First Look: Sex Pistols


Furry yaoi FTW~

Trailer and more details in this First Look post~

Description [BoysOnBoysOnFilm]:

At first, young, girlish-looking Norio doesn’t understand why everyone around him seems to have the hots for him Ð schoolmates and even strangers on the train are constantly trying to touch him. When he stumbles down a flight of stairs, right into the arms of sexy older student Kunimasa, Norio learns the truth: he’s a member of Zoomanity, and in fact, one of the rarest breeds of all. Kunimasa, naturally, is a Zooman evolved from a leopard, and is determined to not only make this rare species his own, but to actually mate with Norio and impregnate him! Since Norio hasn’t been raised among his own kind, he has no idea what’s going on around him. Enter Yonekuni, elder brother to Kinumasa, and self-professed hater of men. Luckily for Norio, he’s girly-looking enough that if he puts on a skirt, Yonekuni can stand to be in his presence, and agrees to tutor him in the ways of Zoomanity. At first, Norio wants nothing to do with Kunimasa’s cold and calculating behavior, but something about Kunimasa’s scent draws the newly-awakened cat-boy closer to the leopard-man who’s claimed him.

Volume Covers:

4 out of 5 released ongoing. Click for full pictures.





I must say that I was pretty impressed with the animation in the trailer. I actually find it to look more good than the manga’s art because the manga’s art looked awkward sometimes. In here, the animation is just clean, I’m liking it already ^^.


Tomokazu Sugita as Yonekuni Madarame [Kyon on Suzumiya Haruhi, Hideki on Chobits, Subaru on Clamp X]

Wataru Hatano as Shiro Fujiwara [Yuuto on Nogizaka Haruka, Junichi on AkaSaka, and Haruse on 07-GHOST]


To sum it all up, Sex Pistols will have a leopard guy banging the hell out of a monkey cat. Also, men get pregnant in here. Talk about one of the craziest and weirdest yaoi you will ever see. But for me, I’m reading the manga and I find it so amusing with the comedy and somce cute moments. Can’t wait for it ^^.

Sex Pistols OVA vol. 1 will be released on Winter while vol. 2 will be on spring ^^.


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13 Responses to “First Look: Sex Pistols”

  1. scarletgurl110 says:

    Looks hot. And Tomokazu Sugita in a smexy BL role? Definitely checking this one out.

  2. Jamie says:

    Looks good thank you for the preview (** 😉 :nosebleeds:

  3. Amuto4ever says:

    Seems very weird with the furry thing and men getting pregnant but still looks very hot nonetheless :nosebleeds:

  4. Sakura9 says:

    It’s been like half a year since I finnished the manga and I really liked it.
    And knowing Tomokazu Sugita will be one of the seiyuu’s, it has to turn out into an amazing ova 😆

  5. I was amused with the title, so I took a peek at this entry.

    eeepp . . . yaoi. thank goodness I saw this at home.

    but wait, men can get pregnant? whoa. interesting.

    but yaoi . . . .I can’t . . . I will be disturbed . . . no matter how interesting . . . and no matter how nice the seiyuu cast is . . . and no matter how nice the animation looks. . . . I can’t.

  6. warriorhope says:

    So they finally found an excuse to animate Mpreg. Alright.

  7. Tara says:

    Meow wants to see it *glomps nearest person in excitement*
    And yay for awesomeness seiyuu. Trailer makes me wanna see it more, it’s :nosebleeds:

  8. heartily says:

    kyaaaa! HOT HOT HOT! can’t say anything more other than HOT and the animation looks good. can’t wait for it <33

  9. Shelly says:

    I definitely like the anime characters better than the manga.

    Their faces were so looong.

  10. Vanessa says:

    yay hotness im so happy althought i thought it would be out sooner but great things are worththe wait love this manga and sure to love the anime!if my parents knew that i watch stuff like this…… oh well who cares love yaoi !!!!!!!!!! :nosebleeds: :blush2: :kyaa2:

  11. Aome says:

    Oh my hotness!! :nosebleeds: I can’t wait for this! I read the manga and loved it :kyaa: ..I can’t believe its gonna be an anime…I am so excited!! :oha: All the guys looks so dam fine! :blush2: I LOVE yaoi :kyaa2:

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