Bakemonogatari: 08


Gore had never been this colorful.


OP: 『ambivalent world』 by Miyuki Sawashiro/Kanbaru Suruga


The new OP was pretty awesome, as always. Does Bakemonogatari makes wonders or what? Miyuki Sawashiro just sounded amazing in this one. Haven’t heard her solo so far until in here. She’s also currently singing the OP and the 1st ED on GA Art Design Class.

The colors in the sequence reminded me more of SHAFT’s ef ~memories~ OP, “euphoric field” with a little mix of Maria Holic OP “Hanaji”. The ending part was the awesomest part of the OP lol. And lilies = yuri, in case you’re wondering.


You’re one dead lolicon once Senjougahara sees this, Araragi.


I really agree on Meme throughout this episode. Wow, Araragi is a ridiculous martyr. I know it’s cool to help others out but only to a certain extent. Dude, when your life costs it AND the person you’re helping turns out to be someone not needing your help plus she’s having the burning desire to kill, then he should just fucked off and leave the bitch alone.


Care much about that wrist?


Gotta love how SHAFT makes everything look… pretty? Blue intestine-thingy getting puked down, anyone?


Green intestines are just made to look like gummy candies…

But what the… Is he even alive after that?! Seriosuly now, Ararararagi’s auto-heal skillz just makes it lose a bit tension since we all know dude’s gonna regenarate back again. Psssh- Cheater. 😛


Senjougahara to the rescue!


I-Is this for real or just some sort of fanservice delusion?


/End of Suruga Monkey.


BLOODY AWESOME EPISODE! Literally. It’s awesomely sick! This is my second-favorite story arc ending actually, thanks to the gory and disturbing fight scene, which gets huge props for SHAFT making it still look artistic. I guess the text slides help a bit because it implies more pain to what’s happening to Araragi there. Also, lol at how they make gruesome gory stuff colored in pastel paint. The fight is obviously the highlight of this episode.

Shinobu sucking off Araragi’s blood is a nice touch to the episode. I wasn’t really expecting something like that to happen at all at the moment lulz. Looks like Araragi gets powered up when a loli sucks him off. No pun intended 😛 Damn you lolicon.

Add to that, is Senjougahara Fascination, adding a special touch to the scene’s where she’s at, and this episode is perfect. Senjougahara is indeed not normal just like Araragi, but she’s unexpectedly sweet in her weird and sarcastic ways. I lol’d at her saying that Araragi needs 10,000 deaths (history reference, anyone?) and also saying that he’ll make a murderer out of her. Everything she says are just gold.

Can’t wait for the next arc, Nadeko Snake, hope it’ll still carry over the bloody awesomeness.


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10 Responses to “Bakemonogatari: 08”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    Man, this episode was SICK! I have no idea why do Araragi helps someone so much to an ‘enemy’ even if it costs his life, dude’s a saint xD.

    Shinobu scene is lolicool.

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    There was so much color, it’s like modern art 🙂
    That was a nice touch with the lilies in the OP :XD:

  3. TJ says:

    Sick, nasty, and lolicon. What a combination. I’m glad Shaft used the funny colors though. Would have been too sick to see in a realistic colors.

  4. foomafoo says:

    Aw, Senjougahara cut her off in the OP XD. No more yuri :))

  5. phoenixdown110 says:

    It’s like Quentin Tarantino meets Picasso. 😆 I loved every bit of it. haha

  6. Panther says:

    Yeah Araragi just confirmed he is a closet lolicon with this episode. Also, yuri makes everything better.

  7. tsuiteru says:

    @meteorhouse62: Dude’s a lolicon. Fixed.

    @Metalsnakezero: Fabulous art is fabulous 😉

    @TJ: Yeah, that would be too O.O if real colors were used.

    @foomafoo: Short hair = smexy. But I still hope she won’t cut it in the actual story though.

    @phoenixdown110: Awesome combination XD

    @Panther: Damn you Ararararagi! Oops, I stuttered~

  8. baka says:

    “” Looks like Araragi gets powered up when a loli sucks him off. No pun intended 😛 Damn you lolicon. “”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you funny oddity 😉

  9. Floh says:

    Jo, this can’t be, I’ve seen this episode twice! :O

  10. Alex says:

    Uwaaa… Poor Kanbaru.

    I loved the way they went kinda avant-garde with the fight scene.

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