Princess Lover: 01 – Oh, I’ve Seen Them Before…


So this is yet again another harem series. First impressions below the jump.


The story is yet another rags-to-riches but this time it’s the main male lead who’s experiencing it. It about the main guy being a successor to his grandfather who can string Japan’s economy with his power. Since this is a harem, there’ll be some Princesses waiting to get humped by him as well.

I thought it’s not that surprising at all to have a very predictable plot, and for sure cliches will be thrown away as well, but heck, I’m just picking this up for some light comedy ecchi series fix for this bland season.

Main characters:


Meet Arima Teppei. He’s on his own after having his parents killed on a traffic accident. He didn’t knew though that his grandfather, whom which he’s going to be living in, is the heir of one of Japan’s huge companies that strings on the country’s economy, and he demands Teppei to be his succesor. With that, from just what it seems to be a “normal” guy, he’ll start to live his life as a celebrity soon.

By the first glance, Teppei is quite likable compared to the other generic harem leads so far. We get to see him ride a motorcycle, can do some swordfighting, and kick bad guy butts. The twist also made him a really cool character as well.


Now meet our ojou-sama, Charlotte. She is (obviously) the main lady of the harem, and just like any other females in this show, she has bouncing jugs… which bounces a lot. But hey, I quite like her. Kinda looked like Moka from Rosario to Vampire though.

I wonder how her being the main female lead of Teppei’s harem will develop. Since it’s obvious that the other girl that looks like a Saber rip-off seems to be Teppei’s fiance already.



The action in this episode is quite awesome. Teppei has some skills to pull off from his sleeves unlike some other harem guys out there that just wimps out and luckily have the girl’s boobies feel on his face. Teppei’s not (but he did touched Charlotte’s boobs after falling though). But yeah, he’s pretty kick-ass. And oh, Charlotte’s butler is pretty awesome as hell. Old man still has bones.

I guess this is also the part to talk about the animation. It was pretty decent. Need to see how they’ll keep it up on the following episodes though.


The BGMs were lame. Not like they’re really very necessary to a comedy-ecchi haem anime anyway. Nothing really amazing on that part.


OP: “Princess Primp!” by Miyuki Hashimoto

I felt so gay watching this. The song’s your typical poppy tune, but the accompanying animation is just… meh. There’s some dancing happening there as the main guy does it with each and every one of the harem girls, with matching pretty pink sparkles… Not only that, but we have their own version of the Disney Princesses as well with the girls posing in their owns on the final part. Ugh.


ED: “S.S.D” by yozuca

The ED is reuse of still, and they get to lend us some X-ray goggles because the pics has the other version of them, in their pantsu. Yeah. AT least they added a twist.

WTF Censoring:


Come on, the censoring is annoying. I came out to watch this show for panties and now they’re not giving it? And that black shading sucks. It just screams “BUY BLU-RAYS BUY BLU-RAYS BLAHBLAHBUYBUY” to me.



Those are some royal b00bs you’re touching there!


Teppei just had a VERY lucky day. He got kissed by a Princess, and he discovered that he has a g*ddamn rich grandfather.


There’s a loli show in case you’re interested.


…And there’s a meido too.


Why hello thur, Saber. Which leads us to…

Character Designs:

The character designs are what seriously annoyed. The b00bs are… expected, because it’s actually from a p0rn harem game. Their eyes are freaky. As in, they’re as freaky as those from Shugo Chara. But the thing that totally annoyed me was, almost every character reminded me of someone from another anime already! Here’s some examples and feel free to share what you think as well:

Siesta (Zero no Tsukaima) as the resident meido

Moka (Rosario to Vampire) as Charlotte

And of course, Saber (Fate/Stay Night) as Sylvia

Since I’ve mentioned a FSN character, I might add up the last harem member (whom will be shown next ep) to look like Rin, and the loli looking a little bit like Ilya at first glance. And the grandpa looked like hundreds of other grandpas in anime no matter what. And the main male looks like a certain character from Allison to Lillia that I just can’t remember the name.


It’s not really that bad. In fact, with the Summer season being so horribly bland and boring, this might turn out to be one of the few I’m watching. I like the fact that the main male isn’t a sore loser, and oujo-sama harem inteersts me. Will be continuing this series for some light and fun harem ride.

More screenshots on the gallery next page.

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5 Responses to “Princess Lover: 01 – Oh, I’ve Seen Them Before…”

  1. Panther says:

    Those comparisons are obvious indeed, especially the Saber one. Still, Charlotte is much <3 for what she asked Teppei and what she did. Oh before the first half of the episode was over I felt like RAGE and killing Teppei for all the luck with Charlotte.

    Then Wakamoto Norio hit me and it was all over. And yes, WTF censorship is that, asses. I want my goddamned princess pantsu, even if it means little to me. Or maybe she was not wearing any. Hmm…

    “Why hello thur, Saber. Which leads us to…”

    This totally made me lol by the way. Also Charlotte > all. End of story.
    .-= Panther´s last blog ..Bakemonogatari 01 Impressions =-.

  2. […] will come to that later. He is also not as weak as most male leads either, like Yoichi before him. tsuiteru thinks he looks like Treize from Allison & Lillia; I think the resemblance is very weak […]

  3. Saif says:

    The other pony tail girl looks like Azusa (or what ever her name was from K-On) and the boy looks like Ikuto from shugo Chara

  4. kanzeon says:

    OIC the similarities so much :haha:

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