Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ OP2 Single: Senritsu no Kodomotachi


ALI PROJECT’s Senritsu no Kodomotachi [Requiem for the Phantom OP 2 Single].

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ OP2:


I’m really not a  fan of Ali Project, and besides from having a hellish dark OP song accompanied by shoujo-ish, slice-of-life, cutesy OP, I can call this one hot mess. In a bad way, to be honest. I enjoyed the animation though, kind of a guilty pleasure seeing my OTP getting happy together and btw, Cal has so much boobs already in just two years O__O. So yeah, this is just a hot mess when combined.

That’s just at first look though, since it’s mentioned in ALI PROJECT’s official blog that when Arika asked the director about it, he purposely made the song to be the complete opposite of the animation sequence. It can also give a hint on the end of the series as well as we look at it closely.

But still, ED2 by KOKIA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OP2 by AliProject.

PV Sneek Peek:


I’ll update the post when the full PV gets uploaded by someone in youtube. You can watch the full PV in the official fansite if you’re a member though.

The cover for the single can be quite controversial. We have Arika (ALI PROJECT lead) in some kind of a Virgin Mary outfit with the cross and stuff and she’s surrounded in flames. It’s call Hell’s Maria (b-side song title btw). I adore ALI PROJECT’s avant garde sense of fashion but I can call this one of my least favorites though.

And I’m not yet getting into the actual songs. I don’t really want to talk about the songs though, because as I said before, I’m not much of a fan (I only became a fan when they were singing from Rozen Maiden back then~). I find it better than the other songs from Code Geass though, and I like how this has much less Aristocrat-esque Eurobeat in it compared to the tons more other songs that sounds almost the same -__-. Those who are avid Ali Project fanatics will enjoy it ^^.


1. Senritsu no Kodomotachi
2. Hell’s Maria
3. Senritsu no Kodomotachi [Instrumental]
4. Hell’s Maria [Instrumental]

[w/ scans, .zip format]

>> Download Here



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