Umineko no Naku Koro ni: I-V – It’s The Witch, B*tch.


Happy mind-raeping!!!

We left off from the previous episode, where all the remaining servants got killed off: being gouged in the chest, knees and legs. Only with Maria being the one able to survive them. Battler then tries to ask Maria what just happened, she just insists it’s Beatrice.

Since Battler’s so hotheaded, George was the one to ask Maria calmly. Maria explains that Beatrice comes in a form of a golden butterfly, and tries to fly everywhere, even passing through the locked door. Also, the scorpion pendant caused Maria to get saved (ugh). With that Beatrice then tells Maria just to sing while facing the wall, while little did Maria knows that everyone’s getting slaughtered already.


a.) Cute Maria~

b.) Fug Jank Brat

BOTH are annoying.

And then it’s time for Natsuhi. While the children are inside the room, locked up by her, she tries to come taunt Beatrice with her gun. But then she fails (of course~) when a Golden Butterfly suddenly appears and mysteriously had Natsuhi shot down in her head instead.

Well, I still prefer Kanon’s death scene than Natsuhi, since she’s trying to sound all epic and heroic anyway. But yeah, I wonder if Natsuhi really did got killed OR if she commited suicide instead.

OIC a hole there honey~


More tears-to-boob scrubbing from Studio DEEN. What is this I don’t even

And then everything just goes very frantic. Golden Butterflies shows up everywhere, while Battler guns them, on to Beatrice’s portrait. But the clock strikes 12 on the final night, which means…



Everyone’s screwed. Time up. Beato wins. Continue?

10, 9, 8, 7, 6…


Then a fisherman finds out a message in a bottle (Maria wrote it) about the murder…



No~ the series isn’t over yet though~ If you want to find out what happens next (or the real question is, what the hell? XD) go to the next page. Contains major spoilarz/hilarious brain-raping.

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14 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni: I-V – It’s The Witch, B*tch.”

  1. iCafeSuu says:

    Let’s start off with…

    BERNKASTEL!!!!!!!!!!111oneone *has done this lovely abuse to many other umineko 5 discussions.* I thought it was a great episode, when Beatrice proved herself the re-deaths of Kanon and Shannon(+George,Jessica and Maria) looked immensely painful~elegant job Beato.

    At least this time, Maria’s faces weren’t so janked eue;;; That being said, the quality for this episode improved lots But again too much over sized breasts, and yet Bern-tan didn’t get any? efffff

    Even though the tea party room was bright, the decor was beautiful~ I loved seeing Bernkastel and Beatrice’s discussion animated, though I would’ve loved to see that last little bit of Bernkastel talking to the viewer after the ending, would have made it more mysterious~ oh well, I’m VERY satisfied, the anime it self even feels like a game now. (epic laugh there too Bern and Beatirce~)

    Can’t wait for Lambdadelta, things in the tea party room are going to get a little more crazy~!

    Episode 2-1 preview looked like win, can’t wait to see the epic Touhou cosplay live,TSURUPETTAN(Marisa, Alice, Aya woot and Sakuya ) GeorgexShannon~ KanonxJessica~
    .-= iCafeSuu´s last blog ..ARISA . chaptersix =-.

  2. mikan-sakura says:

    This episode is total WTF-AWESOME! XD :thumb:

    Beatrice-sama is such a goddess! So beautiful<3 Lol at the love at first sight… Because it felt more like a love at first fright :ohohoho:

    Urgh at the boob-service >.>… And we have another awkward boob-diving with Jessica his time XD.

    WTF at the reset thing. That was so awesome!!! I hope Battler can make it through this time next arc. Or maybe next next arc, just gotta love to have more killings XD.

    And BERNKASTEL!!! OMG I LOVE HER!!! :kyaa: Looking forward to see more of her!!!

  3. meteorhouse62 says:

    This episode is so awesome! :oha:

  4. tatemasu says:

    Maria getting crushed should be seen straight and uncensored. :-_-: .

  5. Ammy says:

    I agree. Both sides of Maria are very annoying.
    It was a great episode. The reset was pretty funny. It was pretty much:
    “AAHHH! We’re going to die!”
    “Ah, this is nice tea, isn’t it? It’s great to be revived.”
    I’m interested in how Battler will try to explain all the crimes.
    .-= Ammy´s last blog ..Cat ears, cat tail, cute. Contributing to THE visual novel =-.

  6. Beato_Awesome says:

    BEATRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kyaa2: :nosebleeds: :love: :kyaa:

  7. maya-nee says:


    Bernkastel and Beatrice are finally shown! :omg: :runs:
    I’m loving their artwork on these witches :kyaa2: I also love how they kill the other five characters as well, especially Shannon and Kanon, again!!!

    And I also notice, the foods are not splashed with blood. I think Beato will eat the food!

    Now I need to see Show ▼

    KANONxJESSICA forever!!!! 😡

  8. *busy worshipping Beatrice-sama* :love:
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Axis Powers Hetalia – Episode 28 Preview =-.

  9. Xiao says:

    Long point short of the ep: It’s going to be one hell of a FIERCE! little tea-time between Bato-kun and our awesome queen of “BWUAHA! I kills you with magic~! >8D”

    & yes, build that shrine and cover it in glorifying blood for Beato-sama~ <333

    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..SoMT Quick Rematch! Kyoko vs. Dia =-.

  10. Ty_23 says:

    Bern-chan… :kyaa:
    She’s sfcuking awesome! Beatrice is awesome too! This witches thing got me more hooked on Umineko.

  11. kanzeon says:

    Lolz… Beatrice is making killing ART! That’s so done wonderfully~<33
    Gotta agree with the quality, probably the most decent one compared to all previous episodes ^^. Only complain is Maria's face getting too rounded at some parts, but it's nothing major ^^;;
    Haha, Bernkastel is soooo envious the the other witch has more boobs than her. Don't worry Bern-chan, they're a status symbol ^^.


    Haha love at first fright!! XD lolz. Gotta love that~
    Need moar killing by the awesome Bea’to’riche-sama<33


    Yes darling ^^.


    Ikr?! *sigh* let’s all hope that a scene like that will come soon ^^.


    Yes =___= Maria’s just annoying to the core.
    Haha! Yes I agree XD. The sudden wtf twist is just pulled off so darn well it’s ridiculously awesome ^^.




    OMG! I also love the character designs of the witches ^^. One of my favorite designs I’ve seen on anime characters (they’re so in my top 20 faves already of all time ^^).
    Gosh I can’t wait for the next episode. I have no clue what the hell’s Jessica’s about to do besides from cosplaying that Touhou character ^^. OMG I’m so excited!!!


    @Sapphire Pyro:
    *joins you in the worshipping*


    @Xiao Jie:
    Oh hell yes it’s gonna be that FIAAHRCCE INDEED!
    Oh yes, I prolly have to do some killing first find sources for the shrine XD;;.
    …and Bern-chan better have an appearance again ASAP!


    IKR? :love:

  12. Ashelea says:

    This episode is… PURE AWESOMENESS!!! :omg: BEATRICE-SAMA!!!!! BERN-CHAN!!!! Omfg two FIERCE witches to make this show lots lots more interesting!!! Don’t mind the boob-service much, as long as Beato-sama and Bern performs their awesomeness!

  13. khen says:

    :11: :14: :15: :4: :7: 😕 :dumb :kyaa: :laugh2 😉

  14. khen says:

    ❓ :blush4 :ohohoho: :kyaa2: :cute: :blush2: :nosebleeds: :runs: : :love: :kissu :punch :red: 😆 :kill :huhu: :sad2 :sad2 :sad3 :sad4 :sad5 :sad6 🙁 :baww: :baww2: :freeze2: :dot :eh2 :fly :doom

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