500K Milestone: ありがとう!! ~☆


500 K VIEWS, BBs!

Thinking of something cute to put up as an OP pic related to the whole blog and all I can think is the Lucky Channel segment on Lucky Star XD. Anyway,Tsui’s out and busy with his prelim exams so I, the mistress, will do all the talking~ More stuff in this milestone special ahead!

Thank you everyone for 500,000 views here in my Kokidokom home ^^! Yep~ That’s half a million~ *wipes tears of joy* T^T. Getting closer to World Domination…. Getting closer thurr, honey~ It’s been from January 2009 when METANORN was renewed (for the second time, lulz) and now became adopted by the ever-great 7-sama *worships* under Kokido Kombine, and now I’m currently going through 8 months now under his kind hosting and yep~ We’ve reached 500 K views in here BBs!!! <333


Actually, this is a double celebration as well because my old blog back in WP.com also reached its half-a-million milestone as well a few days ago. Kinda slower to compare with the current hits I’m getting right now but it’s because it isn’t being updated anymore anyway but still kept under huggable protection ^^. Here are the views from my old blog recently (kanzeon dot WP.com) ~ screen taken a few days ago:


YES! YAY FOR MORE THAN MILLION VIEWS WHEN THEY’RE COMBINED!!!! YAAAAY~!!! :omg: Thank you also for those who are still visiting and commenting on my old blog ^^.

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! :thumb: Really, OMG I’m crying right now T^T *tears of joy* There’s so much to thank. So yeah~ Everyone! As in everyone coming right here spending your time reading or skimming or whatever… Thank you also to those putting me up in their feeds, blogrolls, etc. THANK YOU!!! Thank you ^^!!!

I feel like making a Bakemonogatari fanart to celebrate this occassion ^^. It’s extremely CRAPPY though =3=… But I hope you’ll understand because I’m still a n00b and I don’t aspire to become a certified fanartist :bleh: .

How I did it was a really funny story. As you can see, I drew it on a piece of paper and a pencil and took a picture of it using my camera phone. Gosh! I sure do wish I have a working scanner XD. So yeah, it’s totally horrible~ After that, I used PS, and colored it directly. I also edited a bit using a mouse. I retraced the lines. It’s totally wrist-hurting but yeah~ I’m a poor little lass who it totally restless and I procrastinate a lot when making this. Worked on the background. Gotta give credits to skipgo for the background texture and night-fate-shock for the foreground texture. Then I added some red-orange thingies of pertpetual randomness as well in the background (lulz~ hey, Bakemonogatari has some of that on episode 1! XD).

Are you read to see it? Here’s the original pic by the way:


So from that, is this…

(drumroll please~)



~dA page~

My favorite part? Koyomi’s choker with “500K VIEWS” mark on it~ Yum <3 Choker fetish ftw 8DD

And then I was like, “Uhh, okay I guess this looks earthly now?” lolz… So the outcome is as crappy as this T^T. Sorry~ lol. Argh! I really feel shy posting this in here >////<. But at the same time, I really feel glad because OMG YAY MY FIRST SECOND THIRD FANART!!! (lolz I always pretend that the first and second one never really existed XDD. They’re 10000 times more horrible than this XD). But it doesn’t looks directly colored straight from a cam-phone picture anymore, right? *tries my best to stay positive* ^___^.

Yup~ Any suggestions (besides from “Get a scanner and a tablet, bitch! Don’t use a mouse!”, and “Don’t color straight up from something taken from a camera phone, idiot!” since I know it’s so obvious lololol ””orz) are totally appreciated but don’t pressure me! XD. I know I really have to work on the shading and the eyes, and most specially the line art! The line art’s seriously the one I totally got lazy on even taking effort into, lol. And thoughts about it are fine as well and would definitely motivate me to do better next time~

And yeah, silly TIEMing for me to make a fanart because of all that fanart RAEG crap. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL .cough.


So what tiem is it? It’s stats sharing tiem!~ I seldom talk much about views/blog status but since it’s a milestone I should be proud of, I think it wouldn’t hurt to share ^^.

Average visits:


Currently, I most likely get 4000 – 6500 views a day. There are some lucky days (probably days where I got to post about Umineko… Why the hell is that show so popular?! XD) where my views gets higher than usual. The best day happened on July 13 where Metanorn got 7, 384 views. I’m really happy with that amount instead of getting a scary crapload of 32,000 hits in one day but all coming from a useless troll post. Remember that Code Geass post? Yeahh O.o… I’m just humble and happy that at least there’s a wide variety of posts people visit here ^__^.


Moving on to monthly visits, it’s just getting higher and higher, with the 7th month (July) having 156k monthly views.

Link Referrers:

The MOST FABULOUS link referrer has got to be the best anime blog aggregator around there for me, Anime Nano. Also to AnimeBlips (in which I’m at number 17 at this moment on the top blogs rankings~ As I just noticed it. Sankyuu <3).

For anime blogs that I got the most refferals to, the absolute winner is Simplicity. I love you so much Fuyu!!! *huggles* and Belated Happy Birthday by the way <3. Hope you’re having fun there at NYC *jealous* lol. The second anime blog that I got the most referrals to is Xiao Jie’s blog, Eksentrik *glomps Xiao* <3 Btw, don’t forget to vote as well on the Shoujo-Only Moe Tournament!

And of course, most referrals I get comes from my old blog in wp.com as well lolololz shameless linkage XD. Also, thanks to those who are link-wh0ring to me. Love you all~

I also gotta thank several forums who always link on to me like those people at MAL and Crunchyroll forums. It’s really funny how they find me as a “source” material on different fun stuff. Like the Hetalia Family game by Jewelie, which is one of my most regularly visited posts, is kind of a popular topic now in one of the forums on Crunchyroll ^^. Also, to different forums as well like Animesuki, and other random forums out there. I also feel happy when they credit me as source, especially on some news (even though they’re mostly like from ANN lmao~) and the seasonal guides (Hell yeaz! Tsui you hear that? All the hard work paid off in making them! XD).

Most viewed posts EVARR:

kp2_avi_000200366 copy copy

Just like how this Kirepapa yaoi OVA picture is the most viewed ever here. (17, 000+ views baby~)

METANORN has a total of a whopping 780 posts including this one… err wait. THIS IS TEH 780th POST!? ZOMG YAY!!!! <-;P. Anyway, here some of the most viewed posts in Metanorn. Seasonal preview posts are always win. Also, three of my yaoi OVA reviews are also in the top 20 most viewed. Each post has way more counts than all four episodes of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 blogged in here so far combined XD.



Anime-NTMMost viewed page, actually. But I’m glad people still read Anime-NTM posts up until now ^^.

—and then here goes tens thousands of miles/views far—


Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 14 – The Last Judgment

Maiden Rose OVA: 01 – Butt Bleeds, Stop Nao.FYI yaoi posts SELL HARD.

ToraDora – 10th and Final Volume

Hetalia Axis Powers: 11 with some extra news…Because of all the Philippines-tan rumors, people had been going here in this post

What’s Hot: 2008

SCANDAL – Shoujo S [PV]

“Full Metal Panic!” Live-Action Hollywood Movie with Zac Efron as Sousuke? – RAEG!!! by everyone. This post is also one of the most-commented as well.

Suzumiya Haruhi 2009: Endless Eight (Again)

Search Engine Terms:

And now here comes the fun part~!!! I always look at search engine terms everyday because sometimes, I can find amusing terms in there XD.

First of all, let’s proceed first with the most-typed in by people to get on in this blog. 1st place goes to “anime 2009”, which is what I’m being very very happy about because at least this blog can look useful in searching for new anime. 2nd place goes to the word “metanorn” itself. I’m really really flattered about this (who won’t be anyway if you see your actual blog name typed in google directly?). Idk any other stuff named “Metanorn” as well that people might search for, for yup~ SO HAPPY! 3rd place goes to “summer anime 2009”. Same reasons for the first place ^^. Glad that this blog can be misleading informative ^^;;.

For shows, most-searched terms in anime are “Bakemonogatari”, “07-Ghost”, “Hetalia Axis Powers”, “Kirepapa”, “Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!” (yeah >.> weird), “Kuroshitsuji”, “Endless Eight” (or Haruhi 2), “Umi Monogatari” (funny because I only blogged an episode of it but the post’s insanely popular), “Cardcaptor Sakura” (glad that people lead this term to this blog XD), and “Denpa Teki na Kanojo”.

The totally misleading search engine term of all time in here thatt people really never get tired of searching in “Kuroshitsuji Yaoi” to get into my blog. Other variations I also found are “Kuroshitsuji Doujin” and even “Sebastian x Ciel hardcore” O.o…

And oh, the’s also this someone typing in “Single Daddies”. I really lol’d at this one because of my ridiculous Kirepapa title post [WARNING: YAOI]. And yeah~ Lolz yaoi posts are always the most viewed and searched in here. I have no idea though why someone typed in single daddies XDD Oh lols..

Overall, nothing much crazy search engine terms anymore (like that fat mistress thing and some others I had back then O.o) And that’s a good thing because I can be aware that people searching can find what they can actually look for ^__^.

So, what’s next?


Keep a close eye!

I’m planning to make a post about my favorite SaiMoe 2009 contestants. I really don’t participate in the actual competition but I do always visit Moetron’s result posts about the matches and I find it entertaining It’s all about fun though~ So yeah, I hope there won’t be any “Why thur’s no [name] here? There?!” rants.

I’ll also be updating my Favorite OPs and EDs. You noticed before that I had a separate page for them but I removed it because I thought about changing it… So yeah~ excuse to put up Eden of the East OP and K-ON! ED there XD

Also, I’m cutting off the OTP of the Week feature because of that stupid lame fanart crap issue. It’s better that way so that I’ll be selfish this time and just leave it to everyone on finding pictures. Also, about the fanart crediting crap, I don’t give a damn about it. It’s the fault of both sides anyway. Artists doesn’t put up watermarks, then there goes photobucket/some image boards putting it up, while us people feast on it. Can’t comment anymore on this issue so I’ll leave them to the other people crying like babies about this issue.

And more yaoi posts since they get more views…. Nah~ partly kidding XDD

Fall 2009 post will probably come up at the end of August or whenever both Tsui and I have free time. Well, that’s the earliest, hopefully. It’s so hard to find my co-author Tsuiteru these days because we’re on different colleges and we are not seeing and talking with each other that much anymore, unfortunately. Actually, we talk more in here online than in real life. But I’m still glad he’s still posting on the blog ^^. Bwahahaha! Slave forever!!!

Other than that, will still continue the fun features~ ^^. Currently thinking of something for the new Showdown!. And yep~ Cool features such as Anime Status, Manga Digest, MAD Collections, etc.

And oh, before I forgot, you might notice the bright yellow lines in the sidebar instead of the usual gray. No, I’m not purposely making your eyes hurt XD. I’m just paying a tribute to Cory Aquino, who just passed away. She’s the mother of democracy of our country (Philippines). And yellow is her theme motif. Yeah, I’m not even born at her time way back then but my mum sure likes her though, and judging by how people reacted on her death looks like our nation lost a mother. And yup~ She’s THE REAL Philippines-tan ^^.

Last but not the least, I hope everyone’s aware that I always stop when I notice a biter on my way. I can really tolerate fanbrats and haters but what annoys me BOTH in blogging and in real life are biters. If you know what I mean…



Yesh I wanna glomp you all!!!~

This very moment while I’m making this post, we already have 5,707 approved comments (yes, those deleted comments that only contains icon-spamming are not counted ;P). Subtract at least a thousand to that (for author comments) and we have 4707 and counting comments ^^. Thank you very much!

OMG I really wish I would have time to make fanarts for the most-commenting-commenter (lolz) because I’ll your fan forever~ Also, we happen to have a tie to the people who have the most number of comments! ^^

The people that has the most comments (yes, it’s a tie!) are Kitsune and Xiao Jie!!! Both have 190 comments (Xiao-chan had three different name variations before so I counted them all as one). YA GAIZ ARE SO FIERCE I LOVE YA!!! *glomps both of you*

Other than that, still… thank you very much because I ALWAYS prefer comments than views anytime. Also, I also appreciate new comments on some old posts. At least the discussion doesn’t stop already until my latest post is gone at the first page of Nano lololololol.

I’m always glad to hear what people think and hear so keep it up, everyone with the comments ^^. LOVES!






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38 Responses to “500K Milestone: ありがとう!! ~☆”

  1. Llora-chan says:

    Congratulation!!! Omedetou!!! I’m soo happy for you! I just gotta draw a pic for you!! Name anything you want!!!
    Geez~~ I’m soo excited!
    WoW~~ Thinking back… about a year ago~ I remember this blog when it first started and I also started out blogging too~ ^^ (Darn school got it my way though)


    • kanzeon says:

      Really? OMG Thank you very much :aww: Actually I’m always fine with anything. Hetalia US or UK (or US/UK) is awesome :kyaa:

      Yup. We’re batchmates~ 😉
      Thank you very much Llora-chan~ :runs:

  2. I’ve already congratulated you on twitter, but I’ll do it again. xD Congratulations on this awesome achievement!!! :oha:

    Omg! The fanart is so cool! x) But aww…I hope your okay. I know it can be tough trying to do such detailed work with a mouse. The choker is my favorite part too.
    When I first saw it I didn’t even notice it was taken by a camera, let alone a phone’s camera until I read it. So great job on covering that. ^_^
    Haha, I happened to dump all of my fanarts on the day they went fanatic over fanarts too. xD
    But anyways, suggestions…well I’m not someone who should be giving them out because I only made 4 so far. And their all for SnM. I was going to say maybe trying out more eyes? But you already mentioned the eyes. I’ll just say it anyways though…for the eyes, I’d simply suggest observing and looking at their eyes and trying to copy it the best you can. Believe it or not it can turn out a lot better than you could’ve thought. But other than that… I don’t have much to say on it because it’s good for starting out in fanart. I’d love to see more from you in the future~

    Rofl, I love the comments you added on your stats. If you see my stats it’d be filled with bridges and embarrassing pits of shame. xD But anyways, sugoi stats!

    Ooh, looking at your blurb about Anime Nano makes me relieved now that I signed up for it. ^^
    Lol, shameless linking ftw~~ XD

    Lmao!! I started cracking up (to the point where my brother was going “wtf?”) when I read about the single daddies. I think it was some single woman searching for a man but popped up somewhere totally different, haha. (Hope that doesn’t offend anyone, if it does, I’m sorry! It was not intended…)

    Aww, I’ll miss OTP, but the fanart part is totally understandable right now. Maybe when it’s done or settled with it’ll come back? :aww: But I agree both sides are at fault I’m at fault. That’s why it’s best to put fanart on sites like deviantart (where they watermark it for you) or put in your own watermark. (I agree that this issue suddenly popping up is pretty stupid though…)

    But I’ll be looking forward to your upcoming posts! I feel dumb for not getting the biters part…xD I don’t want to accidentally be a biter…?

    But again, congratulations and keep up the great work! Haha, that Germany pic never gets old… 🙂
    .-= blossomgirl101´s last blog ..Welcome to the New BMC! =-.

  3. meteorhouse62 says:

    Congratulations! Epic milestone. Will wait for the million =). Wow, you’re pretty popular. The views you’re getting on a single day is already like my monthly views all combined… lols.

    And awesome fanart! Darn you’re so creative and you have so much potential. Great job :thumb:

  4. Panther says:

    Congratulations on 500K! 🙂

  5. kanzeon says:

    OMG I can wait until like, forever ^^. Don’t mind me~ Thank you very much because you’re like, the very first someone making a fanart for me ^__^.

    Thank you very much :aww:

    I didn’t really pressured myself so much on making it because I always thought about having fun while making it of course so the “tough” factor in making it was lessened ^^.

    OMG I really have to work on the eyes T^T. I always fail at them lmao. You’re so awesome on drawing eyes btw. Yep ^^. I must copy from some screenshots on how eyes should be drawn~ Thanks for the advice, hun!

    Lolz, if only we can draw our own stats? Right? XDD;;

    And lolz. Single Daddies was always searched for like, at least a couple of times already XD. I was totally “WTF?! O_O” seeing it, but when I tried typing it up on google, my blog does show on top lmao XDD

    I’ll bring back up the OTP thing when all the raeg by everyone cools down ^^. Don’t worry ^___^.

    Nah, you’re not! The biter thing is actually directed at someone copying Anime-NTM. As in, even the pictures I made for that T__T. I won’t really bother putting up a link to the site because I would only embarass her/him.

    @meteorhouse62 and Panther-san:
    Thank you very much ^^!!! :oha:

  6. mikan-sakura says:

    Congratulations for the 500k views. You deserved it ^^. Very awesome fanart also :kyaa: I wouldn’t really know it came from a cam phone pic. Good job! And I watched you on dA ^__~ Looking forward to more creations from u.

  7. Tara says:

    Congratulations ^^ 500k is super much so wow lol
    Your art may not be the best, but your colouring sure is awesome *pokes pretty colours*
    Anyways, I look forwards to more posts and hopefully you’ll reach the big million soon :cheer:

  8. CONGRATULATIONS KANZIE!!!!!!!! *huggles*

    Whoa, I didn’t know that this blog was actually pretty new (since it’s just 7 months old). So mine’s around . . 5 4 months younger? senpai! xD

    Oh I love the way you color your art~ I didn’t know you had a DA account though. But I’m not active in DA anymore so . . *sigh*
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Axis Powers Hetalia – Prussia’s Drama CD Preview =-.

  9. Baka-Raptor says:

    4000+ hits a day? Must be all that porn you post 😆

  10. kanzeon says:

    Aww~ Thank you! Lol

    Thank you <3 Yay~ I'm so glad the coloring made my crappy art less... crappier lol ^^.


    @Sapphire Pyro:
    Thank you!! *huggles you back*
    Nah~ I’m already blogging since last year, I just move to a new host this January. But still, kouhai!!! <33
    Aww~ I tried to watch you back then though, so that's why :'(...

  11. RP says:

    Holy cow, 4000-6500 views a day is a number I can’t even fathom in my head. I found metanorn just recently, but I can see why it’s so popular. Congratulations!
    .-= RP´s last blog ..Sora no Manimani, episode 4 – Mihoshi fascination =-.

  12. kirapika says:

    おめでとう~! (CONGRATS! <3)
    It's not doubt that METANORN gets this lots of view everyday, you guys deserved it! Congratualations again~ :cheer:

    That is one hot pic of Hitagi and Koyomi. Loved the way you colored it 😉

  13. Omisyth says:

    Your blog is like the Entertainment Weekly of anime. Keep it up!

  14. ShiroKun says:

    Congratzzles! :thumb:
    You guys are awesome, totally deserved it, ect. 😉

    Lolz, love ya guys

    [[me visits blog at least once a day >w< ]]

    Keep up the awesomeness! <3

  15. faer1edust says:

    Congratulations!!! :cheer:
    What a milestone you have in here! Looking forward for more posts from you both because this blog is just too awesome ^^. Also, thanks for the ever-enjoyable posts in here and cool features! More power!!!

    :cute: That fanart is HAWT. So cool! Yeah, I know you’ll be better soon so don’t think roughly of yourself Kanzie, it’s not crappy at all! Your colorings are always genius and Koyomi looks hawt in a choker~~

    Yep~ the more accurate and sensible search engine terms you get, the more you can feel that people aren’t really misleaded ^__^. I lol’d so hard on the “Single Daddies” thing though :haha:

    Looking forward for more in here ^^. Keep up your hard and good work! Congratulation again :thumb:

  16. iCafeSuu says:

    Congrats! * u * From the moment I found Metanorn I loved browsing every second of it! (all those shiny buttons hgnnn ) Awesome Araragi x Senjougahara fanart! Number one tip would be to keep practicing! xD;;;; look at tutorials and such ^ ^ (faill ) Anyway again congrats on the EPIC 500K views!

  17. Shin says:

    PARTY @ YOUR HOUSE! :omg:

  18. Gargron says:

    Congrats! It’s an epic archievement, ’cause so far I know it’s the most visited blog in the KK family now. Well, I wish you a happy further millions of visits~ <3

    P.S. Sorry that I was so away from MN lately… Was distracted by something~
    .-= Gargron´s last blog ..Taishou Yakyuu Musume – 05 =-.

  19. Rin says:

    Congradulations for getting 500k views! Thanks to this post, I actually learned what *random number*K meant. Omedetou gozaimasu!
    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

  20. Frances says:

    Congratulations! :cheer: I really love browsing through this blog

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