. The sexual tension in this episode is just… hoooot! XD

  2. Oksi-chan says:

    Itsumo arigato for the gifs… I adore these kind of episodes… X3

  3. Llora-chan says:

    Kyaa~ I loved this episode :kyaa2:

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