K-ON! Insert Song Album: Houkago Tea Time

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“K-ON! Gekichuka Shu Album: Ho-kago Tea Time” by Aki Toyosaki and Yoko Hikasa [Yui and Mio]. Different insert songs compiled in one mini-album and comes with both Studio and Live versions.

Great mini album is great. Well they make awkward-sounding song titles awesome. I never get tired of listening to Mio’s “Fude Pen ~Boru Pen~” (played on episode 11). Yui’s version on “Fuwa Fuwa Time” isn’t bad either. Yui and Mio’s “Watashi no Koi wa Hotch-kiss” is just love. Lovin’ every song. I think I’ll miss this series ;__;…

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Disc A: [Studio Mixes]
1. Curry Nochi Rice (Yui)
2. Watashi no Koi wa Hotch-kiss (Yui & Mio)
3. Fude Pen ~Boru Pen~ (Yui)
4. Fuwa Fuwa Time (Yui)

Disc B: [Live Mixes]
1. Curry Nochi Rice (Yui Live Mix)
2. Watashi no Koi wa Hotch-kiss (Yui Live Mix)
3. Fude Pen ~Boru Pen~ (Mio Live Mix)
4. Fuwa Fuwa Time (Yui Live Mix)

[w/ scans and music sheets, .zip format]

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13 Responses to “K-ON! Insert Song Album: Houkago Tea Time”

  1. Seinime says:

    The songs are great, I concur. Fude Boru Pen is my favourite <3 :kyaa2:

  2. phoenixdown110 says:

    Listening to these songs really makes me miss the show. I can’t believe it’s over… :huhu: :baww2:

  3. Alex says:

    I already miss the series. Been waiting for Watashi no Koi wa Hotch-kiss to come out! That song’s really just…love.

  4. Yukishiro says:

    Hontou ni Arigatou….. >_< 😉

  5. ren says:

    Thanks for sharing it !!! Best songs ever !!!

  6. Reiku says:


    at least!! Yui's Fuwa Fuwa Time!! :kyaa2: :aww:
    .-= Reiku´s last blog ..new theme =-.

  7. バカ says:


  8. pingson says:

    Thank You!!!!! :thumb: :runs:

  9. Hachuyani says:

    Tsuiteru!!! You are awesome!!! K-on! is AWESOME!! Akiyama Mio is awesome!!! Thanks so much for these awesome songs!! ^^ :aww:

    I’m so sad that its over… :baww2:

    Anyways thanks so much again~! =)

  10. EMILY says:

    waii!! thanks for the upload!! i can’t find the place to dl them. :thumb: :runs: :cheer:

  11. Pinoyboy2829 says:

    OMG awesome! i miss the series!, plus the music sheet is a nice addition although i cant read notation, and i believe those japanese words at the bottom are the TABS, o well 🙁 i wanted to learn these songs on guitar lol

  12. Kongoodyboy says:

    Thanks so much for this upload! this series is so awesome. Just for everyone, I’ve heard that there might be a season 2 coming out soon!!

  13. SomewhereInTheWorld says:

    even tough I started watch this anime 2 days ago but i already become the fan of this anime!

    well,you see in my country the manga was released 1 week ago…

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