Bakemonogatari: 06


It’s damn late, I know.


Let’s meet the new girl, basketball team ace Kanbaru Suruga. And take note that SHAFT’s pointing “Danger” signs at her already. It could mean something.

I can’t wait for her OP though, this episode has “staple stable” as an OP btw.


Mayoi and Rarararararararagi (oops~ I stuttered)  interactions were hilarious and fun to watch as hell. Even though Ararararayamanagi’s looking more like sexually harrassing the kid coughLOLICONcough, while Mayoi is quite aggressive and sharp-tongued, watching these two talk and fight out of randomness makes the start of this new arc in a light mood already.


Something I really find the most entertaining about this show is how Hitagi interacts with Araragi. She’s obviously my favorite girl of the season because she just owns.

Her relationship with Araragi was heck ridiculous, but really entertaining to watch since it’s just an anime anyway. Hitagi can be straightforwardly sweet, without her noticing it, but at the same time, better pull off strings right or else you’ll have your eye stabbed. But more or less, these two are just fun to watch.


Hitagi then opens up more on Ararararagi. She tells how she and Suruga had been close before, but now they’re complete strangers.


Tsubasa getting some spotlight in this episode showcases Yui Horie’s superb performace. Actually, her role in here is my favorite this season. It’s not too “loli”-fied and forced to be annoyingly moe. I like her natural voice acting in here.

Moving on with the actual character, Tsubasa, WOW. She sure knows A LOT.


The sudden flip of atmosphere in the final few moments with Rararagi oops~ I stuttered getting assaulted by that “stranger” was pretty awesome. Pretty cool direction and use of colors. I must say that they’re making gore stylish or anything. And Aryaragi is really lucky to have that instant healing with him, because it will really get useful in this situation. Going back to that “stranger”, I’m assuming it’s Suruga. Well, we get to know that she’s already aware that Arararagi and Hitagi are dating so she’s lesbo for her and a little bit of jealously might have flipped off that made her attack Arararagi. Well if it’s not Suruga, then I have no idea who else.


Then we have Hitagi randomly popping out of nowhere giving the payment to Meme Araragi has forgotten. It’s kinda weird as well, since Hitagi didn’t showed any signs of worrying to her boyfriend. Also, I wonder if she saw that oddity.


It was a pretty interesting episode, and Bakemonogatari just stays up in the pack leading the Summer season. The end was quite intense, done in a fantastic manner. Although it’s quite obvious that it’s Suruga Monkey, I still can’t help on how she would get “helped”. Arararagi is really kind it’s almost impossible, to be really honest. His deeds helping out people like that even though he has no business with it is just weird. But well, I guess he gets paid by having an awesome girlfriend. The awesome puns are in there as well. The BaruHara thing was exquisite, the dialogues are still entertaining as well as the side comments of Araragi presented in slide-show like… stuff. I lol’d about the statement on a game winning the hardest character XD. And what episode it would be if it’s not sprinkled with some awesomeness coming out from the mouth of Hitagi?


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4 Responses to “Bakemonogatari: 06”

  1. SJ says:

    The way I interpreted it was that Hitagi is still processing the entire scene. Knowing her character, she’s probably smoldering deep down. Whether its some sort of twisted love as demonstrated in the episode, or a more territorial “Only I have the right to beat the sh-t out of my boyfriend” remains to be seen.

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    Love this episode as usual 🙂
    There’s nobody else in my mind who beat up Koyomi other that the Suruga girl. Also, Senjougahara is yet again awesome in this episode.

  3. Xiao says:

    Awesome episode. I’m glad they picked up the plot pretty fast after the Mayoi arc. I was half-expecting it to be just another introductory episode but the ending really made me go :freeze2:

    As for Suruga, I’m not sure how she will get helped either. I’m thinking there’s a chance Hitagi is going to have some involvement again. Hey, she did with Mayoi and they weren’t even related at all.
    Maybe not directly with Suruga at first since they’re practically strangers now but since she and Arararararararararagi (ow, bit my tongue, bleh~ :P) are a (very odd) couple, it’s hard to see that she won’t.

  4. TJ says:

    Hitagi owns Araragi in more than one sense lol.

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