K-ON! Original Soundtrack


K-ON Original Soundtrack by Hajime Hyakkoku

1. Have some tea?
2. Morning dew
3. Isoge Isoge!
4. Kawaii Inbou
5. Ni Piki no Koneko
6. Ii Yume Mite ne
7. Cotton candy
8. Virtual love
9. Tanpopo Takkyubin
10. Ukkari Kimi no Tame ni
11. Genki!
12. Obaachan no Tansu
13. The other side of evening sun
14. Dead soldiers (笑)
15. Hold on to your love
16. Falling reinforced concrete
17. Small flashing
18. Kentama-kun
19. Karui Joudan
20. Kureepu wa Ikaga?
21. Happy languidness
22. Emerald green
23. My hometown where it snows
24. Ginsekai no Asa
25. Tea at the night of Christmas
26. Kodomo no Ensoukai
27. Patrol of stroll
28. Doki Doki Friday night
29. Ringo…Ringo…Ringo Ame
30. 15 Sai no Maachi
31. Ja Ja Uma San Nin Musume
32. Hesitation
33. Pinchi Daisuki!
34. Doresu ni Kureepu wa Niawanai?
35. Ano Hi no Yume
36. Happy End

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NOT the booklet. Can’t find the booklet anywhere -_-;


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36 Responses to “K-ON! Original Soundtrack”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this :kyaa:
    I have been waiting for this x3

    Mimiko ♥’s last blog post..Hatsukoi Limited episode 8

  2. I will take a peek at these and see what’s what.


    Glo the Legend’s last blog post..A Post About The Single Greatest OP Ever

  3. innes says:

    love this very much!
    :oha: :omg:

  4. fufune says:

    yay!! thank you so much!!! :aww:

  5. Dokimasu says:

    OMG I’ve been waiting forever for this!! Thank you! :love:

  6. Reo says:

    in the part 2 Track 32. Hesitation is corrupted!


  7. kerobear says:

    Thanks so much for the download link! :runs:

  8. ANON says:

    Is anybody else extremely sad/angry/disappointed that the “beach” theme song track isn’t on the CD. You know the one that is played at the beginning of episode 4 and when the train reaches the ocean as well as in episode 10.
    I HAVE to have it.
    :rage: 😡 T.T :dun: 😥 :doomed:

  9. Wesley says:

    D: the 2nd Part isnt working anymore T.T

    would you pleaaaase upload it again? D: :aww:

  10. Ufolex1 says:

    I’ve been waiting forever for this!!
    Arigato!! :aww:

  11. Got around to listening to the soundtrack, but man… it sure is a mind-numbingly dull affair. Hyakkoku just doesn’t have the skill to make memorable melodies for this series.
    .-= zzeroparticle´s last blog ..K-ON! Original Sound Track – Review =-.

  12. jakk says:

    I am a little disappointed that the beach theme was not in it. It’s a nice tune. It’s my second favorite song after the Isoge Isoge!. Does anyone know the name of the beach theme song?

  13. *¬* no good Tsuna *¬* says:

    thanks!!! this is wondrfull :nosebleeds:

  14. Mio says:

    Thnks 4 this really appreciate it ……. :thumb: :oha: :aww:

  15. kittikool says:

    thank so much :cheer: :thumb: :aww:

  16. Alex says:

    likeawsomeman cool beans :baww2:

  17. yuuko says:

    the links(both of them) are removed. 🙁 can you post the links again? thanks :huhu:

  18. POLAAANNND~ says:

    Holy krap, like, wat? If u can, can u like totally please put in a new link? Im like DYING to seriously download this, seriously. :love:

  19. tsuiteru says:

    Added new links.

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