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Eroge 11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo- is now having an anime adaptation and will be one of the shows to air this Fall season. Get a glimpse on what this is about in this First Look post.

Genres: Action, Fantasy

This is based from an Eroge [Erotic Game] by Lass. There’s also a CrossOver game for XBox 360 but it’s quite unrelated to the story. Here’s the original game’s opening sequence:



5 years have passed since the one-eyed young man Satsuki Kakeru lost his older sister, his last remaining blood relative. Thanks to the support of Minase Yuka, his childhood friend, his heart is now somewhat calm, but somewhere inside of it a feeling of nothingness floats around, and he continues to live out his life without any hopes for the future. The two attend Kouryoukan Academy (popularly ‘Nijikou’) in the developing city Ayamegaoka. She gets close to the lethargic Kakeru as if it was natural and devotes herself to him, but their relationship does not develop at all. Even so, little by little the two of them continue moving forward, but as if to sneer at them, their fate takes a dramatic turn.

Without any previous warning, the two of them are thrust into a mysteriously transfigured world… All signs of people disappear, and the world is filled with a silence that makes it seem like an uninhabited ruin. The sky is dyed the crimson of a fountain of fresh blood, and a jet black moon hangs in the sky.

Ayamegaoka had been turned into a desolate world with no one other than themselves. Under the great black moon, Kakeru and Yuka had been left behind in the World of Red Night.

Instead of people the town was filled with grotesque looking beings wriggling around, and Kakeru and Yuka had no choice but to run.
After a short time had passed, they returned from the World of Red Night to reality, but they return to it suddenly, regardless of time or place.
Exhausted by this repetition, their lives are exposed to danger.

During this, Kakeru and Yuka notice that there are another humans, companions, besides themselves who have been thrust into the World of Red Night. One uses Onmyoudou techniques to overwhelm their enemies, and another beats about their enemies with otherworldly combat strength.
The humans they met in the World of Red Night possessed different abilities, each outside the realms of their common sense.

Kakeru and Yuka included, the humans in the Red Night numbered six. They decided to cooperate with one another in order to survive. However, six shadows with clearly murderous intent stood in their way.
Kakeru and the others were forced into a life-or-death battle with the six Black Knights, who hold power that cannot be compared with the other monsters.

Though their reasons for fighting differed, through their time spent together in school, and their time spent fighting together, it became a battle to protect their priceless companions. Before reaching the truth of the Red Night through heroic battles, what kind of choices will they make?

[Thanks to Varion‘s translation in the AnimeSuki forums ^^]

Characters and Seiyuu:

Just click “Show” for picture.

Daisuke Ono as Kakeru Satsuki >> Show ▼

Mai Goto as Yuka Minase >> Show ▼

Noriko Rikimaru as Kukuri Tachibana >> Show ▼

Yuu Asakawa as Misuzu Kusakabe >> Show ▼

Oma Ichimura as Yukiko Hirohara >> Show ▼

Showtaro Morikubo as Takahisa Tajima >> Show ▼

Chiaki Takahashi as Saiko Akamine >> Show ▼

Kaori Mizuhashi as Kaori Natsuki >> Show ▼

Emiko Hagiwara as Shiori Momono >> Show ▼

I’m honestly not feeling the seiyuu casting for this though, since I only know two well, and that’s Ono Daisuke and Mai Goto. By the way, looks like Mai Goto has three shows she’s leading this fall: Nogizaka Haruka 2, Shin Koihime Musou and this one.


Opening Theme: “Arrival of Tears” by Ayane

Ending Theme: “Sequentia” by Asriel

Animation Production: Dogakobo

Dogakobo is not quite that huge and known of an anime studio compared to the likes of KyoAni, BONES, etc. They produced Koihime†Musou and Ryoko’s Case File, which is sadly, some shows I think that are nothing near to stellar. I dropped those two shows before as well. So I’ll be going for a super-low expectation for this show first. I hope 11Eyes would be a hit for me ^^.

Direction: Masami Shimoda – He had worked on Ai Yori AoshiSaber Marionette J, and Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica, being the latest.



I’ll be definitely checking it out this Fall when it comes out. The “Red Night” thing just reminds me so much of the “Dark Hour” on Persona 3 and oh how I enjoyed that game back then. Other than that, I love how this sounds so bloody awesome already. It also gave me some weird ef vibes and I have no idea why, lol. The game’s OP is just awesome so I hope they deliver this adaptation well.

The characters looks definitely interesting. I’m lovin’ the design for the male protag already. Gotta love eyepatches <33. Also, I love the other guy as well. I just like ‘bad boy’ types. On the girls in the harem, I like the design of Shiori. Nothing much to say as of now though, but it seems like a cool cast ^^.

I’m still not sold on the seiyuu choices (besides from the two leads) and the Animation Production though, so I won’t have any promising expectations from it. I also don’t know about how much ecchi content will this obtain. I hope it’s just in the “tolerable” levels though, since I’m only checking this out for the action and stuff. So far, this is definitely listed on the shows I’m checking out next season.

11Eyes C76 Trailer:


>> More Comiket 76 trailers


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13 Responses to “First Look: 11Eyes”

  1. FuyuMaiden says:

    Ah~ I think everyone gets excited for an eroge/VN adaptation when it has a really cool opening. (Well…that’s all it took for me…)

    I’m the same on the cast. It was a disappointment that a cast with so many girls didn’t have many big names. Mai Goto is the only one I know and…well she’s not really a big name either. But I do quite like her~

    I have to watch it until the end because I read too many half spoilers by people who didn’t want to spoil stuff (they failed). 🙁 So I want to know what happens. But they better keep it tolerable!

  2. Rin says:

    This sounds interesting. I think I’ll watch it this fall.

  3. I’m not that fond of anime with too many females . . . but leading guy is voiced by Daisuke Ono, and I think I spotted two more dudes in the series xD I like that~

    This gives me Chaos Head vibes~ I hope this is better~

  4. Kairu says:

    The ONLY anime that I am hyped about. I hope good things really come to those who wait. wwwww

    Also, I love the OP! I wonder where can I download it..

  5. meteorhouse62 says:

    The game itself is pretty awesome. I hope the anime could be at least near that and I’ll be sold in this one.

  6. kanzeon says:

    Lol yes~ That’s what got my attention as well xD, the pretty OP~
    I only got to know Mai Goto from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. And lol before that, I almost knew nothing of her ^^;;.
    Lol yeah, I hope they really keep it tolerable ^^.

    Me too ^^.

    @Sapphire Pyro:
    Lol me too! I’m almost gonna skip it until I saw another guy in there, plus I think there’s someone to ship with him as well ^_~.
    Oh dear Chaos;Head was terrible. But I gotta admit that the ending of it was a totally fangirl sap xD. I hope this one would be twice as awesome ^^.

    Idk where to download it. Maybe check out some game forums maybe they can help ^^.

    Haven’t played the game but it gives me P3 vibes ^^. I hope it’ll be awesome ^__^.

  7. foomafoo says:

    I’m waiting for it for a long time because I really liked the OP and the song itself. Ugh, don’t know why they still have to include the ecchi stuff T_T.

  8. kuri~n says:

    Ooh… I remember seeing the game opening to this… I was like, ‘THIS SHOULD HAVE AN ANIME’. It came true a year and a half later… : D

    I couldn’t hear the theme song of the anime because of that annoying dude selling them D:

  9. Delaney says:

    Looking forward to this show on Fall. Eroge adaptations had been quite mediocre so I hope this one would turn out to be one of the better ones.

    Eyepatch guy looks cool~

  10. Garet says:

    I am not to sure about the anime production quality either, but regarding the seiyuus I don’t think there is much to worry about, as the whole cast (with the exception of the main lead for obvious reasons) is the same as the original game.

    • kanzeon says:

      Oh I see, I guess that quite lessened some seiyuu worrying ^^. Now only the production…

    • Tensho says:

      The casts are the same ones for the Xbox360 version. Just hope characters from story of another side show up. Especially ” Use Show ▼

      tags for spoilers! | Insert smilies here: the witch of the library”

  11. JOEL PEREZ says:


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