K-ON!: Ritsu, Mugi and Azusa Character Singles Confirmed


Good news! Besides from the old news of their Insert Song Album being the first-ever anime album to hit #1 on Oricon Weekly, there’s another one. The remaining K-On! girls Ritsu, Mugi and Azusa will be getting their respective character singles as well, besides from Yui, Mio, and soon to be released (August 12) Sawako-sensei’s “Death Devil” CD. [Source: Official Site]. Full cover pictures and track details below the jump.

UPDATE: They’re now released! Download Here!!


[click images for full sizes]

CV: Satomi Satou

1. Girly Storm 疾走 Stick
2. 目指せハッピー100%↑↑↑
4. Girly Storm 疾走 Stick(Instrumental)

>> DOWNLOAD Ritsu’s Character Single


CV: Minako Kotobuki

1. Dear My Keys ~鍵盤の魔法~
2. Humming Bird
3. 『レッツコ゛ー』(紬Ver.)
4.Dear My Keys ~鍵盤の魔法~(Instrumental)
5.Humming Bird(Instrumental)

>> DOWNLOAD Tsumugi’s Character Single


CV: Ayana Taketatsu

1. じゃじゃ馬Way To Go
2. 私は私の道を行く
4.じゃじゃ馬Way To Go(Instrumental)
5. 私は私の道を行く(Instrumental)

>> DOWNLOAD Azu-nyan’s Character Single


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14 Responses to “K-ON!: Ritsu, Mugi and Azusa Character Singles Confirmed”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    AWESOME! :oha: Looking forward to Azu-nyan’s the most :ohohoho:

  2. Yukishiro says:

    i am looking forward to it too…. 🙂

  3. Seinime says:

    Azu-nyan CD. Hmm…how do I describe my feelings right now.
    :thumb: :runs: :omg: :ohohoho: :kyaa2: :kyaa: 😆 :love: :nosebleeds: :oha: :baww: :doomed: :cute: :cheer: :aww:

    …And that’s the gist of it.

  4. Aerojohn says:

    I can’t wait for Sawako-sensei’s album :kyaa2:

    I just hope its not moe metal 😡 :red:
    .-= Aerojohn´s last blog ..Umineko, yes I’m watching it. =-.

  5. Melona says:

    This is awesome news! :runs: The covers look so pretty :kyaa:

  6. Kitoramu says:

    Woo, looking really forward to those! (^o^)
    Thanks for sharing as always.

    Btw, ur blog rox and I’ve added it to my blogroll 🙂

  7. Fred says:

    YES :aww: This is awesome! I can’t wait for Ritsu’s single the most :kyaa:

  8. Lea says:

    They all look so pretty~! Especially Tsumugi. :’D
    Can’t wait for the singles. It isn’t too far into the future, hm? C:
    .-= Lea´s last blog ..Axis Powers Hetalia – Episode 27 =-.

  9. Sophie-sama says:

    I really can’t imagine them singing, so excited about it XD

  10. Kana says:

    Yay~ something to look forward to in this dreaded first week of school~~~~ RITSU 🙂 ~sowwy I’m learning the guitar :huhu:

  11. SaN says:

    :kyaa2: ziiiiiiii 3 rolas de ritsu la AMOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  12. kairuu says:

    My favorite CDs by songs in order from most to least: Mugi, Ritsu, Azu-nyan

    The order is reversed for album art.

    But man, Mugi can sang!

  13. kairuu says:

    nvm. azu-nyan album just needed a little getting used to. her’s and ritsu’s switched in my music preference order 😀

  14. guest says:

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