OTP of the Week: US x UK


OTP of the Week: Alfred (US) x Arthur (UK) – Hetalia Axis Powers

Aww~ :kyaa: Isn’t the picture above so cute???

And yep ^^. Time for the fourth edition of OTP of the Week!!! This is quite special because it’s a multi-paged one, and this will be the first BL crack pairing I’ll be putting up. America’s Indepence Day just happened so I quickly thought of finally putting up him and Arthur as my OTP for this week ^^.

I know I fail for posting this late after July 4th… But I still wanna greet Alfred Happy Birthday!!! I love you Alfred <3!!! And here’s the perfect video in tribute to him (and Arthur as well, since they’re the special OTP of the week ^^.) to set you in the “DAWWWW” mood for this entire special post.


It almost made me cry T ^ T… The MAD is just amazing and well-made. Plus it’s also inspiring and just… awwww~~~… I’ll never imagine the American Revolution the same way again T__T. You’ll find more videos later in the MAD page ^^.


I just love these two. No words can express it that’s why this is probably going to be the longest and most special “OTP of the Week” post I had made so far out of the first four (and I think this feature just keeps getting better and better thanks to everyone ^__^ *gives cookes to all*). The reason why is that because THERE’S SO MUCH TO PUT ON!!! XD. This would be divided to 4 parts/galleries ^^. Enjoy the dose of US x UK!!!

Page 2: US x UK Gallery

Page 3: US x UK Gallery 2 [Warning: Kissing only]

Page 4: Little!US and UK

Page 5: US x UK Videos/MADs

Credits to all of their respective artists/makers. Sources: Photobucket for the fanarts and Youtube (obviously) for the MADs.

So click on page 2 below to proceed~

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6 Responses to “OTP of the Week: US x UK”

    :kyaa2: :kyaa2: :kyaa2: :kyaa2: :kyaa2: :kyaa2:

    I freakin’ love these two :kyaa:

    The Romeo and Cinderella video . . .there’s actually a non-yaoi version of it. It’s so pretty _>
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Naruto – Chapter 453-454 =-.

  2. Tara says:

    :kyaa2: :nosebleeds: I think I went ~Kyaaa over every single one of these ^w^ Especially the videos :kyaa:

  3. miken-chan says:

    Graet entry~ (and awesome MAD and fanart-finding skills) :thumb:

    Auuuuu~ Mix of two of my major fandoms with the 3-legged race video. The music’s from the Tales Series and add that to Hetalia~~~~ :aww:

  4. Soka says:

    Arthur is SO the numer 1 princess in the worldXDXDXDXD
    Seriously, that song and vid made so happy, you wouldn’t believe it. Because tsundere Iggy behaves exactly like that LOL and because of that last chorus of “you’re my white knight” with those pics of Alfred smiling like that…he really is Iggy’s white prince, isn’t he? (damn, you got me smiling all the time with this ^^)
    This video is totally epicXD

    Thank you for all these wonderful pics and vids. This is not my main couple in Hetalia (I go for darker ones such as FrUK or Spain/UK) but damn if they aren’t the sweetest and cutest ^^

  5. Gami says:

    The fanart at the top… I mean, America’s expression is cute and everything, but is he wearing LEDERHOSEN?

  6. Ashley says:

    :cute: It’s so CUTE!!!!

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